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Marked by a recent run-in with the law and recovering from addiction, Daniel struggles to get his daughter the toy of her dreams. But with some help from dad, Reggie, and his clever daughter, Jayden, Daniel might have a chance to snag the hottest toy of the season.

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Mission Statement

Addiction affects everyone. In Buy Sell Trade we strive to tell a specific yet universal story of a family trying to break the cycle. Our goal is to highlight the inherent challenges this offbeat family faces, revealing how this epidemic affects people of different backgrounds.

The Story




Set in a mid-south suburb, Jayden, an observant 8-year-old, is obsessed with the Wirbly, a fuzzy animatronic present she was promised on her birthday. Her grandfather, Reggie, a former military veteran, has been her involuntary father figure while her dad, Daniel, is out of work and unmotivated. But, to Reggie’s surprise, Daniel is looking sharp the day after he missed Jayden’s birthday party. Full of confidence he promises to get Jayden the coveted Wirbly. He might not have the money but Daniel does have a plan. During their quest, Jayden begins to observe who her dad is and how he moves in her developing world as he meets shades of his past, future employment hopes, and familiar foes. Just as Daniel’s luck begins to turn Jayden decides to take a risk to get what she wants and make her dad proud. But does it? 


This story is especially relevant to my family because we went through similar experiences. My brother, Jacob lost his life as he battled complications exacerbated by addiction. Buy Sell Trade is meant to depict the circumstances before a tragedy may or may not occur. Instead of ignoring it we should explore it and talk approach it, carefully.


Addiction and its effects have had a catastrophic impact in this country for people of all backgrounds. Even during the Pandemic, the opioid crisis is still a major problem in America. 


In Buy Sell Trade we follow a father on the hunt for trades to get his daughter a toy she's obsessed with. As his daughter watches him go to great lengths to try and get her what she wants she also observes how others treat her misfit dad as he struggles to get back on his feet after a recent run-in with the cops. 

Growing up you're shaped by your surroundings and who you look up to. How will children directly affected by this crisis avoid making the same mistakes themselves? 




We are currently in the pre-production phase. Our cast has been selected and we are nailing down locations and plan to begin shooting August 3rd - 8th! Our next steps are to begin storyboarding, rehearse with our actors, and begin to plan the shot list with our cinematographer!



We want to raise $7,500 we have stretch goals if/when we meet our original goal of $5K that includes the following:

  • If we raise $8,500 we will be able to pay for professional sound design 
  • If we raise $9,500 we will be able to pay for professional color grading
  • If we raise $10,750 we will be able to pay for original music
  • If we raise $11,250 we will be able to pay for transportation and hotel accommodations for cast / crew




Each contribution comes with a prize! Look to the right to find out what you'll get in return for your generosity and support! 



There are plenty of visual references for our short film. In the photos below you can see that we've taken inspiration from Shoplifters (2018), The Florida Project (2017), Mud (2012), Y Tu Mamá Tambien (2001), and Little Miss Sunshine (2006). 







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As these strange times persist, safety is most important. We plan to take the proper measures to ensure the well-being of our cast & crew. We will do that by following state and federal guidelines. We will require everyone on set to return a negative test before shooting. On top of that those that are not fully vaccinated are required to wear a mask on set while indoors and maintain at least 6 ft distance when possible. 

If any guidelines change we will be sure to adhere to those changes as well. 



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Meals / Catering

Costs $300

Provide meals for cast & crew. Donations welcome.


Costs $2,500

This includes our cinematographer and sound mixer.


Costs $1,000

This is to give peace of mind to the set, cast and crew!

Camera Department

Costs $1,200

In order to capture the beautiful images of our story, we need the right gear.


Costs $2,000

This affords us the opportunity to work with talented a talented cast!

Festival Fees

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This helps us pay for festival entry fees!

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About This Team

About This Team


Gabriel Cuillier - Writer/Director

Former tech professional and owner of the bespoke content creation company Mxxd Media. He’s worked with brands in the area including Young Chicago Authors, Sheila Rashid and the Hoxton Hotel.


Charli Andrews - Writer

A recent graduate of the Columbia College MFA program in creative writing, Charli is an emerging freelance writer in Chicago working towards publishing her first novella.


Caleb Logan - Producer

A six year vet in both production & agency environments, successfully producing live-action and animated media campaigns ranging from broadcast television to online digital content. He's proudly worked with clients like Pampers, Michelob Ultra, Frito Lay, & Groupon.


Cain Camacho - Cinematographer

Cain is a Director of Photography based in Chicago. Since attending University of Illinois he has shot music videos and commercials across the country and is a co-owner of Pogi Studios.

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