Brown With Blue

Atlanta, Georgia | Film Short

Drama, Romance

Christian Jones

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Carmine & Blue are two star-crossed lovers in their mid-to-late 20s. Blue is an adult webcam model with dreams of becoming a singer. Carmine has abandoned his dream of becoming a designer and works as a handyman. They have turned to oxycontin to cope with the problems of their relationship.

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Mission Statement

Brown With Blue will increase inclusion and representation with people of color being the predominant cast & crew. It is a piece that seeks to tackle issues of substance abuse and mental health while raising awareness about sex work and gender identity.

The Story


Carmine & Blue are two star-crossed lovers in their mid-to-late 20s. Blue is an adult webcam model with dreams of one day becoming a singer. Carmine has abandoned his dream of becoming a designer and currently works as a handyman. The two of them have turned to oxycontin to cope with an issue in their relationship. As they approach their decision’s anniversary, this begins to weigh on them in different ways.




Carmine is a young man with design aspirations. He graduated with an engineering degree from a local university. He hasn’t been able to hold on to any positions since leaving school and has found steady work as a make-shift handyman.


Carmine sometimes puts Blue before himself because he loves to see her happy but maybe to his own detriment. Up until about a year ago, Carmine’s relationship with Blue was the most exciting aspect of his life. Now, their relationship is fractured and he wants to discuss it with Blue, but they can’t seem to connect past doing oxy and paying the rent.



Blue is our leading lady in the movie, and she is every bit alluring, entrancing, and full of natural beauty. She has aspirations to become a singer but she never seems to follow-through on her dream.

Recently, she’s made her income by being an adult webcam model. Carmine doesn’t necessarily agree with it but he respects it. For her, it is not only a way to make money but to detach from her reality. Along with doing oxy it is also a way for her to regain that control she lost.




Copper is the de-facto leader of Paradise, and he happens to run his drug operation out of it under the guise of non-stop parties. He is a flamboyant, wanna-be actor. He can often be found practicing scenes or referencing movies in real life conversation. 

Copper has secretly grown bored with the drug game and is a bit disappointed in himself for not pursuing his career in acting. He secretly admires Carmine’s love for Blue, also—but it manifests itself as jealousy.





Project Status

This project will be special for a number of reasons. A lot of the creators behind our past projects Hathie & Print Shop will be working together. It will be a family affair! We feel we're now comfortable with where we stand as creators and are excited to share our growth!


Brown With Blue is slated to begin principal photography in Christian's hometown Atlanta, in mid-October. We have a four-day shoot planned and we've acquired verbal agreements with a lot of cast, crew & locations! 




Thank you for your support.




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Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Camera Equipment

Costs $1,500

We'd love to shoot this on the Alexa Mini. It is the cream of the crop for cameras.

KOWA Anamorphic Lenses

Costs $1,050

I LOVE shooting on anamorphic lenses. These are smaller and will allow us to shoot handheld.

Grip & Lighting

Costs $750

We're looking to rent a grip truck in Atlanta with specific grip and lighting for our scenes.


Costs $1,050

We're looking to get catering from local Atlanta restaurants for the duration of our shoot!


Costs $1,500

Some cast & crew will be traveling from far away places Los Angeles, New York, and even Mexico!


Costs $1,000

We're looking to partner with up-and-coming brands and also create key pieces for characters.

Drone Operator

Costs $650

We need a drone operator who would be willing and able to fly the Alexa Mini for specialty shots.

MOVI Operator

Costs $500

A skilled MOVI Operator for the final shot and a few others!

Festival Submission Fees

Costs $500

Sundance here we come (and many more)!

A Picture Car For Celeste

Costs $250

The car Celeste drives in the movie!

Hard Drives for Storage

Costs $250

We need to keep the footage safe! This is one of the most important items.

Cast & Crew Home Base

Costs $1,000

A place to host cast & crew for our shoot. It is important to have majority of us in one place.

An Old School Convertible

Costs $250

An old school red/blue convertible.

About This Team


Christian Nolan Jones is an Atlanta bred filmmaker currently living in Harlem, NY. He harnessed his storytelling abilities at Tisch School of the Arts. In his personal work, Christian seeks to create pieces pertaining to the human condition.


His thesis film Hathie (2014) garnered recognition amongst his New York peers while his latest directorial effort, Print Shop (2016), is currently screening in festivals & communities across the country. Christian frequently directs music videos through the creative vehicle Whensmokeclears alongside his producing partner, Gil Taveras.

Christian prides himself on working with the next generation of artists to find their voices. He’s demonstrated this as a Fellow with Black Public Media and working as the Lead Youth Producer at Manhattan Neighborhood Network. Most recently, Christian taught at two mobile-media workshops in Harlem and the Bronx through a grant from the NYC Department of Probation and Carnegie Hall’s NeON Arts Program.



Dominick went into college believing journalism was his calling because he loved to write. It wasn't until a few months in when he realized that journalism hindered his creativity and screenwriting seemed to fit perfectly. Although his college education was short lived, he took it upon himself to study the depths of the entire subject on his own.

A year after being removed from school, he began his career creating original scripted content for TV and got them into the hands of anyone he could. Networks like BET and FOX quickly took notice and worked with him on creating their own original content.

After years of groundwork and early success, he moved onto creating and conceptualizing unscripted content for TV and film networks, production companies, and YouTube. This time consisted of Dominick controlling more than just the writing aspect of projects and developing an all around skill for film by writing, editing, directing, and producing. Dominick continues to carry out all those duties while running an Atlanta based production company, MOTION PICTURE SH*T. 



Gil Taveras is a producer/director of film stories woven through a dialect of love. A graduate of New York's Hofstra University and a familiar face to New York’s downtown scene, Gil advocates filmmaking at the hand of genuine partnerships. Since 2012, Gil frequently collaborates with Atlanta-native and Tisch-graduate Christian Nolan Jones.


The two have kickstarted numerous productions under the moniker Whensmokeclears. Together they have gone to produce three short films together and over thirty music videos. In 2018, Whensmokeclears taught two film-based workshops to at-risk youths of NYC’s Dept of Probation. With earned opportunity, Gil’s mission of love and loyalty shall continue to spread through the magic of filmmaking.

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