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Have you ever lost someone that fills your world with light? Did you find something valuable that made you laugh, cherish and celebrate that person even after they were gone? CRUDE was created in loving memory of a fallen hero, but for the world it is a reminder that connection and love live on.

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Mission Statement

Crafted in loving celebration of our dearly departed friend Nate, CRUDE features a diverse community of women, men, millennials, gen-Xers, boomers, those identifying as queer & straight, and several different races all of which reminds us that love knows no boundaries and that death connects us all.

The Story

The Pilot opens on Andy Cooper as she soaks in the tub with some questionable reading material; a funeral program with the name Dick Nichols at the top. The picture on the program reveals a handsome yet smug face - standard Dick Nichols. Questions arise as Andy stares blankly at the paper. That is until she gets the bright idea to start rubbing one out to the smile of the dead man looking back at her.


Welcome to CRUDE.


The moment is interrupted by Andy's assistant, Marjorie who is shocked for only a moment by Andy's bath time activities. Andy is reminded of her lazy and privileged ways when Marjorie suggests that she get over her shock of Dick Nichols' death by throwing her own memorial for him. Though Marjorie is clearly throwing out empty suggestions, Andy takes the bait and jumps on the idea. This leads to the makeshift round table of Andy's friends whom she calls upon to assist her in the memorial party planning. Erica, Andy's snarky and shady roommate, begruddingly takes her place at the table while openly admiting she'd rather be getting high anywhere else. Next we meet Carl, the lovable but impressionable drug dealer that gets off on telling anyone his countless life stories and binging on free food. The door opens to Teddy, the lovesick puppy, as he hands over a single bagel to Andy. She scolds his offering as he clearly didn't think of the entire group; another clear indication of the crush he's hidden from Andy for years. After a shared eye roll, the group engages to hear what Andy has is store for them.


Andy takes it upon herself to delegate tasks for the epic memorial party that is to be held that night. Location, food and decorations, a guest list and party favors are among the duties given out. Naturally no one is enthused or quite sure what Andy expects from them, but the realization that their friend needs this party for closure encourages them to follow suit and help. Just before the group is dismissed, Teddy asks Andy what she plans to do to help with the party. Static silence until Marjorie suggests that Andy write a eulogy for Dick Nichols. Along the way to the emerald city of memorial parties, Andy dozes off only to find herself in a dream at her special secret spot with Dick Nichols waiting for her. Lost and confused with nothing but sadness to offer, Andy questions how she will get on in life without her fallen best friend. Dick refuses to pity Andy until he finally offers one final parting gift. Andy wakes up with a to-do list of actions she must accomplish on her way to finding purpose left by the now omnipresent Dick Nichols.


With countless wrong turns, some colorful guests, penis shaped cupcakes and a heartfelt eulogy, the Pilot of CRUDE reveals that life isn't all it's cracked up to be and that death reveals all. 



*Song Credit*

"Congratulations" -MGMT

"Joy Ride" - Stuart Barter

"She Don't Use Jelly" - The Flaming Lips


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About This Team

CRUDE began as a labor of love but has since turned into a machine of team work and story telling. While on set for another scripted series, creator Julia Henning couldn't shake CRUDE from her mind. After nine months of constructing the CRUDE world and really getting to know the characters, Julia spent the better of three weeks holed up with her computer and her ideas and whipped up season one. With the help of writers Heath Rumble, Danny Agama and Danny Giovannini, CRUDE found it's voice and it's tone. With scripts on the ready, Carine Nguyen was introduced to the project and with her master degree in producing from the American Film Institute and her ball busting attitude, CRUDE's producer was found. In the effort of building a fierce foundation of female power, Amanda Pieper was recruited to co-produce next. Besides being a co-owner of Hyper Productions (the company producing CRUDE), Amanda also acts in the show. With the story and the cast in place, director TC Munoz entered the scene. TC's ability to think outside the box while balancing a perfect frame made him an obvious choice to wrangle CRUDE's unique universe. The CRUDE family was born and from there has evolved into what we now call the CREWD! 

CRUDE provides a buffet of flavorful people that bring this world to life. 


JULIA HENNING (ANDY COOPER) was born and raised in the suburbs of Detroit. She attended Columbia College Chicago, where she graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree In Acting. Julia lives in Los Angeles where she is establishing her name in the entertainment industry. Currently, she Is utilizing free time to write and produce content for her site Documented ExplorationsIt’s deeply personal and has the intent to expose stereotype breaking realities about the human condition. She also dedicates time to Pan Playsthe theatre production and play reading group she created in 2016. Julia is one half of the production company Hyper Productions.  And for the better of a year and a half, has been getting CRUDE into the world. Julia is flowing tresses of hair and round cheeks. She is fearlessly honest with her thoughts and emotions and enjoys the reward of being creatively critical. Julia revels In projects that depict and celebrate cerebral, passionate, and unconventional qualities. 


