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Through breakLAND's series, we want to celebrate the community that gets created at work and empowers artists to never give up on their dreams. COVID-19: I have worked on different sets in these times, and we'll follow all current rules and protocols to ensure a safe work environment.

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Mission Statement

breakLAND is created and written by an indigenous writer, and will be directed and produced by a woman. Through this project we want to showcase a diverse cast of characters of all backgrounds and ages.

The Story



The Story

Eddy dreamed of a job in photography, but what he got was taking pictures of bratty kids and people wearing “Goofy" hats to the wrong park. After befriending a few of the many interesting people that work in Funland, words of warning soon come as he discovers his new boss, Richard, is not the positive role model he had anticipated. His expectations of taking beautiful photos of happy park patrons is soon replaced with quotas, fake smiles, and learning that everyone wants their picture taken, whether they like it or not. Richard seems hellbent on destroying any dreams Eddy may hold as he works to mold his ambition into his corporate image. Can Eddy find the strength hidden in his new friends to hold true to his ideals, or will he break, here at the Funland Theme Park?




What We Need

Web series is a powerful way to celebrate the community that gets created at work; however, it's also an expensive one. We need to pay for things like crew, cast, equipment, insurance, the list goes on and on. This is where you come in, your contributions will help us get this important project made.




What You Get

Every little bit counts, and we want to personally thank each and every one of you for your contributions. When you support this campaign you have the opportunity to receive a wide variety of perks, to show our sincere appreciation. Some of the perks include: a personal shout out on the official Facebook page, a private link to view the web series as soon as it is released, or even an executive producer credit on the project!




The Impact

The workplace is a microcosm of the world at large, where different people and personalities clash as they try to fit into the mold of their job description. Although one assumes that those in charge and those in control would be the same, reality proves to be very different as workplace power dynamics are often in a constant state of flux. That’s what attracts us to make breakLAND.


We want to explore complex and flawed characters at odds with one another in a fun and original setting of an amusement park. We want to write true to life characters from different generations and with diverse goals in life to interact with each other. The comedy in this web series comes from the real emotions and conflicts people must deal with in everyday life. The genre of comedy is often misunderstood as a form of escapism, but it’s actually a form of inclusion.


With breakLAND our aim is to showcase to the audience that no matter the workplace, we all can relate to the situations of dealing with a time crunch or a quota, an awkward interaction with a co-worker or even just a boss who might be a bit of a dick. Everyone deals with these things and more every day, and we want our audience to know, we’re with you!




Other Ways You Can Help

In order to reach our goal, we will need help from as many of you as possible. In addition to contributing to the campaign, sharing the link to the campaign via social media will help to spread the word about this important story.






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Cash Pledge

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Costs $800

We want to bring our series to the festival circuit and we need to pay for the entry fees!


Costs $1,500

We need to find an affordable on-location amusement park to shoot at for our series!


Costs $360

Our series is set at an amusement park which means we need wardrobe for our characters that match.


Costs $12,300

There are many people who make up our series crew, and we need to pay them for their hard work!

Production Design

Costs $1,270

To create the right look for the series as a work place we need to rent props and set dressings.


Costs $480

We need insurance to make sure we are protected when renting out film equipment.

Camera Rentals

Costs $1,700

We are committed to creating a beautiful series, which is why we need a great camera package!

Lighting Rentals

Costs $1,710

Creating a great looking series means we need to have the best lighting equipment in town!


Costs $2,880

We are hiring professional actors to make the best and most hilarious series possible!

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