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Functioning in a world where 'being a woman' is a condition is hard. Being a woman in a shitty job is harder. This is a film by women, about a woman, barely holding on, desperate for a way out. The story is relevant, the character is Everywoman, and her discovery promises to inspire.

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The Story

A sullen woman in a mundane job, with a demoralizing boss, seeks asylum in the ladies’ room where she begins to receive cryptic notes from the universe.  


     BREAK is a modern-day fable that transcends age, gender, time, and place. We have all been in a situation we've needed to break away from - whether it be at work, at home, on the freeway, at the DMV, at the doctor's office. We've all been somewhere and known that we deserved to be somewhere better. Our protagonist, Tracy, is Everywoman... Everyman... and what evolves promises to leave a lasting imprint on audiences.




     I've always believed in the magic of the movies. After all, that crushed velvet seat I'm sitting in is a time machine that takes me to the 1940’s and I’m trembling from fear on the train tracks in Germany, or it’s the 1960’s and I’m dancing with a gang of Puerto Ricans across the sidewalks of New York, or it’s the 1980’s and I’m sailing across the moon on a bike. Then I’m magically transported back to my crushed velvet seat, wet with tears of sadness or joy or sheer awe, and I can’t move until the last credit rolls away and they remind me they have to clean up the time machine now.



     BREAK is a film that represents a fundamental theme that emerges in many stories I write: the reminder that time is precious. BREAK explores a small window in time for one woman in the doldrums of her sad life, seeking a respite in the ladies’ room, and heightens that reality, giving it an importance that only the moving picture can capture. I intend to use every frame to highlight nuance, tension, and the inner turmoil of every excruciating beat. Suddenly, that seemingly non-descript moment becomes the most important time in this woman’s life. This is the innocuous “break” that wakes Tracy from the stupor she has fallen into at her wearisome position behind her terrifyingly generic desk. Time is ticking. Why waste it?



     As I love to see magic on screen, fittingly, BREAK is a magical story and will utilize magical realism. Tracy is a woman who has become numb to her world and her own dreams. I plan to heighten the senses around Tracy: the incessant ticking of the clock, the absurdity of a plastic comb moving through the fibers of her boss’ toupee, the repellant snapping of the nail clippers, the razor-sharp precision of the women preening in the bathroom. Every action will crackle. I find inspiration in the films of the Coen Brothers (BARTON FINK, INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS): beautiful, tight shots that penetrate a frame. A simple object takes on a hunger, a despair, or a desperation. In a dreamier fashion, I also delight in the humor and whimsy of Jean-Pierre Jeunet (AMELIE, DELICATESSEN). I love the way he expresses human emotion through inanimate objects, as well as his techniques of elevating light and sound. There are many other filmmakers who have influenced and inspired me, but I plan to draw upon the magic that these filmmakers, in particular, continually conjure up.



     As women in this crazy business, we're often left sitting in chairs, waiting in the wings. We're excited about being female filmmakers, telling stories about women with a majority of female characters... that holds universal appeal. We look forward to giving our audience the keys to their own little time machines, where they can laugh, cheer, shout, or bawl their eyes out… and eventually get chased out by a cleaning crew that pretty much knows the feeling. 

Jennie Fahn



BREAK is currently a quarter-finalist in the BlueCat Screenplay Competition

(further results yet to be announced!) 




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Production Designer

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Equipment Rental

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We need lights and a camera (and a whole lot of gear) to make the action happen.

Production Insurance

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We need protections in case something "breaks."

Location fees

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Tape, rubber bands, markers, nuts and bolts kind of stuff. Lots of it.

Craft Services and Catering

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Low budget doesn't mean low blood sugar.

Cast and Crew

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It takes a village to raise a child - or make a movie.

Post Production

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Once the camera stops rolling, the fun is just beginning.

Film Festival Fees

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About This Team

JENNIE FAHN (Writer/Director/Co-Producer)

Jennie is the writer/performer of YOU MUTHA! A ONE-MOTHER SHOW (which ran for two years in LA and as part of the New York Fringe Festival), and won best-writing awards for her short film TEA WITH GRANDMA (in which she co-starred opposite Tippi Hedren) and wrote the book to BROADS! THE MUSICAL (music by Joe Symon). She was one-third of the THE JERSEY GIRLS, a three-woman comedy team that performed extensively throughout Southern California.  On-Camera acting credits include: the upcoming feature MUSE, TV: HEROES, WITHOUT A TRACE, RUBY AND THE ROCKITS, MY NAME IS EARL, WILL AND GRACE, THE BERNIE MAC SHOW, and, BECKER. Onstage, Jennie has recently been seen as Mom in GROW A PAIR... OF WINGS (Fresh Produce’d/Lounge Theater), as Lady Lucas in PRIDE AND PREJUDICE (Actors’ Co-op), in several Troubie shows at the Falcon Theater (JACKSON FROST, ALICE IN ONE-HIT WONDERLAND 1 and 2). Other LA stage appearances include GLADIATOR: THE MUSICAL (El Portal), AMADEUS (Hollywood Bowl), THE WILD PARTY and ROAR OF THE GREASEPAINT (Musical Theater Guild), UP THE WEEK WITHOUT A PADDLE (Neurotic Young Urbanites), A NEW BRAIN and MERRILY WE ROLL ALONG (West Coast Ensemble), and WONDERFUL TOWN (Reprise!). Jennie is the proud wife of Jonathan and mom of Harrison and Samuel.



