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BRINDISI is an Italian-American comedy & romance about three young couples in the south of Italy whose varied lives intersect on a boat to Greece, as they run from their responsibilities, the public eye, and the police. All three couples will be played by the same two actors.

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Mission Statement

50% of speaking roles in the film are female. Nearly all of our department heads are female, including writer, producer, costume designer, and sound. The challenges of ascending into adulthood vary greatly across the 3 socio-economic classes, which we will explore through each of our 3 couples.

The Story

We have 60% of our budget secured.

All of our locations, the script, the directors, the actors, most of the flights, picture vehicles, productions vehicles are paid for.

We are looking for support to close the remaining gap in the main categories of production and post-production. 



BRINDISI is the name of a beautiful city on the south-east coast of Italy, in the region Puglia. Our co-writer, director, and star Alessandro Marino was born and raised in this town. His incredible community has joined us to make our story come to light and show the beautiful Brindisi to the world. 


In the style of the Academy Award winner of 1965 "Oggi, Ieri, Domani," starring the legendary on screen pair of Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni,

all three couples will be played by the same actors.


This gives the classic farcical commentary of "Shakespeare's A Comedy of Errors," which we will employ to emphasize our exploration of how vastly different one person's life could be if they were born in to different circumstances.


The film explores what it is like to be 25, when you have only the experiences of a child & the responsibilities of an adult.

Ma anche riguardo l'ambizione americana ed il cuore italiano, la paura di rimanere soli e non essere adeguati, il desiderio di partire lontani e ricrearsi una vita.


BRINDISI is an ode to Mediterranean Cinema of the 1960's -- character is king and dialogue is the court. Each couple has a scene:


In their CAR



In their HOME



 And on a BOAT. The same boat. 



BRINDISI is a comedy and a romance, but not a rom-com. We will present three nuanced and modern realtionships between man and woman. Life long friends. Boss and employee. Business partners. Friends. Lovers. Accomplises. 
















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Cash Pledge

Costs $0


Costs $4,250

Our crew, is a mix of Italians & Americans. We will pay the locals & fly the Americans


Costs $2,700

You know we are going to eat well, making a movie in Italia.

Hair and Makeup

Costs $2,000

With our 2 actors playing 3 characters each - hair, and makeup specificity is pivotal.


Costs $3,000

We will hire mostly local, but our imports from Rome and America will be put up in a B&B.


Costs $3,525

We are hiring a local Italian Sound Mixer with her own equipment.


Costs $2,000

We will distinguish character & represent socio-economic class through our specific costume design.


Costs $4,950

We are aiming to shoot on the Arri Alexa Classic cinema camera and will rent it with accessories.


Costs $2,000

We will use the Zeiss Super Speed Prime Lenses on Brindisi to accomplish a crisp, vintage look.

Lighting & Grip

Costs $2,350

We need some Chiaroscuro, you know what I mean??

Set Design

Costs $1,000

A small art budget to refine the set of our 7 practical locations.

Hard drives

Costs $500

Ctrl + S - all day every day.

Baggage Fees from USA

Costs $800

We will take a bit of gear and clothing from the states for which we will pay baggage fees.

Film Festival Submissions

Costs $1,200

We will submit the final cut of BRINDISI to film festivals around the world.


Costs $1,225

We have most of post-production covered, but will have a slight gap to bridge with color and sound.

About This Team

ALESSANDRO MARINOco-director, co-writer, co-star

Alessandro is an actor from Brindisi, Italy. He moved to Los Angeles and received his degree in acting from the New York Film Academy, after achieving his degree in Business in Milan, Italy at Boconni. He previously acted for Nika in her bi-lingual American-Italian comedy short film SPONSORED, and they moved forward to collaborate on Brindisi together as writers and actors after such a joyous collaboration. 


NIKA BURNETTco-director, co-writer, co-star

Nika is a writer and actor from California. Brindisi is the fourth feature film script she has written. Nika trained on stage as an actor for 15 years before transitioning to film. She has written, directed, and starred in 12 short films. She achieved a degree in Philosophy from UC Santa Barbara, and spent one semester during that time in Italy, where she learned how to speak Italian.


CHRISTIAN KLEINdirector of photography


Christian is an accomplished cinematographer from the San Francisco Bay Area. He has shot 2 feature films, and countless commercial content in his budding career. He has shot for Buzzfeed, Samsung, American Major League Soccer, and more. He is committed to pursuing diverse and artistic narrative collaborations, and has served as cinematographer on 5 short films written and directed by Nika Burnett.



Samantha Panganiban is a producer from the San Francisco Bay Area. She has produced close to a dozen short films and has experience on many productions with positions ranging from Unit Production Manager to on-set/office PA in projects ranging from corporate shoots, Netflix TV series, music videos and narrative short films. Her ambition and determination brought her to LA to pursue greater challenges and new projects, including Brindisi.


CASSIDY COOPERcostume designer

Cassidy Cooper is an accomplished Los Angeles costume designer, having worked in the costume designer on major motion pictures and television shows. She has her own up-scale vintage clothing shop, and is thrilled to travel to Italy to design her first feature film in BRINDISI. 




Mirko is an accomplished jazz composer, music producer and pianist from Puglia, Italy.  He graduated with honors in Piano at “Conservatorio di Musica N.Piccinini”. 

You will find him teaching Acoustic and Psycho-Acoustic in Taranto in the morning and performing at concerts around the country at night. His last two albums,Intimo Gaudio and Stanic Boulevard are set to be published in Fall 2018.

He has played with the most important jazz artists in Italy. Brindisi is his second project as a film composer.



EMILIE HAHN - multi-disciplinary graphic deisgner, painter


For Emilie Hahn, design and play became one in the same, permanently coloring how she understands and interacts with the world. She has carried this love of creation and overactive imagination into her adult life, using her love of storytelling as a tool to create unique, emotionally resonant work as a graphic designer. Emilie is currently an MFA Candidate in Graphic Design at ArtCenter College of Design (expected graduation April 2020). She hold a BFA with Distinction in Graphic Design, and Designmatters Minor in Social Innovation from ArtCenter College of Design, and a BFA in Film/Animation and Fashion Design from School of the Art Institute of Chicago. 


Current Team