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Miffy and Muffy live a life of philanthropy with purpose and humor. Follow this Web Series as these characters move from L. A. to Chicago and adjust to a new life in the Midwest. Our projects should be supported because we want to give a voice to the multi-racial population that is growing.

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Mission Statement

The two main characters are women of color. Our show is set in Chicago thus our main goal is to hire diverse talent and crew in our city which includes women and people of color either on camera as well as behind the scenes. A POC as our director and inclusivity is important to the shows mission.

The Story

As comediennes living in Chicago we often struggle to find funding for our projects. Our city needs to offer grant money for comedy actors who are trained in Chicago like Lila Frazier and Dana Rochelle who star in Curls For Humanity. Let's keep comedic film opportunities in Chicago instead of leaving and going to L.A. and NYC to search for them. Our motivation for making Curls For Humanity stems from the desire to be represented in the media. In a world that often sees black or white it’s a challenge to find a place where you belong when you are both black and white, like Frazier and Rochelle. Oftentimes Frazier and Rochelle are connecting with people who are interested in their black and white heritage. We are always happy to share our identities and the struggles we face. When we meet new people in person, our skin color is the first thing they see and some people may not be able to accept that we are both black and white. We don’t ever want to deny one side of who we are as people and with our webseries we hope we can inspire others to see we have a unique gift to give our culture.


Our artistic approach for Curls For Humanity is a comedy sitcom. The characters Miffy and Muffy were created post college on a late night bus ride in San Francisco by Frazier and a close friend. The origins of these characters grew from stereotypical valley girls from Southern California, thus the characters were born and grew from that moment. When Frazier moved to Chicago to pursue a career in acting she explored these characters onstage in the sketch group Daughters of the Daily Special. The sketches were fun but they needed more depth. The next step was to create a variety show for Miffy and Muffy joined by various actors. However after putting more thought into the project Miffy and Muffy were stronger characters as sisters. When Frazier met Dana Rochelle at at an audition at the Mckaw Theatre and discovered they shared the same ethnic background, she realized this would add a new element to the project. Rochelle would be the perfect person to play Muffy’s sister Miffy. Both were thrilled and began working on this project.


Our aesthetic strategy focuses on bi-racial sisters living in a midwest setting with the backdrop of Chicago. “Curls For Humanity “ especially hopes that audiences enjoy the relationship and bond between the two sisters. Miffy and Muffy draw inspiration from Gwendolen and Cecily from “The Importance of Being Earnest”. The two stir up conflict amongst each other but end up embracing each other for a worldly cause. Our format includes Muffy's Moments which is dedicated to raising awareness to various social issues. In real life, small donations were made to remind the cast and crew that everyone can make a little bit of a difference in this world. This web series is a vessel in which comedy and philanthropy unite. We are currently writing Season 2 of Curls For Humanity and hope this will help us launch the second phase of our project. 



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We want to pay the actors and our rotating cast members because they need to eat and pay union dues.

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We value crew members & we want to hire crew members that are properly equipped for the task.


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We want to enter more festivals and be seen. It's a great way to market and network.

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We want our show to sound crisp and professional.

Makeup & Wardrobe

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We want to look good on camera so we need makeup, wardrobe, and curly products for these curls.


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We need to reach our audience and that includes pushing our press kit & social media promotion etc.

About This Team

We're creative partners that met in an audition for a sketch group and the rest is history. Along with our webseries we have created a production company called The Lincoln Minute.

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