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Savannah Frazier

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Ellie graduates with a therapy masters, and $100,000 of debt to prove it. What is she willing to consider when the barista job doesn't cut it, and a first job offer in her field can't pay the bills? Watch how she finds unexpected ways to freedom, and the secrets kept to protect her relationships.

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Mission Statement

CUDDLE employs a strong, feminine narrative in all aspects, from story to relationship point of view. The cast and crew are meant to mirror the energy around us, not merely represent a singular view of the world. With CUDDLE, I hope to encourage and mandate a deep dive into intimacy and connection.

The Story

What drives our need to connect in a world growing more and more out of touch with.....touch. We touch our phones, we touch our computer keyboards, we swipe, we scroll, we click. The simple act of connecting with another person-even just eye contact-is growing more and more "out of style," especially in a city like New York City. Here, if you're not running late to something, you're answering a work email or uploading a better, more current instagram profile photo. Our dating world isn't as much real life interraction as it is Tinder hook ups and Bumble. Where does our need for real connection get fed?


Ellie, a recent grad, navigates the soul-crushing realness of adulthood after graduate school. She's covered in debt, and over-qualified for every survival job thrown her way. She falls in love with Lucas, a stay-at-home writer gifted with a financially blessed family, giving way to his ability to pursue his dreams worry free. Ellie isn't so lucky, and the fight for her own stability leads her to pursue lesser-used avenues. Her search leads her to discover intimacy and connection outside of her relationship, and all of the convolution that it brings to her world.


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Costs $500

Actors deserve to be paid something for their precious time and efforts.


Costs $5,400

I've compiled a top notch set of humans to bring this story to life.


Costs $1,150

Our DP has friends in high places, so we're getting the equipment half off, but it's still a chunk.

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Costs $250

Coffee coffee food food water coffee coffee bagels wine coffee food


Costs $700

Spaces are important. The specific terrain of a space is fundamental to telling the story we want.

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About This Team

We're compiling a beautifully diverse and strong cast, including Merissa Czyz, Erica Harte, and myself as Ellie. I'm thrilled to have Jason Chaet on as a producer for helping me develop this work. As casting wraps up next week, we'll be sharing the additions to our team. 


For production side of things, I have Travis Jones as our sound engineer, Maddie Lauve as gaffer, and Fernando Martinez as director of photography. He and I will be compiling the remaining members with crew that he trusts. 

Current Team