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Color Theories is a semi-autobiographical coming of age story set in 1994 that explores how loss and grief seed wisdom in all stages of life, but especially when experienced during the formidable years.

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Mission Statement

COLOR THEORIES IS A DESERT ISLAND STUDIOS PRODUCTION. Focusing on producing thoughtful work on safe sets while providing career advancement opportunities and accessible resources to media makers, Desert Island Studios uplifts BIPOC, LGBTQIA2S+, Persons with Disabilities, and Women on our projects.

The Story

Color Theories is a coming of age story that explores how wisdom is born during some of our most challenging and confusing experiences. This story is personal to writer/director Devin Jane Febbroriello. It re-creates aspects of her own coming of age experience. Her mother suffered a stroke and complicated brain surgery the winter before Devin got her first period. Entering early adulthood during a family crisis had a unique impact on the trajectory of her life and work as an artist. 

Color Theories is not an exact re-creation of Devin’s experience. Instead it explores  more universal qualities of life, woven through her highly personal memories.  


Unfortunately, this film production has been on pause for two and a half years due to the COVID 19 pandemic, and a personal medical crisis. It has felt impossible to find the right time to fundraise and finally make this movie.  In summer 2021 Devin was just about to initiate fundraising when her husband suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury, resulting in her rerouting her production fundraiser to instead offset their medical costs not covered by their insurance. This was a major setback, and an emotionally challenging time. 

After a lot of consideration we have chosen to finally move forward with fundraising and production. The pandemic has been especially hard on people who work in the arts. Your contribution to this project will help create paid opportunities for our team.


The creative team behind Color Theories is led by a highly skilled team of independent filmmakers from Portland Oregon & New York City. The story requires astute visual design across all production departments. Having a team capable of contributing strong collaborative vision to the film is crucial to producing a most successful final work of art. In addition everyone on the project is devoted to impacting change in the media industry through cultivating equitable, safe, and inclusive work environments.



(Left) Cinematographer Joe Bowden has a subtle natural style that picks up on poetic details within any given moment. (Right) Director DJF is influenced by distinct visuals that have a  story-driven purpose.

Color Theories will fluidly move between naturalistic and heightened visuals through highly composed scene design and camera movement.

CAMERA AND LIGHTING NEEDS: Cinema Camera & Lens, Dolly Track, Underwater Camera Rigging, Wide Range of Light Tools, Projector.


Color Theories utilizes a symbolic thread of color to propel the narrative of the film forward.

The story unfolds within an exploration of the visible light spectrum: ROY G BIV. This serves as a visual aid to emphasize the emotional peaks and valleys of the story.

Each color symbolically explores a different theory of how our environment (light, color, sound, form) influences, supports, and impacts our main characters' experiences.  The colors show up within light design, key props, production design, and wardrobe.  The colors were thread into the narrative based around culturally historical and philosophical interpretations of color frequencies. 


Sound design will play a crucial role in the film. Composer + Interdisciplinary Sound Artist, Chloe Alexandra Thompson (left), will design color-informed soundscapes to emphasize the frequencies of each symbolic theme and Arjan Miranda (right) will contribute additional music to the overall score. 

SOUND DESIGN NEEDS:  Compose an original score, Record the original compositions and soundscapes, Mix the audio, Master and finalize the audio.

PRODUCTION DESIGN AND WARDROBE NEEDS: 1990’s wardrobe, HMU Styling, Set Dressing, Set Decorating, Props, Cars

Did we mention that Color Theories takes place in the early 90’s? 1994 is coming back at you, full stop.  


We believe this is a story worth being told. But we also want to help generate jobs in our local filmmaking community.


Color Theories Film is fiscally sponsored by From the Heart Productions. From the Heart Productions is dedicated to helping independent filmmakers with unique films that make a contribution to society get their films funded. Fiscal sponsorship means donations are tax deductible!


Making a movie like Color Theories requires a lot of elements. We were fortunate to receive $7,000 in grant funding (RACC project grant and an innovation prize). But although $7,000 is a wonderful start, it is not enough funding to equitably produce a narrative film. The primary reason our fundraising target and percentages are what they are is because we recognize the importance of properly compensating our cast & crew. This is so important to us that we will not move into production until we have successfully fundraised enough to adequately pay our team.

We firmly believe that we should collectively support the arts by directly contributing to the economy of artists producing work.  There are many ways to do this- supporting Color Theories is one of them!


