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CNT Productions' ultimate goal is to create opportunities for underrepresented artists to share their skills and stories in unique ways. You are helping us break boundaries by giving us the tools we need to continue telling these stories!

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Mission Statement

Created by a diverse cast, crew, and writers' room, CNT showcases marginalized voices in roles we don’t typically see ourselves in- both on and offscreen.

The Story

“We do not have the right, in the name of social justice, to bore people to death.”

                                                                                                   - Assata Shakur

Inspired by American rebel, Assata Shakur, CNT Productions pushes boundaries in the name of social justice. No topic is taboo; we strive to make the most difficult conversations digestible through humor, performing arts, and open discussion.


What began as a live sketch comedy show addressing politics, social issues, and pop culture at Carnegie Mellon University’s Playground Festival, evolved into a radio show and podcast. In the last year, CNT is now a video production company with CEOs Ariel Zucker and Daryl Paris Bright as the driving force behind this creative endeavor.


CNT Productions has a diverse group of contributors. We are comprised of a group of artists who write, act, dance, produce and direct works of poetry, comedy, and drama. There are now 25 artists spanning the country from New York to California sharing ideas and concepts that are relevant, engaging, and thought provoking.


Our first sketch comedy series, Not Your Type, features Daryl Paris Bright, who challenges what it means to be both black and a woman in spaces that don't typically represent those identities accurately. 

Created by a diverse cast, crew, and writers room, this comedy series showcases marginalized voices in roles we don’t typically see ourselves in, both on and off the screen.

From online dating pains, to the pressures of a strong social media presence, “Not Your Type” offers absurdist commentary on our generation’s most common experiences, while taking comedic leaps to create simple connection.

            Our first episodes include Dating Misapps, a story about a bachelorette haplessly looking for love who instead encounters personified dating apps that appear in her room without warning...

...while "Not Like Other Girls" challenges the cliche saying by making the love interest, Heather, a literal alien.

Not Your Type takes on political satire with Donna Trump, where a woman seeking a promotion is told to display more “presidential” leadership skills in order to get the same recognition as a male coworker...

...and Apocalypse Beauty Routine features special guest, Chanté Adams (Roxanne Roxanne, Monsters and Men), who portrays a YouTube influencer attempting to maintain society’s beauty standards in the midst of a zombie apocalypse.

Episodes in pre-production include Use What You Got, a sketch about code switching with classically trained opera singers moonlighting as rappers to reach commercial success, and Wing Bros, which follows a woman fresh out of the closet whose fratboy brothers are not-so-helpfully coaching her to flirt with women from a male perspective.


But, CNT not only produces comedy - we dive into other genres as well. Our next project includes our Spoken Word Choreopoem series, featuring L.H. Gonzalez, Isabel Pask, and Daryl Paris Bright. This three part series explores similar identity issues like "Not Your Type," but in the context of poetry, music, and dance. Chapter 1: "Papi Runs" tells the story of a genderqueer Afro-Latinx unravelling the complexities of their father's past.

Chapter 2: "This is Not a Love Letter" celebrates the resilience of women in a culture full of body politics through a young woman's experience with abortion.

Our last chapter,"Black Girl Poem,"explores the dynamic of a black woman directly addressing black men regarding catcalling and sexual harassment in the African-American community.

Spoken word is often told live - an intimate experience that we want to make more accessible. We will expand this series in order to continue paving the way for nuanced stories of poetry coming to life onscreen. 

We at CNT Productions strive to take unprecedented steps in storytelling. Help us to continue pushing those boundaries with you.



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Set Dressing

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Storytelling is a visual experience. Help us make our stories come alive.

Craft Services

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It's our ultimate goal to be able to compensate the skilled artists who are sharing their stories.

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Transportation & Travel

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Makeup & Wardrobe

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Our characters are eccentric and sometimes their costumes are more so.

About This Team

We are a bi-coastal team made up of young, passionate femme-millennials who are politically aware, but not always correct. Our goal is to use humor to make the most difficult conversations digestible. Every week, CNT gathers for a virtual writers room, supporting in each other's process. Among us are Producers, Directors, Writers, Poets, Editors, Cinematographers, and Performers. Read more about our collective by clicking on the bios below!

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