CHANCE DENMAN (DICK NICHOLS) originally from the land of Oz, is the son of the best truck driver in the midwest. Lightbulbs, bedsheets, butt wipes; if you’ve used it, Chance’s dad has delivered it to you. As an only child, Chance was forced to pretend he had friends at a young age and drew inspiration from his imaginary companions. His mother ran a daycare out of the home which lended to a youthful, creative environment. After high school, he attended the University of Kansas with absolutely no career path or idea with what he wanted to do. Sidenote: being the first college graduate will significantly lower your parents expectations on your direction in life; just graduating tends to be good enough. Chance graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Film/Media Studies. With zero ties or responsibilities in Kansas; he packed up, moved to California to create, and the rest is TBD. 


AMANDA PIEPER (MARJORIE OWENS) a was 5 years old when she begged her parents for a "let's put on a play birthday party."  They acquiesced, as did the Oregon Children's Theater. From that moment, she was hooked. The next 13 years were filled with her parents' unconditional support of her acting, dancing, and singing ventures...under one condition: she should probably think of performing as "a hobby" and start planning for "a real career." So a business degree, 18 months at a management consulting firm, a fancy downtown waterfront studio, a wandering heart, and a "but what-if?" mentality later, Amanda packed up her '98 Dodge Neon, resolved to commit her life to the pursuit of the artist's dream, and headed south for California where she continues to hone in her craft and pursue an acting career in film and television.


DANIEL EGAN (TEDDY MOORE) is proud as hell to be a part of CRUDE. He's been in a couple of productions since immigrating from the Land Down Under to the US of A and this is shaping up to be one of his all-time favorites. Daniel has played a wide-variety of roles, from a murderous sociopath in Investigation Discovery Channel's 'Murder Book' to a pseudo-philosopher / pot-dealer in the upcoming stoner-epic 'Higher Education'. So he's more than happy to be playing the relatively normal (if occasionally panty-sniffing) Teddy Moore. With the uber-talented Julia Henning at the helm, CRUDE will take you on a fantastical journey into the world of young-adult angst and penis-shaped cupcakes, and Dan is just happy to be along for the ride (... and the penis-shaped cupcakes).


EMILY PEARSE (ERICA ROBERTS) was born in Clearwater, Florida. She graduated in 2015 with a BA in Theatre from The Florida State University, with a focus in performance. She moved to LA in August 2015 to pursue a career in film and television. Her recent film work includes Halloween: The Night Evil Died (2017), The New Hardy Boys: A Parody web-series (2016) and various commercials. She continues to expand her training through classes with acting studios around Los Angeles such as Bramon Garcia Braun Studio, Alyson Horne Casting, and Upright Citizens Brigade.


STEPHEN MCALPIN (CARL) the grizzly and mysterious man known only as "Stephen McAlpin" originated in the nether regions of Saint Louis, Missouri. At the utterance of a dad joke in the waning hours of the afternoon, he materialized out of the dust and henceforth inhabited the shadows of this world, coming and going. Eventually, he migrated to Los Angeles and became an actor. As the bards tell it, he has worked in television, film, and commercial through his agency, Momentum. Stephen studies and refines his craft at such places as Upright Citizens Brigade, John Rosenfeld Studios, and Alyson Horn Casting. In his free time, they say he enjoys spending time with his daughter Remedy and dog Taco, outdoor activities like hiking and camping, run-on sentences, searching for the perfect taco truck, and quests of defeating terrifying mythological creatures using his trusty legendary sword, "DadBod."


DAH-UH MORROW (RANDALL CHRIST) is a Second City Conservatory graduate and a current student and teacher at Anthony Meindl's Actors Workshop. Dah-uh is becoming a commercial, comedic and dramatic force in the entertainment industry. He has sold you cars, grape juice and donuts by appearing in Honda, Chrysler, Welch's and Dunkin' Donuts national commercials. With his improv/sketch group, Sibling Rivalry, and as a member of This Is Not a Tan, he has performed comedy shows at the Second City, iO West, The Complex, etc. Mr. Morrow has also brought you drama on stage portraying Malcolm X (The Meeting) and John Proctor (The Crucible). His television and film and credits include The Young and The Restless and Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married. Dah-uh will be "beloved" by the world; they will only have to learn how to pronounce his name.


KATELYN MARY PIPPY (ROXY COTIN) was born in Fort Hood, Texas. She became interested in performing at the age of 8 originally through choir class and then her interests evolved into musical theatre and eventual film and television acting. Katelyn has acted in numerous theatre, film, and television roles. Her most recent role was as a series regular on the Lifetime hit series Army Wives (2007). Katelyn completed 61 shows of the series before taking time off of acting after earning acceptance to the Ivy League Institution Cornell University. In May of 2015 Katelyn graduated from Cornell with a Bachelor of Arts degree, where she also participated in numerous extracurriculars and played Division 1 Women's Ice Hockey. Katelyn is now living full time in Los Angeles.


JILL NIGH (RUTH BATER) is an actress from Chicago, IL. She holds a BFA in Musical Theatre from Western Illinois University. After spending one year in Chicago working on independent projects for both stage and film, she moved to Los Angeles to continue pursuing her career. She stays true to the actor's life cliche by maintaining a day job serving people food and ACTING like she's having a great time doing it. She also has a pet fish named Chester. She is ecstatic to add the series CRUDE to her resume and to be able to learn and grow with this weird little family. 


Current Team