We will host a private screening party at Desert Island Studios for our supporters, cast, and crew this fall in Portland.  This will be a celebration for everyone involved, and an opportunity for our community to give their blessings as we send the film out for festival selection.

Color Theories will then be submitted to all of the top tier film festivals.  Rotterdam, SXSW, Sundance, Toronto, Slamdance, PIFF, Tribeca, SF Film, and many more.  Our goal is to secure a festival premiere, as well as multiple additional screenings. After it's festival run, we hope to secure Color Theories an online premiere with a reputable streaming or curated video site - like Nowness, Mubi, or Short of The Week.

Lastly, once Color Theories has had its festival run, we will organize a Portland area screening open to the public with other women made shorts. This will be a fabulous night of short films where we will celebrate and connect with our local community. 

Color Theories will serve as a proof of concept for Devin Jane Febbroriello’s feature film debut.

Devin has been prepping a low budget feature called Kathleen's Sound Bath for the last two years. The success of this Color Theories will directly impact her ability to finally make her feature film debut.  This is something Devin has been working hard toward for 17 years!


Our Seed & Spark goal is 15k. 

If we make our goal, then combined with our grant funds we will have 22k!! This is the least amount of money we need to film this summer.

However, if we can raise another 8k and round our total budget to 30k we will be able to cover all of our post production and festival submission costs. 

Our stretch goal is important to the future of this film beyond principle photography. We will do our best to raise the initial 15k, plus our stretch goal of an additional 8k before production starts in July. 



Follow our campaign on Seed&Spark. 

Every expression in support of this film is monumentally appreciated. We understand that not all are in a place to donate, and we appreciate non-monetary support just as much.

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Cash Pledge

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Costs $8,000

We value our team. Above all else, our goal is to pay them a fair, industry-standard wage.


Costs $1,500

1994 era Two residential homes (one w/outdoor pool) Hospital or Clinic Catholic Church


Costs $850

Underwater Camera Rigging 135mm Lens Zoom Lens Promist Filters Projector


Costs $1,000

Chapman or Fisher Dolly Dolly Track Waterproof lights


Costs $1,450

1990’s Wardrobe HMU Styling Set Dressing Set Decorating Props Cars


Costs $550

Hot Meals for a Daily Average of 22 people.


Costs $550

Hot Meals for a Daily Average of 22 people.


Costs $550

Hot Meals for a Daily Average of 22 people.


Costs $550

Hot Meals for a Daily Average of 22 people.

About This Team

Devin Febbroriello (she/her) | Writer/Director

Devin Jane Febbroriello is a film director/screenwriter that specializes in the creation of thought-provoking stories with memorable characters.  Her work is informed by a deep-seated interest in bridging liminal imagination with traditional narrative storytelling to repurpose archetypal modes of expression and explore the belief systems and images that shape our culture and relationships. ​Devin has created award-winning films & music videos that have screened at Pitchfork, Filmfort, Venice Biennale VR Expanded, Bend Film Festival, Prague International Indie Film Festival, Local Sightings, POW Film Fest, Stereogum, and more. She is a vetted director listed on FREE THE WORK, a RACC Project Grant / Innovation Prize recipient 2020, as well as a Lucas Artist Fellowship Collaborator 2017-2020.  She is currently (2021- Present) an Executive Producer & Creative Director leading the launch of a full-service production company at Desert Island Studios in collaboration with filmmakers Joseph Bowden and Ashley Mellinger.  As well as a senior writer for Story Terrace producing short pressings of personalized novels worldwide.  

As a film graduate of Emerson College (2004), a specialized cinema studies at FAMU (Czech Republic) (2003), and an MFA in screenwriting candidate (2023) at The David Lynch School of Cinematic Arts she’s worked on feature films (Glass Eye Pix), network television (NBC, HGTV, MTV, SPIKE), short films and music videos in New York City and Portland Oregon for the last 17 years. In 2012 Devin began to directly serve clients, brands, & nonprofits as an executive producer and lead creative (Whole Foods, Firefox, Chef One, Modern Macrame, PSU, OSU).  From 2018 to 2021 Devin was on staff in a leadership position as the Director of Originals at Open Signal, an equity-focused media production studio. At Open Signal she supported the organization's evolution from a traditional public access station to a multi-faceted media arts center. During her time at Open Signal she engaged in producing original content, building community centered on impacting change within the media industry, and supporting talent incubation, and creative leadership opportunities for BIPOC, LGBTQ2SIA+, and women storytellers.  

