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Comedy, Horror

April Yanko

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A man's sentient sex toy becomes jealous when its owner forms a relationship with a human woman.

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Mission Statement

What would you do if your sex toy came to life? This hilarious 8-minute film is a femme creator’s take on a delightful-yet-salacious Adult Swim-style short. If you like funny women, weird rom-coms, and not taking yourself too seriously, this is the project for you.

The Story

When Jason orders himself a sex toy from the internet, he gets much more than he bargained for.

Instead of getting just any old butt, he gets Cassie, a loving partner. He tries to date around but none are quite as good for him as the tender embrace of Cassie's cheeks. 

That is, until he meets Elena.

Suddenly, having a sentient butt is not as comforting as Elena's human warmth. Cassie is cast away, but she is not ready to let go. 

Cassie's jealousy leads her to take drastic measures, because this butt gets what she wants.


Director's Statement

All my life, I’ve been told that women aren’t supposed to be funny like men are. 
And while many amazing women have come to the forefront in comedy over the last decade, the late-night adult programming space is still very much a boys’ club. So what could I do to change that? Write a film about a sentient sex toy.

Director or fluffer? (director, just director)

It started as a small idea that I wasn’t sure that I was “allowed” to make. I mean, what would people think of me? A sweet and agreeable little introvert, trying to challenge the norm by making a film starring a butt? Fortunately, I have some very supportive and talented friends (with puppeteering experience!) that let my imagination run wild and almost completely unsupervised.Yes, Butt Stuff is a film about a sex toy come to life…
But it’s also about: 


By supporting this film, you’re not only helping fund a story that’s surprisingly thoughtful and touching, but also you’re elevating a new filmmaker’s voice into a world where people like her aren’t often heard. Weird-but-touching comedy AND supporting a female filmmaker? It’s a win-win! 


Money Overview

Post-production can be expensive, but the money we’re raising is what can help get “Butt Stuff” the recognition it deserves. 

Endlessly defuzzing Cassie


Where Do We Go From Here?

After the film's completion, we have a target list of festivals to submit Butt Stuff to, from heavy-hitters to genre-centric.

However, the biggest goal I have with Butt Stuff is selling the film to Adult Swim. Some well-known shorts have found their audience through Adult Swim's help, and Butt Stuff will be no exception. This story is so precious to me, and I know that Adult Swim is the perfect home for my butt baby. 



Hasn't this film already been shot? 
It has! That's why this campaign is to finish the post-production elements of the film (and what comes next, ie festivals and press).Where is the crowdfunding money going?
Post-production is comprised of scoring the film, funds for the cast and crew, festival submissions, and a press circuit to get Butt Stuff in front of more eyes.Does this film have sex in it?
Nope! There is brief implied sex, but nothing is shown that would terribly offend (unless you’re upset by the sight of legs).Does this film have nudity?Nope! I wanted to keep Cassie a butt because butts = funny, but genitals = pornagraphic (or can, at least). We were going for the "butts = funny" angle, so you will find no visible privates in "Butt Stuff."Is this film about (including but not limited to) butt plugs, porn, farts, dildos, phallic vegetables, feet, BDSM, incels, stepsiblings, getting stuck in a washing machine, or is a tribute to the movie Teeth?No.


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About This Team

New Team, Who Dis:

Writer, Director, Co-Editor, All that jazz

April Yanko is a writer, actor, and all-around weirdo, originally from Pittsburgh but currently living in LA. Her film Pulling the Plug on Mom recently received a Best Comedy nomination from Cannes Shorts, alongside a whole host of other accolades she feels embarrassed to mention. She’s studied sketch writing and improv at UCB and the Pack Theater with incredible teachers like Sam Brown (Whitest Kids U' Know) and Keisha Zollar (Astronomy Club). She is commonly found make-up-less, sporting her signature bright undone hair, wearing a character T and the same pair of sweats she got at Target 6 years ago because they don’t show her underpants when she bends over. April values making people feel like they aren’t alone and believes laughter is the best way to access difficult topics. All of her Neopets are alive and well.

