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Chain of being is a mythic sci-fi podcast set in a world where gods control the cosmos and mortals are left to fend for themselves in a vast unforgiving universe. This season deals with the state, neoliberalism, fascism and the importance of relationships in a world intent on keeping you isolated.

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Mission Statement

We aim to show the potential for audio fiction to tell radical stories in radical ways. Season 2 tells three simultaneous stories, exploring the state's place in our lives and its effect on us. We bring you these stories through a variety of innovative, even experimental, sound design techniques.

The Story

Season 1 of Chain of Being introduced an expansive world with thematic elements mirroring our own. Much of this new season was written as a gut reaction to the state of the world. If you've been paying attention, you feel what we've been feeling: fear, anger, helplessness. We hope that this season will show that you are not alone in this, that others see it too.

Cai Gwilym Pritchard has been writing, starring in, and sound designing Chain of Being since they were 17 years old. They started the show as a way to do sound design they found exciting and tell a story they wanted to see told. They have since developed their artistic skills at University where they study BA Sound Arts at London College of Communication where they developed their Noise Music project Dinas. They have also been able to hone these skills and develop the more technical side of things from working on several Audio Fiction projects including: Super Suits, Ethics town, Realms of Peril and Glory, Ghosts on a Train, Karen 1%, and The Gorgon Show.

With season two, Cai explores much bigger political and social themes, while still exploring the stranger side of sound. 

In season 1 we followed the immortal Adam (Cai Gwilym Pritchard) as he pursued an adversary that many seemed to know but none fully understood. We saw the universe Adam inhabits, encountered the threats dwell there, and learned about his past. The season's journey ended in the mystical realm of Eden, where Adam defeated his foe, but lost a friend he was charged with taking care of. (you can listen to season 1 here)

Season 2 will consist of 3 simultaneous stories, each lovingly written, performed and sound designed:

Following Adam's attempt to get Ichrinth (Briar Zachary) back from Eden, we see the universe from a ground level as Adam desperately searches for a way to get his friend back. Meeting new friends and old, travelling to the depths of ancient universities and abandoned cities, and facing off against Mercenaries and Fascists, Adam must fight to continue to caring about people, and to maintain his sense of self, no matter what.

We also follow Lanralis (Kayla Valderas), who has joined the mysterious organisation the Kalastiers in hope of doing good with the backing of the Council of Nimonea. As she pursues one foe after another, the indomitable machine that is Nimonea begins to absorb her, and she slowly loses herself. As she travels with Exalted-by-Fire (Avalon Willowbloom), Might-Upon-Serenity (Frances Gillard), and Unit-404, the battle for her soul rages on.

The final plot line follows Setmesagoras (Méabh de Brún)  who's recently taken control of the organised crime syndicate Argotchia. In season two, she encounters a Masked Woman (chickienuggies) who slowly guides and manipulates her toward becoming the cold hearted crimelord she wants to be, but at a great and terrible cost.

With a bigger cast, longer run time, and more ambitious plot, season two of Chain of Being needs funding to exist. Cai started Chain of being because they hadn't seen this kind of scifi produced anywhere else in the way they wanted it done. Without crowdfunding, the only way to achieve such an ambitious season would be under the constraints of a large studio, who might try to restrict Cai's creative vision for the show. With your help, we can make sure season 2 fulfills this vision. If all goes as planned we should have Season 2 ready for you to start listening to in Spring of 2024

$8000 - Cosplay Commission: While the podcast is an audio medium, we all like to see things realised visually. Therefore, if we reach this amount we will commission long time cosplayer and long time friend of the show Sylphn to create a cosplay of Setmesgoras Ankria Senagis. Here is an example of her jester cosplay, which, with a little colour change, will end up looking somewhat close...

$8500 - Poster Commission: There are four main groups at play in the story of Chain of Being season 2, each with a unique feel and group of characters representing them. At this amount we will commission incredible illustrator  Andra-Maria Placintescu to create 4 posters representing each, which will be posted publicly for all to enjoy! As an example of her work, here is her illustration of Shadow-of-Death...

$9000 - Significant pay increase for cast:Significant pay increase for cast: each of these goals comes with a pay increase for our amazing cast and crew. However, at this amount we will be able to go some way to paying them what they deserve. While no amount would be enough to show our appreciation for their incredible contribution to this project, this increase will go some way to trying.

Voice Talent:

We have an amazing cast, both main roles and ensemble are key to the immersion we hope to achieve and we want to pay them each a consistent rate.

Sound Design:

This is show will be lovingly and painstakingly sound designed by creator and showrunner Cai Gwilym Pritchard. This is going to take a long time and a lot of effort. So much time...


This season we want a full score, so we're partnering with emerging artist Grimrite to create 5 original tracks which will feature throughout season 2 and will later be released for purchase as an album.

Soundly Subscription:

Part of the sound design process will require a lot of sound effects and access to the Soundly sound library will be a key part of the workflow for season 2.