Andi Hummel (she/they) | Producer

Andi is a Producer, Assistant Director, and Production Manager based in Portland, Oregon. They regard their career as a conduit for activism and a way to act in service to one's community. With over a decade of management experience, Andi approaches each project with diverse knowledge of the scope of its operations and logistics. She works on an eclectic collection of film productions, including narrative and documentary features, shorts, music videos, and episodic. Andi rejoices in the collaborative art of filmmaking and specifically joins projects that amplify the voices and talent of those historically underrepresented in media and film with mission-driven organizations like Desert Island Studios.

Joe Bowden (he/him) | Director of Photography

Joe Bowden is a Japanese, Korean, and white filmmaker based in Portland, OR. He works as a Writer, Director, Gaffer, Director of Photography, and Production Designer. Joe was born in Colorado, raised in Anchorage, AK where he started making films on a Sony Handicam in the late 1990s. In 2001, Joe moved to Portland to pursue music and film. In 2016 he founded Desert Island Studios in Portland, a BIPOC owned and operated film studio dedicated to creating space for indie- doc, narrative work, and photography.


Nate Miles (he/they) | Gaffer

Nathan L. Miles, known as Nate (N8) or Milo is a 24-year-old filmmaker. Married for 5 years and the father of three cats. Calliope, Arizona, and Perry. Born and raised in Kokomo, Indiana. Nathan has 10 years experience as a creative. 100% self-taught with real-world experience. Never went to film school! He began making content for an Indiana-based Bboy/hip-hop dance crew in 2009 where he began his Bboy/breakdancing career. A lifestyle he still lives amongst the many. Thereafter, he found work as a photo-video journalist for a newspaper, production crew member camera operator and director of video production company for sports coverage, freelance music videos for local artists and ultimately discovered his passion as director and cinematographer of short films. 



DJ Scott (he/him) | Editor

Deejuliano Scott is a self-taught filmmaker, editor, and producer based in Portland, Oregon. He manages Desert Island Studios, a film and photo studio that supports underserved members of the Portland arts community. His film credits include production work on Love, Cheryl (2018), film editor of the short film L’Ortolan (2020)–winner of “Most Original Concept” at the 2020 Portland Short Fest, film editor of the documentary Staying Connected (2021), and uncredited assistant editor on The Speed Cubers (2020) which made the Oscar Shortlist in 2021. Scott won “Best Editor” for the short film Vent (2020) at the Asian American Film Lab 72-Hour Shootout.


Darren Hartman (he/him) | Colorist/DIT

Darren Hartman has over a decade of film-making experience in New York, Los Angeles, and Portland, OR; where he now resides. Originally focused on camera work, working on projects across the country, his career path has led him to be the Co-Owner and Senior Colorist of Alkemic Color. His credits include grading commercials for global brands such as Sprite, P&G, and Adidas, as well as the dailies colorist on Netflix series such as American Vandal and Trinkets.


Chloe Thompson (she/her) | Sound Artist

Chloe Alexandra Thompson is a Cree, Canadian sound artist based in Brooklyn, New York. Thompson is an interdisciplinary artist and musician composing works of sonic minimalism that envelope listeners into a state of equilibrium and fill rooms with discrete frequencies. Her work is composed using audio programming software and acoustic instruments. Focused on live performance and spatial intervention, Thompson engineers a multi-channel interplay of psychoacoustics, live-processed field recordings, and isolated frequencies to produce felt effects on the body. Fascinated by digital technology’s seemingly endless possibilities for sound experimentation, Thompson routinely collaborates with other artists to explore new avenues for acoustic and physical experiences.


Jordan B Hamilton (he/him) | Wardrobe Stylist

Jordan B. Hamilton is a Portland, OR based producer, stylist, Emmy nominated costume supervisor, and vintage clothing buyer. After spending a childhood in the mountains of East Tennessee, he packed up his car and headed west where he spent several years working as a production coordinator for Nike, Vice, Gatorade, and Intel. 

He has since focused on styling and costumes, working with the likes of The CW, Netflix, Warner Brothers, Wieden and Kennedy, Neon, Adidas, Nike, IFC, Hulu, Microsoft, Broadway Video, and A24 among others. 



Current Team