Cherry Picking

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Comedy, Drama

Stacie & Tyson Gancayco-Adlao

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Maggie questions if waiting until marriage to have sex was the right choice, voicing concern to her very sexually active female cousins. This film explores the unrealistic pressures and expectations put on women and their sexuality in regards to the virgin/whore dichotomy and its damaging effects.

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Mission Statement

As a wife/husband filmmaking team, we understand the importance of representation. We create films with universal stories that feature people of color. We have an all-female cast with different skin tones, body types, and backgrounds. With this film, we want to create a reflection of our real world.

The Story

“Cherry Picking” is a short dramedy featuring a predominantly Filipina-American cast with a Filipina-American writer/producer and Filipino-American director.  It's the story about a soon-to-be virgin bride who questions whether or not waiting until marriage was the right choice, voicing her concerns to her three unmarried and very sexually active female cousins.  It's also an introduction to the series that we hope to make after getting exposure with this short film. 

*The script for this film is a BlueCat Screenplay Competition Semifinalist* 

This is a dialogue-heavy script that relies on the connection and relationships between all of the actresses involved.  We want this film to feel real.  We want these characters to feel authentic and for their dialogue to highlight each of their personalities.  We want YOU, the audience, to feel involved in their conversations and invested in their dilemmas.   We want to make an intimate film where audiences feel they are a part of these women’s stories.


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We are making this film because we want to see characters that reflect people in our lives who we haven't seen portrayed onscreen that deserve to have a voice and an image to relate to. We want to make a film about fully-developed female characters who are flawed and speak their mind in ways that may make people feel uncomfortable - because it’s REAL.  We want to make a film that features Filipina women who are so underrepresented in film and television and show how they deal with conflict that all women can relate to.  As Filipinos, the film world doesn’t impose stereotypes on us or give misrepresentations of our culture.  Instead, it tells us that we do not exist.  But, we want to change that.  It’s disheartening to see the ways women and people of color have been misrepresented in film and television. Whether it’s dehumanizing stereotypes or empty, lifeless characters who are just used as catalysts to launch the male character’s story, it needs to change and we hope to be a part of that revolution.

Although we love scripts and films based on Asian-American and Asian experiences, we also have visions for film and television that tell universal stories with people of color inhabiting those roles and situations.  We want an "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" or "500 Days of Summer" with Asian faces bringing quirky characters to life. We believe stories like this and characters like these should have already had their place onscreen. But, we want to create this now because it's never too late to create change and it's never too late to create a true reflection of our real world.    


Women around the world are conditioned to believe that their worth is in their virtue and their chastity.  Women aren’t supposed to have desire or use our bodies for pleasure, but our own bodies can be used as weapons against us.  We should remain celibate but also please men somehow and not want satisfaction or pleasure for ourselves.  We want to make this film to get women talking about sex without inhibitions or self-condemnation.  We want it to be normal BECAUSE IT IS.  Sex is an incredibly natural activity and women need to feel free to talk about it, feel free to do it, and feel free to enjoy it.

Lastly, “Cherry Picking” is about SISTERHOOD. Plain and simple.  It’s about the deep relationships and bonds between these four characters and how women with different views, experiences, and backgrounds can still be such a critical support system for each other in times of conflict as well as a source of relief and comfort during the healing process.


Because you believe that representation matters. Because you want to see stories featuring strong women of color.  Because you want to see Asian American characters that are fully-fleshed individuals  and not stereotypes.  Because you care about women's issues and how societal pressure and expectations affect them.  Because you want to support WOMEN IN FILM.  Because you want to support ASIAN AMERICAN FILMMAKERS and ASIAN AMERICAN STORIES. 


Making a movie is far from cheap.  On the contrary, it's very expensive and those expenses add up quickly.   But, your fiscal support can help give us the perseverance to evolve into the final film.

Every cent that is contributed to our campaign will be put toward the production value of our film from insurance and permits to film festival submissions.  This includes pre-production, production, and post-production.   This is the lowest budget that will allow us to make the film we want with our AMAZING actresses and crew.  Please see our WISHLIST to see where every dollar of our campaign is going to.  Also, please see our INCENTIVES to see what you will get for your generous pledges to our film as well as funny GIFS of our talented actresses from scenes of the film.


We have put a lot of love, passion, and collaboration into getting this project off the ground and we are deeply grateful in any and every way you can help us get this film to the finish line.  Please consider contributing to our film and supporting films about women of color so we can show why representation is so important.  We hope our project will add a diverse, distinct voice to the film community and highlight stories of Asian female characters that are rarely seen on screen.  Again, every dollar counts!  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!



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Costs $2,000

Unfortunate circumstances = A re-shoot w/ a different actress. But, it's amazing... And expensive!

