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Ally Johnson

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We've seen two installments of Queer Eye For The Straight Guy in the last 15 years. How many lesbian equivalents have we seen?? EXACTLY. Help us raise funds for the first episode of Butch Pal For The Straight Gal so we can show the world that ALL gays can change the lives of wayward straights.

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Mission Statement

Butch Pal For Straight Gal presents a fun representation of the lesbian lifestyle and shows how people's lives can be made better with a little lesbian fairy dust sprinkled into it. We aim to inspire body positivity, female inner beauty and prove that a little flannel goes a long way.

The Story

Earlier this year, the reboot of Queer Eye came out on Netflix. Two seasons have already been released. While I'm all for more LGBT content, I couldn't help but be frustrated that this show was already getting a remount when the lesbian version never even existed. I started thinking, 'What would happen if five lesbians gave a straight girl a makeover? Would she just end up covered in flannel and cat hair? Would a rugged day-hike be involved? Would she get really good at making vegan tacos?' These questions had to be answered, so I teamed up with Rob, a guy I dated for two weeks in high school, and we decided to make it happen.


Rob & I are ready to take on the challenge by creating Butch Pal For The Straight Gal.  Five experienced lesbians who call themselves the Fish 5 will give wayward straight women lez-tastic makeovers (or make-unders), which may or may not include fedoras and Birkenstocks. While this series is at heart a comedy, it presents a deeper message about women and how they present themselves in today's social media-driven society. It pokes fun at stereotypes and gives you a laugh, but the overall message is one of inclusivity and self-love. And what's gayer than that?!


 <--- lesbians, we can't live off these forever


The first episode is written and ready to shoot, but we need your help to make this pilot the best it can possibly be. When we reach our fundraising goal we will not only make this hilarious & heartfelt episode happen, we will pitch it to networks, websites and LGBTQIA groups looking for funny and original content. The more you donate, the more episodes we film. We ultimately want this to be full season of lesbian hilarity with season two not far behind. With your help, Butch Pal For The Straight Gal can be the next show in your Netflix queue. 


Lesbian is still the #1 searched porn term worldwide. Just sayin'....there's an audience out there. And it's not just pervy straight dudes. I promise. Lesbians are worth watching, and we intend to prove it with Butch Pal. Now, more than ever, it's time to send the message that women don't have to vacuum their lips through a shotglass to be hot. Can you believe?? 


We believe. And with your help our belief will become reality. It's Pride month, and what better way to show your support than by funding a project that will entertain you for years to come?? Help fund the lesbian Queer Eye today!




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Costs $800

"We'll be really careful" doesn't work when renting equipment and shooting locations.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Director of Photography

Costs $2,000

Covers 3 days of shooting

Food & Bev for Our Team

Costs $400

Make sure our team is fed & hydrated!

Our Cast

Costs $1,500

Too often actors are asked to work for free. Our performers deserve to be compensated!

1st Assistant Camera

Costs $1,000

Who wouldn't want this guy on set?

Sound Operator / Mixer

Costs $1,000

Sound Operator and Mixer for 3 days of shooting


Costs $1,000

This film won't be very good if no one can see us.

Production Assistant

Costs $600

Production assistance for the entire shoot!


Costs $2,000

Editing is a long & grueling process. Let's get a great editor to make this into a masterpiece!

Visual Effects

Costs $400

Make sure our film has the right pop & pazzazz after filming

Costume Design

Costs $300

We have a flannel on-hand, but we'll need some costumes.


Costs $200

Everyone loves props. Including us.

Equipment Rental

Costs $1,500

All equipment rentals needed for shooting


Costs $500

Increase awareness for our series with a professional screening in LA

Misc Extra Costs

Costs $800

Unexpected expenses will most definitely come up. This covers the unexpected.


Costs $1,000

Funds for our INCREDIBLE director!

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