Chicken House

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Comedy, Horror

Cate Jones

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Chicken House is a coming of age comedy/horror about four actors taking in a strange roommate they found on Facebook who starts building a cult in their house and opening their minds.

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Mission Statement

I'm a veteran from midwestern, white-trash means who likes to see stories made with an underprivileged perspective. My mission now is to surpass the quality of my last feature film, while incorporating more women and POC in front of and behind the camera whenever possible.

The Story

Chicken House is a Comedy/Horror based on a true story about four actresses living together. When one actress decides to move to LA, she finds a stranger on Facebook to rent her room. The stranger turns out to be a lot more wild and experienced than anticipated and comedy/horror ensues.


A new wild roommate, Cat, moves into a house of apprehensive, private actors and get’s them to loosen up until they find there might be a paranormal source to her heathenism. 

Logline: A new roommate shakes up the lives of 3 actresses, 2 Latter Days Saints and a poltergeist.

Inspired by a mixture of female exploitation films, and irreverent comedies.

Mean Girls meets Crystal Fairy and the Magical Cactus and The Exorcist.


We plan to shoot a combination of handheld and static zooms on a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6k.

The visual look inside the house we are going for are the Chloe Sevigny scenes of Harmony Korine’s Gummo. This includes set design and iconic wardrobes and hair/makeup styles.


Charlie - Charlie is a non-binary lesbian still coming of age. She’s also very sexually frustrated because of her youth and shyness. She’s the heart of the film. 

Mary Ann - utterly devout, the sweet one until she decides Cat is possessed by A demon. She might be on to something though…

April - Boisterous and Funny, the comedian of the group. Spends a lot of time loving her long distance boyfriend.

Cat - Indescribable new roommate. If Dennis Hopper had a baby with Billie Eilish.

Our plan is to shoot June 14-28. Because we are shooting the entire film in one house, this will make it much easier for us to quarantine together. Currently the majority of our cast and crew have been vaccinated and we're working for 100%.

Shooting a movie during covid? Yes, this is our job and we're helping other artists pay their bills who's careers have also taken a hit during covid. We're film workers just like any other industry, but we promise we are taking safety seriously and fully believe in science. And we love our cast and crew and want them to be healthy and happy. :)


For more info or to contribute more funds please email [email protected] or follow us @chickenhousemovie on instagram or facebook.



Use the WishList to Pledge cash and Loan items - or - Make a pledge by selecting an Incentive directly.

Dream Girl - Model

Costs $50

20s-30s Charlie sees this dream girl in a commercial and begins to fantasize about her. Works 3 hrs.

Doug - Actor

Costs $20

20s/30s. April's boyfriend. Appears in a FaceTime call with her. Funny. 1 hour of work.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

April - Actress

Costs $1,000

20s/30s April is one of the main characters. Very boisterous and funny. The comedian of the group.

The House

Costs $2,000

The entire film takes place in this 5 bedroom house. Will probably need to rent an AirBnb

Jacky - Actress

Costs $1,000

20s/30s Jacky is one of the main characters. The sexual dancer, or at least she thinks she is.

Cat - Actress

Costs $1,000

20s/30s New wild roommate. Main character. Bisexual painter/actor/possibly door to door salesman.

Willa - Actress

Costs $100

20s/30s Shoots 1 day. Willa is the exiting roommate. Tomboy. Charlie's best friend.

Daniel - Actor

Costs $100

20s/30s Latter Days Saint. He thinks he's devout but learns maybe he isn't...multiple scenes.

Jed - Actor

Costs $100

20s/30s Another Latter Days Saint. Jed is really more of a Slacker. Accidentally takes acid.

Interviewer - Actress/Actor

Costs $50

40+ This TV Show host interviews all of the girls through-out the film about their experience.

1st AD

Costs $1,200

Need a 1st AD to help with scheduling and staying on time


Costs $1,200

Need someone to run errands and copy video all day


Costs $2,000

Everyone MUST eat!!! Or there will be a mutiny...:(

Art Dept

Costs $1,800

We gotta make this baby look good and real.


Costs $1,800

We've got a lot of people to dress for this one.

Hair & Makeup

Costs $1,200

We want everyone to look fantastic!

Hard Drives

Costs $400

We'll spend more than this on hard drives of footage

Festival Fees

Costs $1,000

We'll end up spending more than this to submit to fests

Insurance & Contingency

Costs $1,500

We'll have to get camera and equipment insurance and emergencies.

A Tiny bit of Vis Effects

Costs $100

Just a little bit of demony things to add some spice


Costs $150

We'll have to start an LLC in case we get distro

Special Effects

Costs $500

We've got some hinky things going on!

Covid Safety Coordinator

Costs $1,200

We want to keep this as safe as possible and will need someone who's job is solely that.

Dance Video Instructor - Actress/Actor

Costs $50

30+ The instructor is teaching Jacky a routine on a YouTube video. Confidence is a must.

Charlie - Actress

Costs $1,000

20s Charlie is one of the main characters. Young, quirky lesbian excited about her new roommate.

MaryAnn - Actress

Costs $1,000

20s/30s MaryAnn is a main character. Devout Christian. Sweet until she thinks Cat is possessed.

Director of Photography

Costs $1,200

The movie needs to be shot!


Costs $1,200

DP needs some help moving lights and things!

Sound Man

Costs $1,600

Gotta have a good sound operator.


Costs $2,000

All films must be edited!

Musical Score

Costs $1,500

Gotta have a score!

Sound Editor

Costs $1,000

We want a quality sound mix.

About This Team

Writer/Director - Cate Jones is an Actor/Writer/Director based in Oklahoma City. She has starred in indie films like Mickey Reece's Alien and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune (both now available on Alamo on Demand) and played small roles in big productions like Greenland and Doom Patrol. Jones also wrote and directed She's the Eldest(2020) which has gone on to win awards and screen in festivals such as Nashville Film Festival, Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Fest, deadCenter Film Festival, NewFilmmakers LA, and Amsterdam Lift-Off. She's a part of a small professional film community that makes independent films together for fun and experimentation. Her style can be described as white trash surrealism with an emphasis on great performances. 


Producer - Mickey Reece is a critically acclaimed indie auteur from Oklahoma City, OK. His style has been self-described as "people talking in rooms". Reece has averaged at least two films a year since 2008 with each subsequent work pushing the boundaries of his own established form and unique brand of arthouse cinema.


Producer - Kassie Gann has quickly made a name for herself in the Oklahoma film industry as a producer of films like Out of Exile and Country Gold.

Director of Photography - Samuel Calvin is an Emmy award winning cinematographer who's worked on a wide range of local films from the latest Hellraiser to Agnes.


Current Team