Filming Locations

Costs $2,000

We need 2 different locations - a wedding rehearsal scene and one character's house/backyard.

Catering & Craft Services

Costs $1,000

Our hardworking cast & crew need fuel to keep them going throughout each work day!

Crew & Equipment

Costs $3,000

The crew and equipment rental are a huge part of making this entire production possible.


Costs $600

This production would not be possible without our talented actresses.

Props & Wardrobe

Costs $500

The production design and wardrobe for this shoot help bring the characters and scenery to life.

Hair & Makeup

Costs $600

Our actresses loved getting glammed up for their close-ups thanks to our skilled makeup artist.

Sound Design & Sound Mixing

Costs $700

Nothing distracts more from a film than bad sound. Did you hear that?

Insurance & Permits

Costs $1,600

We don't have any dangerous stunts on our film, but we wanted protection just in case...

Cash Pledge

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About This Team

Stacie Gancayco-Adlao is a Filipino-American filmmaker and actor born and raised in San Jose, CA currently residing in Los Angeles with a B.A. in Mass Communications from UC Berkeley.  As a screenwriter, her feature film scripts have earned accolades from the following prestigious competitions: 2016/2015 Academy/AMPAS Nicholl Fellowship Quarterfinalist, 2017 Cinematografo Originals Finalist, 2017 Austin Film Festival Semifinalist, 2017 Bluecat Screenplay Semifinalist, 2016 Bluecat Screenplay Quarterfinalist, 2015/2014 Austin Film Festival Second Rounder, 2016 Cinequest Film Festival Top 20, 2016/2015 Cinequest Film Festival Top 100, and 2014 American Zoetrope Quarterfinalist.  In her own work, she has a deep-rooted passion for creating strong, conflicted, and polarizing female characters and exploring the depths to which human beings are capable of reaching within her stories.  Her vision with her scripts and her films is to give a voice and a face to the communities who have been silenced and told that their stories are not important and that their image is not desirable by mainstream America.  She is a proud member of Film Independent and Women in Film.

Tyson Gancayco-Adlao is a Filipino-American filmmaker, actor, and musician raised in the Bay Area and currently residing in Los Angeles.  Raised by his artist mother, being creative was instilled in him from a very young age.  The creative process from the inception of an idea to the final piece has always fascinated him and inspired him in his own work.  Through many artistic endeavors in his life, film and acting have been a constant source of inspiration.  Film to him is a masterful process in which one can experience a thought and see it all the way into fruition, passing through many creative hands to influence the final piece.  He enjoys creating narratives that express what his journey represents in this world. 

Charles Gray is a Writer & Director who comes from a film industry family back in the Philippines. He is the son of Film Director Frank Quizon Jr. Gray and the Grand Nephew of Comedy Legend Dolphy Quizon. He attended film school at The Art Institute Of Orange County and with one semester left before graduating, he decided to leave for a job at a Media Company called Kore Asian Media where he and a small team created over 100 videos that celebrated Asian Americans in the Film Industry. At the same time, he began producing his own content with his own Production Company called "weird creatures" where he produces his own short films, music videos, web content, and more. Charles is currently writing his first feature film. 

Kristine Gerolaga co-wrote/starred in the short film Disconnection, which has made its national television debut as a part of NUVOtv's inaugural Nu Point of View: The Emerging Latino Filmmaker's showcase in March of 2014. Her directorial debut, A Period Drama (which she also wrote and stars in) won Best Short at both the 2015 Broad Humor Film Festival and Artisyn Studio's 2015 Funniest Film Festival! A Period Drama was picked up for distribution by Hewes Pictures and can be seen on DIRECTV's SHORTS HD and soon, Amazon Prime. Her next directing effort Hit or Miss, was a semi-finalist for Justin Lin's (FAST and FURIOUS franchise) Asian-American filmmaker initiative. Kristine was also awarded Best Female Performance at the 2016 Sacramento Asian Pacific Film Festival for her performance in I Hate the Color Red directed by Jazmin Jamias and Best Actor in a Dramedy at the 2017 Best Actors Film Festival for her performance in On the Edge directed by Alia Lundy! She was also quoted or had her work featured in The Hollywood Reporter, Inc., BuzzFeed,, Yahoo! Movies, Gizmodo, and Fast Company.

