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Conditionally is about the complexities and nuances of an open, queer relationship between two young women. It's important for me to tell honest LGBTQ+ POC stories through the lens of personal experience so everyone can feel seen, heard, represented, and validated.

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Mission Statement

Hi! My name is Sierra Puett, and I'm a queer mixed race (Japanese/White) woman who loves exploring multiple crafts and collaboration. It's important for me to create from a place of honesty, and as a minority, provide an accessible platform for others.

The Story


"Conditionally" is about two queer women, Ren and Sage, navigating the complexities, frustrations and nuances of their open relationship. The audience will follow an emotional roller coaster through the confines of mostly one setting--Sage's apartment--where deep love and pain have developed between them. It is clear they still love and care for each other, but you also see they have outgrown each other and aren't giving the other person what they need. There's a thin line between fighting for your partner and choosing to continue to love them, or accepting it's not working and walking away from your home knowing the feelings are still there. 



The story is very close to my heart and inspired by personal experiences. I wrote a version of it two years ago never thinking I would make a film. Over the pandemic, I picked it back up and re-wrote it. At this point, I was disconnected from this specific story so it felt easier and cathartic to delve into. I also pulled from multiple relationships that tied into one streamline narrative. Art imitating life and vise versa. I wrote, directed, produced and acted in it, so wearing multiple hats was both challenging and exciting. I got to see the story through a variety of lenses which helped me have multiple points of views. 



I wanted to create content I and others feel represented in and validated by. Good, honest, accurate LGBTQ+ content is on the rise but still few and far between. Both I, and my co-star Ella, are queer, mixed-raced women. I identify as lesbian/queer, and I am half Japanese, half white. Ella identifies as bisexual/queer and is mixed Latinx. We are telling a story as people in the community from our own personal experience and feeling. I also wanted to tell this story because open relationships aren't told very often. I didn't want it to be the forefront of the narrative but a poignant topic. Open relationships are more common now than ever, especially in queer culture, and there is starting to be an open dialogue in a normalized way. People are making their own structure in their personal relationships and finding what works for them. This film exposes some of the challenges that can come with open relationships but it is not meant to criticize them. Relationships, regardless of it's open--straight, queer, monogamous, poly etc. are hardwork. My goal was to not have one good, one bad character. Both are flawed and both are valid. I think every person will be able to relate in one way or another to one of the characters and the intimacy and heartache of love.



"Conditionally" is currently in post production. I have paid out of pocket and received a loan for crew/talent, equipment, supplies, and crafty. It is almost done being edited and colored, and ready to be submitted for the upcoming film festival season. This campaign will help move everything forward since each festival costs money to submit to and fees quickly add up. All donations will also go towards paying my editor, and pay back my loan for pre-production and production costs. The goal amount is the bare minimum and anything extra will help to submit to additional festivals. I am also looking into distributor interests for the film to screen on Amazon and other screening sites.


Production days followed COVID19 safety guidelines--everyone got tested prior, masks were worn the entire time, and a six feet distance between team members was maintained aside from the actors when filming.


Any and every donation amount helps and is greatly appreciated.  I know and acknowledge these are especially challenging times so even just sharing this campaign with others who may be interested and comfortable supporting goes a long way.




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About This Team

I got incredibly lucky with my team. I started with sending the script to my costar, Ella. She was excited about it and then we did our first read through over zoom. I knew almost immediately that she was meant to play Ren. Our chemistry was easy and Ella captured the character perfectly while adding her own take. Fun fact: I met Ella through Hinge, a dating app, two years ago, and we went on one real date (that went well but no second date) and we remained friends on Instagram (how gay, I know). Ella is multi-talented, a hustler and a genuinely kind human. We played the game "We're Not Really Strangers" during one of our rehearsals to connect more on a deeper level and create our own sincere connection as Ella and Sierra which aided Ren and Sage. I cast Sarah Catham, the other actress, to play my date as Maya. I also met Sarah on Hinge lol! Ella referred me to a director of photographer she had worked with, Michelle Kwong, whose work is beautiful. I hired her, and she brought on Cassi Mulcahy, gaffer/grip, and Vivian Lau, assistant camera/media manager. A sound mixer was the most challenging to find and lock in but another friend referred me to Parida Tanti the week before shooting. I had just done another queer shoot where Kathleen Pardo was doing hair and makeup, and I hired her onto my short film soon after. Gigi Todisco was my lovely production assistant, a friend I know through the dance world who also has a queer clothing line called yf_lvr! Michael Delaney took behind the scenes photos on set, an incredible photographer I know through my older sister (who’s also lesbian)—really runs in the family, shout out to mom and dad. I also styled the shoot, and you'll notice Sage's character wearing a "Big Dyke Energy" shirt which is the queer witchy pop singer Zolita's brand merchandise. Torii Wolf, a multi-dimensional musician, created an original score that made the feeling of the film completely come alive. Lastly, Vivian referred me to her friend, Ariana Hoshino, a talented editor who can basically do all things. 

Since I was wearing so many different hats and I only really knew two people before coming onto set, I was inevitably nervous. This was the first time where I was creating and performing my own work that wasn't related to dance. Almost right away, my nerves eased at the start of the first day filming. Everyone was wonderful and top of it. It was both enjoyable and efficient moving through all the shots we needed to get through which was only two days. There were many intimate, intense and emotional moments, and it was a very safe, comfortable and supportive environment. The script is dialogue heavy, and Ella did an amazing job picking different choices each take we did. I loved the whole process and am so grateful for my small but mighty team. 

Current Team