SAPNA GANDHI (Co-Producer/Tracy)

Sapna Gandhi is an actress, producer, and content creator who's played a slew of ethnically ambiguous characters on stage and in film and television. Favorite stage roles include Harper in ANGELS IN AMERICA, Prudence in BEYOND THERAPY, and Susan in DO YOU WANT TO BUY MY BRAIN? As a member of San Francisco’s Jump! Theatre she wrote, produced, and starred (as an actor/singer/dancer) in the moody, mixed-media production TERMINALLY FEMALE: A CABARET, before migrating to Los Angeles. Television credits include roles on the hit ABC show SCANDAL, and NBC’s comedy 1600 PENN (recurring) and drama AWAKE. Films she can be seen in include indie cult features, DUST UP and WAY DOWN IN CHINATOWN and festival circuit darlings, POSEY and JAM. In an effort to negate being typecast, Gandhi co-wrote/co-produced/co-starred in BROAD STROKES (5 Days. 5 Themes. 5 Directors. 40 Comedic Micro-shorts). She co-founded the production company Elegant Grotesque, serves as Editor-in-Chief of the L.A. based film collective We Make Movies, was born in England, raised all over The States, holds degrees in English and Women’s Studies, and trained at the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco.



KIKO SUURA (Director of Photography)

Kiko always had a fascination with camera and visual imagery and decided to pursue a career in cinematography by leaving Plano, TX and going to school at the Dodge College of Film and Media Arts at Chapman University. Upon graduation, Kiko has shot numerous projects ranging from shorts, web-series, features, music videos, and reality TV shows. Works include the award-winning web series OLD DOGS AND NEW TRICKS, the award winning short THE APPLE TREE, and the feature WAY DOWN IN CHINATOWN. Kiko is currently collaborating with Sapna Gandhi and Eric Michael Kochmer, director of WAY DOWN IN CHINATOWN and ABOUT STRANGERS.


Patrick has been a producer, editor, writer, director and actor in independent short film projects including SO, WHAT'S IN JERICHO?, HOLLYWOOD THE HARD WAY, THE SHABBOS BIGFOOT, and A MOCK TIME: A STAR TREK WEDDING. His feature film credits as an actor include REELING IN REALITY and ASSISTING VENUS (starring Julian Sands). Television credits are GUIDING LIGHT, DAYS OF OUR LIVES, and PARKS AND RECREATIONHe is a member of  the film collective We Make Movies and has taken part in projects including PROJECT HOLLYWOOD, REALITY ENDS HERE, GOOD NEWS GONE BAD, MISERY DATE (which he also wrote). Other projects are ROAST IT AGAIN, SAM and the YouTube channel Golden Tusk's CHARLIE THE MONSTER. He wrote, produced edited and directed his own short film, JES AND LORA which has been making the festival circuit with great response. 
Just had her first appearance at Diversionary Theatre. Bri is a 2012 University of Arizona BFA Theatre Arts graduate and furthered her talents at Comedy Sportz (Los Angeles), IO West (Main stage), and the Second City production The Revolution Will Not Be Televised. She can currently be seen as a regular stand-up at the Comedy Store, and the Hollywood Improv. Bri received acclaim for her one-woman show: Through My Red Eyes. For more of Bri check out

GIA MORA (Greta), is a multifaceted performer and writer, known for her work on True Detective, Impress Me, and Castle, among others, as well as several national commercials and independent films. She has received four Helen Hayes nominations, and has performed with companies including Arena Stage, Woolly Mammoth, the Kennedy Center, Ford’s Theatre, and Shakespeare Theatre Company. Her critically acclaimed one-woman show, Einstein’s Girl, has played to sold out houses on both coasts and continues to tour the country. She is a third-generation jazz musician and frequently appears with her father, guitarist Rick Chinisci. Modern Songbook Records released Einstein’s Girl, The Album in 2013, and her newest album, Gia Mora Sings Charlie Barnett, was released in 2015. She has studied at Upright Citizens Brigade in Los Angeles and the National Theatre Conservatory in Denver. 



JOEL ALPERS (Composer) 

Joel recently composed and recorded his first full length feature film score, for David Zelina’s drama “Cold Water”. He also composed the groovy score to the short "Old Dogs," from which his own band, Wonk, was born. His current project is as producer to Kate Higgins original record, "Sweet and Blue." Joel is a percussionist and recent gigs have included "Carrie: The Musical" at the Los Angeles Theater, a new musical workshop at the La Jolla Playhouse, "Wicked," and many gigs with The Martini Kings and the MVPs. 





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