Script Editor:

Scripts need editing, for season 2 we brought in artist extraordinaire Lee Tomanelli, creator and writer of The Sound Museum, to help keep the scripts top quality before any production begins.

Sensitivity Reading:

There are some moments in this season which required the work of a sensitivity reader, they have requested to remain anonymous but this money will go to paying them for their time.


The work that the people do at Faustian Nonsense is hard to quantify, between marketing, admin costs, and much more, this money will go to compensating them for their help on this project, and keeping the network afloat.

Wondering how you can help get this show made? Making a pledge right here on this page, no matter the amount, will make a significant impact in helping us fund Chain of Being!

To show your support, simply click on one of the enticing "Incentives" listed to the right. But before you do, take a moment to explore all the fantastic incentives we have to offer and see how you can become an integral part of this unique experience. Want more than one incentive? Opt for the higher pledge to receive the rewards from that level as well as all the levels below.

If you're looking for ways to support us without spending a dime, consider sharing the link to this page on social media or with your friends! Word of mouth plays a vital role in spreading our message, and even telling one or two other people about this campaign will be massive.

Do you know someone who would adore fiction podcasts, sci-fi, and appreciate radical politics and weird sound design? Share this project with them! These themes are very important to the soul of this project, and we believe they'll resonate with others too. Easily spread the word on social media by copying and pasting the paragraph below, or use it as inspiration to express your excitement in your own words:

"Discover 'Chain of Being' an imaginative sci-fi adventure that celebrates the magic of sound, crowdfunded by Faustian Nonsense. Join us in supporting this captivating project by watching their trailer, diving into the details, and backing the creators at"

If you've supported us in any way during this campaign or just in general, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much. Humanity is gorgeous and beautiful and powerful and terrifying and you are part of that. Congratulations, and thank you.


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Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Voice Talent

Costs $1,925

What is an audio drama without its voice actors? We have some excellent talent lined up this season

Sound Editing

Costs $3,475

Sound effects, and a whole lot of time and effort. This is what goes into sound editing a show and we intend to do it well.

Narrative and development

Costs $800

This will go towards paying our script editor and sensitivity reader for their time


Costs $600

We will be commissioning 5 tracks from emerging artist Grimrite and this will pay for their time


Costs $800

The lovely people at Faustian Nonsense have been a huge help with publicity and Admin, and they deserve to be paid

About This Team

While season 1 was largely done solo, this season we've expanded and are working with a fantastic team of artists

Cai G Pritchard: Adam, composer, writer, showrunner

Cai is a writer, sound designer and sound artist based in London. They are involved in a myriad of audio drama projects, including Super Suits, Ethics Town, and many many more. They have a love of the noisy, the abstract and the strange and have been trying to work that into nearly every project they're involved in. They have been making Chain of Being since they were 17 years old and fully intend to keep it up for a good long while.

Grimrite: Composer

For Grimrite (Eve McMorrough) music serves to channel the unseen parts of themselves. They find balance to be very important sonically which is why their two favourite textures to use are extremely wet airy synth ambiences and grounded, heavy bass. They have an extremely wide and random music taste, listening to anything from medieval Gregorian chants and (comparatively) modern artists like My Bloody Valentine - both of which have a sort of primal expression to them that inspires them. "I'd like to think some of this raw emotive expression comes through in my own work."

You can listen to their work on Bandcamp, Spotify, or on Youtube

Lee Tomanelli: Script editor

Lee Tomanelli is a multidisciplinary artist whose work orbits the core pillar of curiosity in its many forms. Lee has studied performance in Philadelphia, Manhattan, and London, and has been working in audio for three years as a voice actor, show host, writer, and sound editor. They have appeared in multiple projects both in and out of Faustian Nonsense, including The Sound Museum (which they showrun) and Super Suits. Boy howdy do they love good noises.

Tony DiCaro Smith: Cover art and graphic design

Meet Tony, the ingenious Marketing Director for Faustian Nonsense. He aspires to become an expert in audio fiction crowdfunding. Tony's journey began in 2014 when he obtained a graphic design degree from Full Sail University. Over the years, he has taken on diverse roles, contributing his marketing, video editing, and design skills to both established companies and indie creators.

Working with audio-exclusive content has presented its challenges, but Tony remains steadfast in his belief that audio dramas can establish a powerful brand identity and foster a thriving community. Producing remarkable sonic art is his passion, and he especially cherishes the process of community management and bringing together talented individuals and enthusiastic fans to put on spectacular shows.

Olivia Bannerman Pshorr: Show art

Ollie an animator, illustrator, and voice actor who is working on brining more creepy and queer content into the world. Their incredibly unique style lends itself really well to Chain of Being. They will be creating 14 illustrations for each episode of Chain of Being, a handful of which will be posted publicly with the rest being given only to backers of a certain tier. You can find them doing strange sketches of their friends and working on their webcomic.

Current Team