The Confession

Brooklyn, New York | Film Short

Comedy, Drama

Michael DiBiasio

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Jacob just spent the night at Ellen's for the first time. The still-new couple wanders into Brooklyn the next morning, to hang out. Jacob acts strange. Ellen wonders why. A confession is coming. And it's not what you expect.

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The Story

On an artistic level, we're making this film as a means of exploring a very relateable and human thing that happens early in budding romances. We can't tell you much more without spoiling The Confession. It's a very short film about a conversation that almost all of us have had at one point or another in life, but that we rarely discuss publicly.

We're also looking to experiment, on a small scale, with a speedier and more on-demand way of delivering directly to our audience. The idea is to give them some good entertainment in exchange for the means of crafting a story (and paying our collaborators a nominal wage for getting the work done well and quickly)!

All together, we have to confess that we really like you -- and want to work for you again.



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Cash Pledge

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Costs $125

Without a Director -- we confess -- this movie will stink.


Costs $125

Without a Writer -- we must admit -- no one will know what to do or say.

Camera Operator

Costs $125

Without a Cameraman -- we confess -- the camera will just stay on the floor and record feet.


Costs $125

Without a Producer -- to be honest -- everyone else will kill each other.


Costs $125

Without an Actor -- to be frank -- no, actually his name is Jacob in the film and we need him.


Costs $125

Without an Actress -- we must admit -- there will be no one to hear The Confession.

Sound Designer

Costs $200

Without a Sound Designer -- we must admit -- no one would be able to hear this.


Costs $200

Without a Colorist -- we must confess -- everyone will go outside the lines which is bad.

Backup Hard Drive

Costs $100

Without a Backup -- we confess -- we would not be protected against gremlins and coffee spills.

Sound Editor

Costs $200

Without a Sound Editor -- we must admit -- everything comes up Charlie Brown wah-wah-wah womp-wah.


Costs $150

Without Food -- we must confess -- everyone will pass out and fall down and not film the movie.

Festival Fees

Costs $300

Without Festivals -- we must admit -- we'll be okay but it would be cool to grow our audience.


Costs $100

This is a wee bit of contingency money because -- we confess -- stuff like that is always needed.

About This Team

Michael DiBiasio (Writer/Executive Producer): Michael DiBiasio is a Writer and Filmmaker who isn't afraid of the dirty work. He also blogs frequently and existentially at and hosts the #CoffeeWithCreatives podcast. He told everyone else to send him a two-sentence bio but is using this third sentence to tell you to sign up for the email list for his feature film, The Videoblogs.

Jaclyn Gramigna (Director/Producer): Jaclyn Gramigna is a filmmaker who likes to make people laugh by testing the limits of their comfort zone. She's also an avid home cook and sometimes musician who lets her freak flag fly.

Rebecca De Ornelas (Lead Actress/Creative Producer) just is.

Robert Lowry (Co-Producer): Brooklyn College senior. Pizza enthusiast.

Alex Hollock (Cameraman/Actor): Alex Hollock is an Actor who loves to be in front and behind the camera. You could call him "film-curious." for updates and nonsense. 

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