Marita de Lara is an actress and comedienne originally from Baltimore, MD. She graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BFA in Musical Theatre from Syracuse University School of Drama. As a comic, she's performed at clubs all over the country including The Improv, The Laugh Factory, and The Comedy Store. On screen, Marita is best known for The Shield, Life, Port Charles and One Life to Live. Marita originated the role of Pocahontas in the Disney/MGM stage musical, The Spirit of Pocahontas. In New York, Marita starred opposite Taye Diggs in The Blue Vein Society. Other New York and regional stage credits include Honor Song for Crazy Horse at New Dramatists in NYC, West Side Story, A Chorus Line and Miss Saigon. Marita can be seen in several national commercials as the ethnically ambiguous, aspirational mom. Marita is a world class fitness professional. She is a Pilates Method Alliance Certified Instructor. She teaches Zumba, Cardio Barre, and Pilates. Marita is married to actor/writer, Steve Sobel. They have two kids, Lulu and Axel. Marita is an advocate for autism rights for children.

Dale Edward Chung aka D. Edward, Oakland California native now living in LA is a Filmmaker, Composer, Actor (both film and voice over), Record Label owner, Music Producer, Singer, Songwriter and Studio musician.  He won an Indie Music Channel Award  for Best R&B Producer and the OIM People's Choice Award. He's been nominated for 2 Hollywood Music in Media Awards and an Oakland Indie Award.  He performed on the Latin Grammy nominated album "Adelante" by Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band for Best Children's Album and co-produced their 2017 album "Made in LA", which debuted at #14 on iTunes and was featured in Billboard Magazine. He also spent 13 years as a member/percussionist of the Stax/Mercury Records recording group, Con Funk Shun (2003-2016) touring the world, performing in stadiums and on the 2015 Billboard Top 40 charting album "More Than Love".   As a solo artist, he’s performed alongside Janelle Monet, Leela James, Loose Ends, Fantastic Negrito and has performed at notable venues such as Slim's SF, Hotel Café LA, Sundays in the Redwoods Woodminster Amphitheater Oakland, Underground Music Showcase (UMS) Denver, Club Fox Redwood City CA, Room 5 LA, Kulak's North Hollywood, The Jackalope (SXSW) Austin TX, the Soiled Dove Underground Denver, Ashkenaz Berkeley, The Hotel Utah SF.  He got his start in the San Francisco Acid Jazz scene in the mid 1990's. Performing in clubs almost every night, performing on local TV and radio and appearing on, and producing several albums. He has also performed with DJs Jay-J, Julius Papp, Robert Eibach, Bobby Kimball of Toto, R&B recording artists Case, Samuelle (Club Nouveau), Michael Cooper, Saxophonist Katja Rieckermann (Rod Stewart) & Grammy winning pianist Laura Sullivan.  His first solo album, Little Red Box, gained radio airplay around the USA.  His song "Truly" broke the Top 20 of the FMQB Adult Contemporary Chart and remained on the chart for almost a year.  His current album, "Love Is", features an outstanding group of musicians and vocalists including Grammy & Billboard Music Award winners.  The first single, “Love Is”, premiered on Magic Johnson's Aspire TV Network and the second single, "Show Me", was featured on MTV & Vh1 online and SonicCentric TV on Roku. His music can be heard on Pandora, iHeart Radio, Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify radio among others. He’s also a voting member of the Recording Academy (NARAS)(The Grammy organization) and has served on the Advocacy Committee for the San Francisco Chapter working with the membership and Congress to create laws to protect music creators through education and meetings with members of Congress both locally and in Washington DC.  He’s also a member of ASCAP - the American Society of Composers Authors and Publishers and NARIP - the National Association of Recording Industry Professionals.

Andrew Laing is an actor/voice actor/writer from San Jose, California; now living in Los Angeles. I love working with passionate people - I've assisted on friend's projects and am always looking for new people to work with and learn from. I love all types of projects - film, games, podcasts, radio dramas, TV... As long as I'm doing what I love and bringing stories to life, I'm happy!

Dennis Zen, a funny Asian guy, hails from San Jose, CA. At a young age, he knew acting is what he truly loves. Being an actor, be it drama or comedy, as well as being the first Asian-American to win an Oscar for "Best-Actor," had been his biggest dream. However, being raised in a Chinese culture, he was pushed to pursue a much safer route - engineering. Dennis was accepted to San Jose State University where he studied and received a Bachelors and Masters Degree in the field of Mechanical Engineering. As a result, he was blessed with a job as a Quality Assurance Engineer. Eventually, he used his earnings to fuel the engine of his dreams.  He studied the Meisner Technique and took many other workshops that gave him the tools and knowledge on dealing with the acting industry in both the San Francisco and Los Angeles market. With the unconditional support of his peers and teachers, his path to an acting career was made possible. During his time at BAAS, he has found a new reason to pursue acting: to connect and move the audience with his experiences - to let them know, whatever struggles they face in life, they are never alone.


Roczane Enriquez  is a Professional Makeup Artist for 13 years. Experienced in film, commercials, print, fashion, bridal, and headshots. 


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