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An actor is paid by a tenacious woman to act as her boyfriend at her boss’ retirement party. However, his girlfriend’s unexpected presence at the event complicates the plan, raising the tensions surrounding this seemingly benign business party. Ultimately, he must choose between honesty and wealth.

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Mission Statement

The film's cast and crew range from their 20's to 70's. The film is a parody of class relations. It features strong women, but does not address religion. It is entirely political.

The Story

Johnny, a struggling actor, is paid by a tenacious woman, Marnie, to act as her boyfriend at her boss’ retirement party in pursuit of her own ambitions. The event is a pourporri of extravagant guests, eccentric hosts and the equally ambitious Frederick, who, like Marnie, aims to be selected as the insurance company’s new president. However, Johnny's girlfriend, Luciana, has been hired to cater the event and her presence complicates the plan, thus heightening the tensions and emotions surrounding this seemingly benign business party. Ultimately, he must choose between honesty and wealth, which prove to be increasingly incompatible with one another.


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Cash Pledge

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Primary Location - Mansion

Costs $2,500

Considering our film primarily takes place in one location, it's absolutely imperative that it sells as a CEO's stately abode.

Dinner Party Accessories

Costs $1,000

With a boastful location comes significant production design work. We will use these funds to build our elegant dinner party set.

Casting Director and Cast

Costs $2,000

We love our casting director and the cast she brought on, so we'd love to pay everyone appropriately. Lots of talent in this crew!

Catering and Craft Services

Costs $2,500

Considering our large cast, crew & the extras involved in the production, craft services are essential in keeping everyone in high spirits.

About This Team

After Matt began attending Dodge College and collaborating with his friend and cohort, Evan Appel, they slowly discovered the style and tone of the films they wanted to tell. Elements of these stories include: tragi-comedy, dark whimsicality, which also dabbles with playful surrealism, yet is ultimately grounded in classical Hollywood formalism. The duo prefers shooting wide, sweeping and graceful moving masters to tell their stories (attempting to emulate the techniques of Orson Welles, William Wyler, Jean Renoir and Akira Kurosawa). This is all in service to the overall effect we are trying to achieve, which is an abstract combination of Coen-esque cynicism and Spielbergian realism. 


Yusef Chabayta and Andrew Chennisi have been producing short films, web ads and music videos since their freshman year at Chapman and have started a small production company to support and protect their productions and network. Here's a link to their reel if you're interested in checking out their work! After meeting the Matt/Evan duo and collaborating in 2014 for the first time, they quickly learned that their creative interests aligned phenominally. We hope to bring the same Coen-esque cynicism and Spielbergian realism approach to Brutal Affairs that we did with our two previous short films in conveying the farcical humor of “old money” and the tragedy that befalls those who desperately pursue it. We genuinely believe a successful campaign would be the addition of quality to the look of the film to help sell this hilariously hellish world we are trying to create. 


Here's the link to headshots of our official cast!

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