Calf Rope

Lancaster, Pennsylvania | Film Short

Drama, Family

Sarah Hawkins

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We believe that movies are the most powerful art form of the 21st century to tell your own story, no matter how old you are, or what legacy is on your heart to leave behind. Continue the legacy of local filmmaking by contributing to Calf Rope here.

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Mission Statement

Filmmaking connects us, as does the art of storytelling. We’re devoted to hiring a diverse team of creative people with a variety of backgrounds to help tell this shared story of love and legacy.

The Story



Directed by award-winning filmmaker, Bradley Hawkins, Calf Rope, is the heartwarming tale of love, legacy, and the special bond between a grandparent and their grandchildren. A tender short film about a former rodeo champion from Oklahoma that bonds with his young grandson from Central Pennsylvania while teaching him a few tricks from his previous trade, Calf Rope captures the intense love that grandparents often have for their grandchildren and the legacy that lives on, long after they have gone.

The film is based on Hawkins' boyhood memories of his grandfather, who was a cattle auctioneer in the 1960s. To continue the legacy, Hawkins’ daughter, Sarah Hawkins is producing Calf Rope under their father-daughter film production company, Dadley Productions, which they co-founded in 2015.





Dadley Productions is not only passionate about telling stories that lift the human spirit but we’re also committed to bringing more narrative filmmaking to Central Pennsylvania. We’re looking to partner with as many with local organizations and community groups as possible to see Calf Rope come to life. We welcome all who would like to contribute to our film, be it, homeowners of rustic locations, cub scout packs, mom & pop restaurants - you name it. Filmmaking is about community and we want to show how anyone and everyone can be a part of the process of crafting cinematic stories here in Lancaster and beyond, through our short film.

Filming Calf Rope in rural and suburban Central PA will help to bolster the local economy and foster further growth in the budding local film community that is already becoming nationally recognized for the terrific commercial and documentary work coming out of the area. Producing more narrative film projects, such as Calf Rope, will draw more attention to Central PA as a strong and viable alternative to bigger cities.




We believe that movies are the most powerful art form of the 21st century to tell your own story, no matter how old you are, or what legacy is on your heart to leave behind. Through the creation of Calf Rope, we want to encourage the next crop of cinematic storytellers to tell their own story. In an effort to foster more cinematic storytellers, our campaign “perks” are designed to encourage more folks to tell their own story and become involved with local filmmaking through our production.

Contribute to the legacy of local filmmaking by supporting our Seed&Spark campaign here and follow us on Instagram & Twitter at @calf_rope.





Good news, Pardner! Your contribution to our project is tax-deductible as we've partnered with From The Heart Productions, Inc. a 501(c) non-profit to be our Fiscal Sponsor. This means you can write-off your contribution at the end of the year!


Have questions on how this whole fiscal sponsorship thing works? Drop us a line at [email protected].


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Costs $12,875

Light, camera, action! Support the team of professionals that will make Calf Rope come to life.


Costs $500

Got 1960's era toys, houseware, or kitchen appliances? This period piece needs your vintage relics.

Antique Cars

Costs $400

Have a classic American car from the 1950s or 60s? Come take it for a spin on set!


Costs $500

Dress our cast with a blast from the past! We're looking for vintage 1960s Americana everyday wear.

McKendrick House

Costs $200

Have a home built in 1920-30 w/ a dining room, kitchen, and ol' time furnishings? Let's shoot there!

Haywood House

Costs $200

Have a 1950s home w/ vintage furnishings where 2 young boys could've grown up? Let us shoot there!


Costs $500

Have a place that could pass for a hospital floor that includes a room for a patient? Hook us up!

Cattle Auction

Costs $500

Need a '60's era cattle auction venue with a few head of livestock. Have a place that would work?

Movie Theater

Costs $200

Own/manage a 60s era movie theater that we could use for 2 hrs? Let us make your theater the star!

Tavern Exterior

Costs $100

Small town 1960's era tavern needed just to shoot the exterior of. Earn free advertising in a film!


Costs $500

To get through production we need both permits & production insurance. Cover our legal obligations.


Costs $1,875

Long shoot days means very hungry people. Feed the team behind and in front of the camera.


Costs $950

To film in Lancaster we need to get our cast & crew to and from location to location with ease.

Legal + Misc

Costs $1,300

A good film, like legacy, is worth protecting. Support our legal fund here.


Costs $4,520

Foster local on-screen talent by contributing to our aincredible cast here.

Camera Package

Costs $1,000

Contribute your gear to this cinematic story. Drop us a line for our complete wish list.

DIT Gear

Costs $200

We plan to shoot on a RED which means data overload! Got a RED Rocket? We'd be forever grateful.

Sound Kit

Costs $500

"Hello? Is this thing on?!" Contribute your sound package or equipment here.


Costs $500

Let there be light! Contribute your lighting equipment so we can shed some light on the subject.


Costs $1,351

Things get messy. This fund is for worst case scenarios only. There's always something, right?

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

It takes a village. Here's some of the team that is bringing Calf Rope to life. 

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