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The girl hates air-travel. Frankly, who doesn't? At the advice of her best friend, she uses a new, experimental service that transforms people into small objects for the duration of the flight. That way, they'll never have to deal with flight woes again. Or will they?

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Mission Statement

When you're sleep deprived and hardly home because you're touring the film circuit with your film, you start to think that turning yourself into a small object to make the flight an easier endeavor is a good idea. And then you make a film about why it's actually a horrible idea.

The Story


No, we’re not actually offering a pricey and experimental service that the technology for which— to the best of our knowledge—doesn’t exist. We are, however, asking you to become a forever part of the movie we’re making about such technology, and more specifically, one woman’s story as she tries to brave the hardships of air travel.

In return for your much-appreciated support for this very whimsical project, we’re offering some very cool (and equally whimsical!) perks.

And you know what the best part is? This project is almost done! We've already filmed it, and animated most of it. Now we just want to make sure we finish it in the best way possible.

The Girl (Janet Varney) has been on one too many flights. The bad food, the small space, the turbulence. She's just about had it. Haven’t we all?

Luckily for her, her friend Rachel has recently used a new service, called Objectified Travel, which turns people into small objects for the duration of the flight, which means they don’t have to deal with a lot of the issues humans face during a flight.

But alas, this service is in beta, or, in other words, some tweaks need to be made, as our hero learns the hard way.

This short is mostly animated, with a couple of live-action scenes.

The script has already been nominated at major festivals and won Best Short Screenplay at the SENE Film Festival.

Our Cast

Janet Varney – Janet Varney is the co-host of Nickelodeon and iHeartRadio’s Avatar: Braving the Elements podcast with Dante Basco, in which they explore the Avatarverse by re-watching every episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender and breaking down key themes, notable battles, and behind-the-scenes trivia.

Varney is an Emmy-Nominated actor, comedian, writer and producer. In the animation world, she's the award-winning voice of Korra on Nickelodeon’s (now on Netflix) The Legend of Korra. On Hulu, she can be seen fighting dark forces opposite John C. McGinley in Stan Against Evil and as the entitled Becca on FXX’s You’re the Worst. She also created, wrote, produced and starred in the critically-acclaimed IFC online series Fortune Rookie

For the past 10 years, JV has hosted her podcast The JV Club with Janet Varney, where she interviews celebrities about their awkward teenage years. JV can also be heard as the AI “Sorry” on the improvised sci-fi comedy podcast Voyage to the Stars. 

On the development and production side, Varney co-created, co-wrote and co-produced Neil’s Puppet Dreams, a series featuring Neil Patrick Harris and his puppet-filled dreams. She is co-founder/creative director/producer of one of the largest and most acclaimed comedy festivals in North America, SF Sketchfest: the San Francisco Comedy Festival, now in its 20th year.

Janet’s favorite pair of shoes are her Redback waterproof work boots, which are incredibly comfortable, and which fly in the face of Janet’s immense fear of black widow spiders!

Chen Drachman - Chen Drachman is an Israeli-American, award-winning actress and filmmaker based in NYC.

Her acting credits include Last Week Tonight with John Oliver,The Path, starring Aaron Paul, The Book of Ruthand more.

Chen's favorite shoes are a discontinued black Converse with the NYC subway map.

Alexander Ferguson - Alexander Ferguson is an actor, director, filmmaker, cartoonist & impressionist. He's currently in the ensemble of Hamilton on Broadway, covering Alexander Hamilton/Aaron Burr/John Laurens/KingGeorge.

Shoes are the natural enemy of the main characters in his upcoming graphic novel ‘Civil Ants,’ but he's honored to be *Converse-ing with the other side. 

Alex's favorite pair of shoes is a pair of black canvas Converse which he describes as "comfy cool, like a motorcycle." 

While substantially cheaper than creating technology to transplant your consciousness into an inanimate object, making a half-animated half-live action project is still an expensive process. In order to bring our spunky shoe to life on the silver screen, we had to cover the cost of animation, production design, travel, lodging, and food, among numerous other expenses. Most importantly, we believe that our amazing actors and crew deserve to be paid for their extraordinary creative talents. As we mentioned, most of it was already covered! It's that "Post-production" chunk of the pie that we're still working on!

Our story is ambitious—we filmed at a working airport, shot with high-end camera equipment, worked with a cast of accomplished professionals from across the country, and animated an entire cast of colorful characters, both human and shoe.

With the support of backers like you, we will be able to finish what little we still have left, and bring this film to the screen!

Please consider donating to our campaign! Any contribution puts us one step closer to making our whimsical story into a real short film.

Andrew is hard at work! He already animated about 85% of the animated portion. We do need to give him more work hours though, so he can finish what he started!

Maayan, our editor, is also about 85% done with the live-action portions. But we need to add some VFX, and bring in a sound-designer (try filming when a chopper is taking off!)

Our composer, Lilly, is also jumping on board this month to bring us the original score that will wrap everything in a neat, comical bow. She, too, should probably be paid!

Besides donating, there are additional ways you can help us:

Share this campaign with friends and family across social media. Word-of-mouth is crucial to generating interest and making this campaign a success.

Share Chen’s first filmnow free on Omeleto, with your friends and family, so they get excited about this new project and are inspired to support it!

If you have any additional questions, are interested in other investment opportunities, or if you are a local business in the Waco, Texas area looking to offer additional support, please contact us at [email protected]

Please consider supporting But I’m a Shoe. Thank you!

(Trying to get the line just right!)

(Filming the live-action portions at the Waco Airport)

(Celebrating wrapping day 1 with the Waco Trolly outside the airport)


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Finishing Animation

Costs $1,000

A lot of the animation fees were already covered, but we don't want to make artistic compromises so we require more hours of work.


Costs $1,000

Original scoring is crucial to set the tone of the film. We have over 10 minutes in need of some tone-setting!

Color/Sound corrections!

Costs $500

Because imagine what happens when you film a movie next to an army base and a chopper takes off at the worst possible time.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

Chen Drachman – Writer/Director/Producer:

Chen's first film, The Book of Ruth, starring Tony and Emmy Awards nominee, Tovah Feldshuh, has been in numerous festivals in the U.S. and abroad, including Cinequest (an Oscar qualifying festival,) the Chelsea Film Festival, the Vancouver International Film Festival (Canadian Screen Awards qualifying festival) and more.

The film won Best Narrative Short at the San Diego Jewish Film Festival, Best Family Short at the Deep in the Heart Film Festival, Best Narrative Short at the South Dakota Film Festival, and more.

Since it concluded its run at the festival circuit, it had more than 125K views online through Omeleto.

Rachel Jobin - Producer: Rachel is a producer and an entertainment technology executive based in Central Texas.

Her most recent short film, Break, is currently making the rounds at film festivals after premiering at Austin Film Festival. Her favorite pair of shoes are black, knee-high leather boots with heels.

Andrew Dittman - Animator: Andrew Dittmann is an animator based in Los Angeles, whose previous work includes the hippo short film Billy. His favorite pair of shoes is a six-dollar pair of faded brown Rockports he found at Goodwill.

Current Team