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"Nurturing and caring for others creates lasting peace and friendship." A heartwarming stop-motion animated film about a young deaf girl, Aiko, and her bond with Kashi, an old oak tree. Help us bring its timeless and powerful message to the world.

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to inspire through "The Caring Tree": a film that celebrates kindness, transcending age, gender, race or species. We aim to spread joy and foster empathy to you and the world around you including the environment, illustrating how caring for others creates lasting peace and friendship.

The Story

“The Caring Tree” is a touching, stop-motion animated film for children and their families. 

It invites viewers into the heartwarming friendship between Kashi, an old oak tree and Aiko, a young Deaf girl. The film takes us through various stages of Aiko's life, from the loss of a cherished pet to the challenges of growing up and saying goodbye to a best friend. Each encounter with The Caring Tree becomes a comforting and inspiring moment, emphasizing the positive impact of kindness and empathy, regardless of our differences. 

The heartening story beautifully illustrates how even a tiny act of sharing can create happiness for everyone. Against the backdrop of changing seasons, "The Caring Tree" is a testament to the enduring power of compassion, showcasing that the seeds of happiness we plant for others can blossom into lasting peace and joy for the bigger world.

The story of Aiko, a little Deaf girl, is very personal to me.

I was born in Kumamoto, Japan. For over 2 decades, my father volunteered with disabled people. He formed a musical band with them to perform at local schools and community events.

My mother, my sister and I would help. All my childhood I witnessed firsthand the importance of caring for others.

As a filmmaker and composer, I want to continue my father’s mission of spreading kindness in the world, at a time when hatred rises so quickly.

We will use the Magic of Stop Motion Animation

We plan to use the magic of stop-motion animation to bring our characters to life. We have a script, storyboards and a rough animatic, but we need your help to continue.

Next Milestones

Your generous pledges will help us reach our next milestones.



3: A PRECISE ANIMATIC for our animators.

Please help us bring our film’s positive message to you, your loved ones, and the world. 

The goal of our initial campaign is to raise enough money to complete development and pre-production. Our next goal is to fund the production stage.

On behalf of our entire team, I thank you for your kind support.

Chihiro Nagamatsu


Empathic Oaks Productions




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Costs $3,000

To design and make our fully articulated puppet heroine, AIKO aged 5, and AIKO aged 10. Designer subject to producer and director approval.


Costs $1,500

To design and make RISU, our mischievous squirrel. Designer subject to producer and director approval.


Costs $1,500

To design our main studio set, a large-scale prop of Kashi the oak tree. Designer subject to producers' approval.


Costs $1,500

To design and make a miniature physical prop of Kashi the oak tree for use in our filming. Designer subject to producers' approval.


Costs $1,500

To design and create the physical miniature props (acorns, bucket, etc.) to be used in the film. Designer subject to producers' approval.


Costs $1,500

To create and edit the refined, precisely-timed version of the animatic.

Campaign & Reward Costs

Costs $6,500

To cover the fees and costs associated with the campaign and reward costs.


Costs $3,000

To cover some of the development costs.

Legal & Business Affairs

Costs $2,500

To cover the costs of legal, entertainment law, and business affairs fees.

Story & Script

Costs $2,500

For the story rights, script and story editor fees.

About This Team

Writer/Director/Producer/Composer - Chihiro Nagamatsu

Chihiro is a multifaceted creative force, celebrated for her achievements as an award-winning composer, singer-songwriter, and screenwriter/producer. Born in Kumamoto, Japan, Chihiro's inspiration for "The Caring Tree," featuring a young deaf girl, is deeply rooted in her father's two decades of volunteer work with disabled individuals she grew up experiencing. Driven by a mission to spread messages of hope, courage, and empathy, Chihiro seamlessly merges her musical and storytelling expertise in her creative pursuits.

Director/Producer/Editor - John Whitcher CCE

John is a seasoned professional in the industry, bringing a wealth of experience from his extensive career across Australia, the U.K., and Canada. With roles as a writer, director, producer, and editor, he has played a pivotal creative role in projects that garnered over 30 major international awards, including multiple Emmys and the British Broadcast Award. His commitment to storytelling aligns seamlessly with Chihiro’s vision, sharing a passion for crafting uplifting narratives like "The Caring Tree" that aim to make a positive impact on our lives.

Current Team