Chasing Unicorns: Silicon Valley the European Way

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A fun movie about the tech world — told through the eyes of a female founder from Europe, trying to make it in Silicon Valley. If we hit our goal, we show the movie for free to 5 000 high school students.

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Mission Statement

“Chasing Unicorns” approaches the male-dominated tech world through the eyes of a female founder. Main character, production designer, co-producer and editor are female, number of actors are a minority, and almost all cast & crew are international.

The Story

Hi. We are Rain and Tõnu.

In 2016, we made a guerilla-style full length feature film “Chasing Ponies”, a road-movie about European students selling books door-to-door in the US, based on a real-life book-sales program. Rain wrote the script, we flew in to Nevada with 8 more people and tried to get everything shot before our flight back home. Had no clue what we were doing, didn't know where will be filming or who else will be acting. After 20 days of full-on hustling and learning by doing (and a year of post-production) the film successfully ran in all Estonian cinemas and is now available online


“I like to make movies that are fun and educational, about the worlds that I’m intimately familiar with. I want the movie to teach something new, but in a way that it’s also entertaining to watch.”


Rain, an Estonian tech entrepreneur turned film-maker.  




"I'm into movies that are fast-paced and with original concept or idea. When this is in place, a film becomes fun. To reach global audience from a small country, such as Estonia, approaching things differently is a necessity."


Tõnu, a door-to-door salesman turned suit salesman turned film producer.


"Chasing Unicorns" is our second feature together. We have finished principal photography, post-production is in full force and a cinematic release date is set for September 2019.


"Chasing Unicorns" is a fast-paced, fun movie about two European startup founders trying to make in Silicon Valley. We interviewed more than 30 founders, tech employees and investors from Europe and US, and collected a number of fun and educational stories and insights, that became the backbone of this script. 


This movie is for you if:

  • you work at a startup or know someone who does.
  • you like HBO’s "Silicon Valley" and want more of it, but different.
  • you want to learn about startup world but in a fun way. 

(The movie is 50% in English, 50% in Estonian with English subtitles throughout, so it's very accessible for a global audience).  


We made a film about startups in a startup-like way, using a small and agile crew. Among them, one of the most acclaimed nature cinematographers in Estonia who is called to duty whenever a movie needs a shot of an elk, a bear or a lynx. In our movie, he applied similar drive to capturing tech investors. Our co-producer had formerly produced a movie in the Official Selection at Cannes and Official Entry for Academy Awards. Our composer is a cult indie musician, expert record archive crate digger and  popular radio show host all in one, etc. (Find out more about our crew on the "Team" page.)


Our cast is a mix of talented Estonian and Hollywood actors:

Liisa Pulk

Liisa has over 10 years of experience acting on stage and screen, including award-winning TV show "ENSV" (2010-2019) and recently "Firelily"(2018). "Chasing Unicorns" is her first lead role in a feature film.




Henrik Kalmet 

Henrik's acting repertoire shows no limits - from solo stage performances to TV ads to running a theatre with friends. One of the most prolific creatives players in Estonian acting scene. Recent feature films include "1944"(2015), "The Dissidents"(2017) or as an assistant director "In the Crosswind"(2014)






Johann Urb 

Based in LA, Johann has been in the industry for some time. He's played a part in "Zoolander"(2001), "The Hottie & the Nottie"(2008),  "2012"(2009) and "Firelily"(2018) in addition to TV shows "CSI: Miami", "Californication" and "Eastwick".




Rogelio Douglas Jr 

A man of many talents. From being a resident singer at Quincy Jones’s Q’s Lounge in Dubai to pop hits like "Lemon Fight - I got time for you" to films like "Whiplash"(2014) or "Straight Outta Compton"(2015). From more known TV series Rogelio has acted in "Parks and Recreation", "Key and Peele" and "Orange Is the New Black".







1. If you like fast-paced, fun movies with a point in it, this is it. You get to be one of the first to see the film, you help to get it made and you get some cool rewards in return. Ever heard of an unipigeon? Now you will.


2. YOU CAN HELP TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Yes, supporting helps to get the film produced, but you are also helping to spread the entrepreneurial mindset to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs. 




Simple. If we hit our goals, we give away 5000 FREE DIGITAL COPIES OF THE MOVIE to high school students in Estonia and elsewhere.  We will add on video commentary of film-makers with top startup entrepreneurs from Estonia and Silicon Valley and make it accessible to any school, student or teacher who is interested in using this as a resource. A spark of inspiration for the new generation of doers and makers.


Pledge now to help pay it forward!







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Creating extra resources

Costs $5,000

We will produce recorded interviews with diverse tech entrepreneurs telling their stories.

Finishing up with post-production

Costs $4,999

We're almost done with post-production. This will go for the final touches.

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About This Team


Rain has been involved with tech companies over 15 years. His second feature film is based on true stories from 30+ interviews with Estonian tech entrepreneurs. His first feature film "Chasing Ponies"(2016) was shot guerilla-style during 20 days in USA. Rain is also the writer-director of the first Estonian  VR-short movie "Beqaa VR" (2018).



Ants is up-and-coming Estonian filmmaker who made himself a name with a documentary "A Fragile World"(2016). Since then he has been involved with cinematorgraphy in some of the biggest productions coming out of Estonia like "The Little Comrade"(2018),  "Phantom Owl Forest"(2018) and "Truth and Justice"(2019). 


ART DIRECTOR - Katrin Sipelgas

Multitalented Katrin's been in the industry for a some time. "Chasing Unicorns" is her 7th feature film, other works include critically acclaimed films "Ghost Mountaineer" (2015) and "The Dissidents"(2017)


COMPOSER - Janek Murd

As a musician Janek started in the 90's as a guitarist in a legendary indie-band followed by a period of electronic sound in various forms and formats. He is one of the hosts of a weekly radio show "Eesti Pops" that is digging deep to discover the hidden old or new gems of Estonian music scene. He was also the composer in "Zero Point"(2014).



Experienced writer-producer for many films that have been official selections at multiple international film festival, including Tribeca Film Festival. Among others, she produced "Magnus" (2007, official selection at the Cannes Film Festival) and "Mother" (2017, Estonia’s official entry for Academy Award consideration).


PRODUCER - Tõnu Hiielaid

Co-founder of Tallifornia, an indie film production company from Tallinn, Estonia. Also one of the producers of "Chasing Ponies"(2016).


EDITORMoonika Põdersalu

Since her first feature film as an editor, "Chasing Ponies" (2016), she has been involved in some of the biggest productions coming out of Estonia like "Phantom Owl Forest"(2018), "Truth and Justice"(2019) or "Firebird"(2020). 



Markus started lurking around sets with a boom mic already before high school. After loads of shorts and features , including"The Most Beautiful Day" (2015), "Bad Hair" (2019), "Chasing Ponies"(2016), "The Real Life of Johannes Pääsuke" (2019)  and many more, Markus is continuing being the student of the game by starting MA studies in National Film & Television School, UK.

Current Team