Bridges: Solstice

Oakland, California | Film Feature

Drama, LGBTQ

Florencia Manovil

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'Bridges' is a trilogy of shorts about women who use esoteric practices to survive in a patriarchal world. This August, we’re shooting “Solstice”, an enchanting mother-daughter story that’s the longest and most ambitious part of the triptych. Be a part of bringing this magical feminist film to life!

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Mission Statement

The director is a queer Latina whose work (Dyke Central, Encuentro, Fiona's Script) has been lauded for the diversity of its representations. ‘Bridges’ also centers queer women of color and trans/non-binary characters. The key crew is primarily women, many of whom are queer and/or of color.

The Story

What is this film actually about?

BRIDGES is a triptych feature composed of three shorts: First Rain, Equinox, and Solstice. BRIDGES invites us into the enchanting organic worlds of Yara, Ilhan, Quina, and Luciana, each of whom embodies, expresses and connects through water, air, earth, and fire, respectively.


Solstice - which we are shooting first, in August 2018! - centers on Quina and Luciana, the earthy / fiery mother and daughter pair who are faced with a world full of change and possibility when they finally venture out of their secluded home in the woods to return to the women's gathering where Quina once found community and love.


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Why this film now? -- a note from the writer/director

It’s safe to say that most current societies are oppressive and downright dangerous for large groups of people. I’ve always been drawn to explore possibilities for an alternate, healthier, more evolved society and I’m thrilled to the core that more and more groups of people are centering their imaginations and resources in visions of a radically different future.

At the same time, I believe that most of us have been, to varying degrees, deeply wounded and traumatized by the existing systems of oppression, and in many fundamental ways are operating from a survival response. In this story, I set out to inquire into how these survival mechanisms might inform or hinder our capacity to create a society of true inclusivity and liberation.

Also - that’s my kid in the video. I’m a queer feminist raising a girl of color outside of mainstream society, so the question of building a better future feels urgent to me, and ever since she was born I’ve tried to be very intentional about giving her tools to thrive despite living in a patriarchal, deeply misogynistic and racist culture.

What I wasn’t prepared for was all the ways in which this new generation is ready to teach us about the world they want to build and how they want to define gender and cultural identity for themselves. There is a sense of humility and curiosity that we want children to have - but we need to embody that ourselves first. Like Quina in Solstice, we are challenged with learning from our youth, and must embrace growth and change as the only constant in life, or risk getting stuck in what we once decided was “evolved” but probably isn’t anymore.


Why we need your support

It's no secret that the film industry is incredibly male-dominated, white, and hetero-centric. In order to tell stories with a queer female gaze that reflect experiences and identities outside of the mainstream, we have to go the indie route, and raise funds ourselves to build our own productions where we can elevate women, trans* people and/or people of color behind and in front of the camera.

Crowdfunding is an incredible 21st-century opportunity not just for indie filmmakers to do just that, but for you as an audience-member to get to participate in the decision-making process of what kind of content you want to see more of.


So if you want to see more quality and thoughtful feminist, queer content, if you love esoteric symbolism and language (all you #brujxs out there!), if you love seeing brown people onscreen, or simply want to help tilt the extreme gender inequity in filmmaking, you are invited to join our team of supporters and make movie magic with us!


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The team

Florencia Manóvil, Writer & Director    María León, Line Producer & Asst. Director



Dawn Valadez, Associate Producer           Gabriela Quintana, Production Coordinator

Tijana Petrovic, Director of Photography   Jesse Kerman, Editor

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   Natalie Camunas, "Quina"


Dalila Ali Rajah, "Dahlia"                                D'Lo, "Jasper"


Kayen Manóvil, "Luciana".                     Rain Dove, "Onyx"


Mandahla Rose, "Yara"                              Giovannie Espiritu, "Violeta"/ Child acting coach

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Film's magical indredient: LIGHT

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- 1 week of LIGHTING labor & equipment, incl: - 1 tn grip truck

All that jazz

Costs $1,000

- 4 nights of OAKLAND lodging for 3 cast members - necessary expendables - special effects!

Camera department

Costs $4,000

1 week of labor from our DP & AC, + rentals of: - Red Epic/ Arri Alexa or similar - Zeiss CP.2 set


Costs $2,500

- Fees & permits for 2 magical locations called for in this film - Transportation to them

Can you hear that?

Costs $2,500

This pays for 1 week of labor of our pro sound recordist + sound equipment rentals!

On-camera TALENT

Costs $3,000

- Low budget rates for our amazing cast - Mandated 'studio teacher' for underage cast

Production Design

Costs $3,000

- 1 week Art Team labor - Custom wardrobe - Custom tents & props *Email to support this team!*

About This Team

Florencia Manóvil - Writer, Director, Producer

Manóvil, whose past work as a writer-director includes popular web series Dyke Central, the 2017 short Encuentro and her debut feature, Fiona's Script (2009), is thrilled to be going into production for "Solstice", which will bring a whole new challenge - directing her daughter, Kayen, in one of the main roles, as well as creating an entire enchanting encampment in a rural setting!


Dalila Ali Rajah - "Dahlia"

D'lo - "Jasper"

Mandahla Rose - "Yara"


Rain Dove - "Onyx"


Giovannie Espiritu - "Violeta"

Current Team