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Comedy, LGBTQ

Phillip Vernon

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On the tail of a dying New Years Eve party, queer best friends Annie and Austin both pursue romantic temptations against their better judgment.

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The Story

Broad Strokes


Broad Strokes is the story of Annie and Austin, two college-aged best friends. It started with a short film - Broad Strokes Part I - that was completed earlier this year, the preview for which can be seen here:


*this clip has some strong language




Unfortunately, we cannot post the film here in its entirety. If you are interested in viewing all of Part I, please contact Phillip Vernon directly at [email protected] 





We felt the story of Annie and Austin was meaningful enough that it deserved to be explored with more breadth and depth. We decided to write Broad Strokes Part II and make it as our senior thesis for Dodge College of Film and Media Arts. 


Not only will it be bringing many of the same filmmakers together to collaborate again, but it will alleviate some of the production constraints placed on Part I by utilizing the vast crew and equipment available to us as seniors at Dodge College.


With new team members, a larger crew, and bigger budget we aim to tell a more expansive story while keeping the heart of Broad Strokes as the friendship between Annie and Austin. 




Broad Strokes Part II continues the story of Annie and Austin, who are in begrudging attendance at a New Year's Party, treating it with a sense of detached irony. Both are frustrated and lonely, Annie sees her ex-girlfriend with another girl and Austin has no luck in his search for a New Year's romance. The two bicker about their respective problems until separating from annoyance with one another. 


Annie confronts her ex, Eliza, in private. In a rehashing of their old fights, the two realize their feelings and attraction for one another has not dissipated. 


Meanwhile, Austin flirts with a frumpy stoner named Josh, despite him wanting to avoid more vapid hook ups. 


Neither Annie nor Austin are pleased with their New Year's pursuits, coming together at the end of the night with a newfound appreciation for their friendship. 




Broad Strokes is a project that we are all very passionate about -- otherwise we wouldn't be making another one! The reason why we care so much about it are the characters of Annie and Austin. Not only because they have begun to feel like living, breathing people to us, but because of what they represent to us as storytellers.


As any dynamic characters in cinema should be, they are flawed people. However, they are deeply aware of their own and one another's flaws. Instead of hiding behind layers and walls, both Annie and Austin are unafraid to speak their minds, admit their flaws, and be okay with it. Thetone of this project is all about putting the conflict out in the forefront and ensuring that all the comedy and drama is derived directly from character. 


This story is also important to us because, although is is about two gay characters, we feel it avoids the box of "queer cinema." The thematic content is intended to avoid being didatic and, in story terms, Annie and Austin's sexuality isn't made to be overly important or consequential.


It is at all not to say that their homosexuality doesn't matter, but it is simply one quality of these varied multi-faceted characters. The goal in this sense is to decentralize straightness, to tell a story where it is not assumed that the characters are straight while also avoiding making it the point that they are not. 


Thank you for your interest in this project and we hope you are as excited for Broad Strokes Part II as we are!!


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Costs $500

We want to have the best looking New Years party on the block! Our DP needs all sorts of fancy lights to make it pristine.

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Our cast is amazingly talented - but the Union demands we pay them?? Help us help them!

Production Truck

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We've got a lot of stuff! While we're pretty good at carrying things, we require a truck to transport all of our equipment and props.


Costs $500

This is going to be a very fashionable New Years party, meaning our extras are going to be dressed to the nines. Help them look their best!

Camera & Accessories

Costs $1,000

To capture the spirit of the party, we need to move the camera around!


Costs $750

Pay for the props that the actors will use so that you don't have to imagine them!


Costs $250

Gels make the lights prettier and more colorful! (This is not a black and white movie unfortunately)

Festival Entry

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We want people to see this movie once it's done! But festivals can be expensive, help us get it out there!

About This Team

Phillip Vernon (Director) : Phill is a senior at Chapman University studying Film Production and Economics and is originally from Salt Lake City, Utah. He discovered filmmaking to be his passion when he received 1001 Movies to Watch Before You Die as a birthday gift in high school. He found he likes making movies even more than watching them and fears his greatest regret in life will never be finishing the book. His New Year's resolution is to never have to beg for money for another movie. 


Greyson Sawyer (Producer) : Greyson is a Producing and Business student at Chapman University. He believes that film is ultimately a tool to explore our thoughts and start conversations. In the future he'd like to continue working in the physical production of films. His New Year's resolution is to love like he's never been hurt and dance like nobody is watching.


Richard DeBiase (Writer/'Austin') : Richie is an aspiring writer with a passion for teaching and being taught by others. He loves the moments when you get involved in simple conversation, lose a sense of yourself, and then come out on the other end changed in some very subtle way. He's from Conneticut and double majors in Film Production and Literature at Chapman University. His New Year's resolution is to rewrite Broad Strokes. Someday. 


Morgan Mein (Production Designer) : Morgan is a fine art major and art design minor. She is a creator of any kind of content whether it be production design, fine art, or good vibes. If you ever need her she can be found and your local thrift store, Mead's cafe, or napping in her shed. Her New Year's resolution is to transform into a worm, even though everyone told her she couldn't. 

Elijah Guess (Director of Photography) : Elijah hails from Pasadena, California and is a Film Production major at Chapman University with an emphasis in Cinematography. Elijah loves to sing in the shower and would do it for a living if he could. His New Year's resolution is to learn how to read.  


Lane Lyle (Assistant Director) : Lane is a highly evolved Assistant Director/Roommate/Zumba Instructor/Commuter, who hails from NorCal. She has a very loud voice for her rather short frame. She also likes smoothies. Her New Year's resolution is to purchase dental floss but never use it. 


Michael Stanziale (Location Manager) : Michael is a senior Creative Producing major at Chapman University. He is really excited to have the opportunity to work with some fantastic colleagues in bringing Broad Strokes to life. In life, Michael dreams of working in physical production and hopes to use the skills he acquires on student films in the real world. Every year he has the same New Year's resolution of finally getting in better shape - the good news is that 2017 is definitely going to be his year. Let's manage some locations! And try not to scratch anything!


Gabe Schimmel (Editor) : As kid wandering around his parent’s film sets, Gabe always wondered how it all came together. In his freshman year at Chapman, he found the answer - editing. He’s currently completing his degree in film production with an emphasis in editing at Chapman University, and is slated to graduate in 2017. He’s also hard at work prepping for the online release of “Alzheimer’s: A Love Story”, his first directorial effort which was awarded best short film at the Cannes American Pavilion for Emerging Filmmakers earlier this year. His New Year’s resolution is to stop lying to himself about making lifestyle changes.


Anna Wozniewicz (Sound Designer) : Anna is a junior at Dodge College where, as a sound designer, she majors in sleep deprivation. She's originally from Wisconsin but she doesn't even like cheese curds!! Her New Year's resolution is to remember to breathe more often. 



Beyond Broad Strokes Part I, many of these filmmakers have worked together before. Check out some of our previous work!


Elijah Guess Cinematography Reel


Morgan Mein's Art and Design Work


Butter (Phillip, Elijah, Natasha, Gabe, and Anna worked on this film!)

Current Team