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Comedy, Thriller

Nick Rumaczyk

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Broker 2 follows a serial killer who, looking for a challenge, moves to the city, where the realities and responsibilities of daily living prove too much for someone used to answering to nothing but his own whims. Can he make a life with his recent Korean immigrant girlfriend Sara?

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Mission Statement

Broker 2 is committed to providing opportunities and a safe working environment for people from all walks of life. Key members of the cast and crew come from different countries, cultural backgrounds, sexual orientations and religious beliefs, all of which are mutually respected on set and off.

The Story


Broker 2 is about the Young Man, a lost soul, who doesn't fully know how to connect with people, but he's forced into trying when he becomes involved with Sara, a recent Korean immigrant. The two navigate through life in the city, but are they doing it together, or separately? As Sara knows nothing about this mysterious Young Man's life and chosen profession, she is unwittingly put into danger just by knowing him. How will this affect someone who has never had reason to be tied to anyone else before, who has never had need for another person?


I realize you’re probably wondering why you’ve never heard of The Broker 1. That’s simple. It doesn’t exist. This is the theoretical sequel to a movie that was never made, but which you can imagine as being a rather standard slasher: a murderer poses as a real estate broker to kill random people to whom he shows houses, the police give chase, he is caught and killed in a showdown in the end. Not a lot of flesh to put on those bones that we haven’t seen before. 



In addition to putting some of my own personal experience into the film (not the killing part...), I've also drawn upon my father's experiences as an Argentine immigrant to this country, living a solitary New York life when he arrived here by himself as a young man.


Look, here he is in a small cameo:


I also take inspiration from sources as diverse as horror films, silent comedy, the work of early photographer Edward Steichen and comic book artists Matt Fraction and Jason, the film explores relationships, passion and creativity, wealth and privilege, and living a life consistent with societal values.


We have a lot of different visual styles and tones in the film to give you, the viewer, a unique filmic experience. Here's a moodboard to give you an idea of some influences:


It’s less a slasher film and more an impressionistic take on what a killer does between the killing, what makes his life worthwhile — and in turn, what makes any life worthwhile.


Despite the subject matter, it's been a fun shoot that's taken the crew through some interesting challenges and discoveries. As you'll see from the team we've assembled, we have a great DP, a great makeup FX artist, a great cast and we just lined up a great composer, to create this unique movie.


My first feature, Terrestrial, despite having a miniscule budget, played in various festivals around the world, garnering awards and praise, and I can't wait to build on my experience from that to make this film even better!



We've already been in production for several months now, having completed a decent percentage of the film, but we still need your help to get us to the finish line and I can't wait to have more of you along for the ride!



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Gotta keep everyone fed and happy

Music Licensing

Costs $2,500

Getting bands to feature their music in the film to give certain scenes a punch

Original Score

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Commissioning an original musical score to fit the film's unique tone.

Special Makeup FX

Costs $1,500

It's a film about a serial killer. Bound to have some bloody goodness going on.

Location Fees & Insurance

Costs $3,000

Ya need to grease some palms to shoot in some places


Costs $3,000

Great cast makes a great film. Luckily Nick, the main actor, works cheap. The rest, not so much...

Sound Recordist

Costs $500

Sound is the half of the film you see when you close your eyes.


Costs $1,000

Gotta make the thing look presentable.

Wrap Party

Costs $250

So the cast and crew can unwind after a job well done, and enjoy the fruits of their labor

Festival Fees

Costs $350

Gotta get it seen once it's done.

About This Team

Nick Rumaczyk is a NY-based filmmaker who has directed several short films, including Out Back and Self Improvement. In 2014 he made his feature debut with the inaugural stumblecore film Terrestrial, which has played various festivals around the world, winning awards in the process.

Peter Adam Graham sees his first full time as Cinematographer, after serving in this capacity -- uncredited -- for some scenes in Terrestrial. His contributions helped the film earn the Award for Best Cinematography at the Marietta International Film Festival.

Sam Mabuse edited Nick Rumaczyk's previous feature Terrestrial, and went on to win the Award for Best Editing at the Indian Cine Film Festival in Mumbai.


Chasity Pierna is a native New Yorker who wears many hats. Her preference is that of a mad scientist. She is a self-taught SFX makeup artist with a knack for creating atrocities.

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