APRIL, What would YOU do if your sex toy came to life? Live happily ever after.


Lead Puppeteer 

Benjamin TW Carlucci, aka “Bennty,” is an internationally-recognized and award-winning filmmaker from Pittsburgh. His feature film Galatea made its world premiere at the Austin Revolution Film Festival, the #1 fest on Film Freeway. He’s also produced dozens of short films, most recently representing The Young One-Two at the Short Film Corner at the Festival de Cannes with Filmapalooza’s 48 Hour Film Competition. Benn specializes in many talents, from directing and writing to practical effects and original scoring. You can watch his work at Bennty.com.

BENN, What would YOU do if your sex toy came to life? I would ask it existential questions to gain perspective from a new species. 


Producer, Co-Editor, Graphic Designer

Justin Wested is a traveling art man from Pennsylvania that can handle a miscellany of graphic and paperwork-related tasks. Co-editor and Co-producer; always a Co-bridesmaid and never a bride. Of all the tasks he's been forced to be productive about, this has been one of his faves. As a budding special fx artist, he kindly asks if you see any issues with the green screen that you "please don't bully him."

JUSTIN, What would YOU do if your sex toy came to life? Teach it to do my taxes.


Actor, Cassie's first love

Jason Sealy is an actor, producer, and director from Pittsburgh known for Happy New Year, Galatea, and Reference Point. Currently, he works for the Air Force in administration. He also loves reading, learning languages, being outdoors, hiking, and climate activism. 

JASON, What would YOU do if your sex toy came to life? I’d say, “about darn time” and ask it if it wanted to get married or explore other people first.



Elena Falgione earned her BFA from Seton Hill University, much longer ago than she'd care to say. She never thought she'd be worried about aging but here she is. She often appears in theatre local to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is working on an album with her bandmate, Greg, for their band Brigade Kid. Their first single, Flung, can be found on Amazon, iTunes, Bandcamp, and Spotify. When she's not acting or singing, she loves to be involved in productions as an Intimacy Coordinator. For fun, she enjoys playing DnD with her wonderful friends, April and Justin, and her totally awesome partner, Caleb.

ELENA, What would YOU do if your sex toy came to life? As soon as my sex toy became sentient, I'd make sure that I hadn't violated their consent. I'm sure we'd have a lot of healing to do. Thinking about the sentience of inanimate objects and the nature of consent has led me to make some disturbing conclusions about myself. I hope my collection of  *redacted* can forgive me and won't sacrifice me when the AI and robots rise against us.


Director of Photography

Caleb Fischer earned his BFA in Cinema Production from Point Park University. He often works as a freelance videographer for events, music videos, and films. When he's not behind the camera, Caleb enjoys writing music on his guitar, creating 3D art, playing video games, and making content for his finsta, <redacted>. He also has the most awesome girlfriend, Elena Falgione, who absolutely didn't write this bio for him.

CALEB, What would YOU do if your sex toy came to life? To be brutally honest, it would be difficult because the only toy I really have is my hand. So if my hand suddenly gains self-awareness, with a consciousness separate from my own, we'd have some serious problems. I need my hand. It can't just go wandering toward self-actualization as I'm left high and, regrettably, dry.



Anthony Lucca is an award-winning music director, orchestrator, and arranger, who develops and music directs new works for theatre and film. World premieres include BRONCO BILLY (Skylight Theatre Company, LA Drama Critic's Circle Award for Best Musical Direction, Stage Raw Award Nominee), MUTT HOUSE (Kirk Douglas Theater), & CULT OF LOVE (IAMA Theatre Company). He also guest music directs and conducts for performing arts grade schools and colleges in both Los Angeles and New England.  

ANTHONY, What would YOU do if your sex toy came to life? Give it the emotional attention that it has been deprived of for so long.

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