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Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. What a completely overwhelming experience. I'm moved beyond words and have shed more than my share of tears because of your support. I look forward to continuing to share what's next. I feel loved. And that's not so easy for me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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Mission Statement

I wrote this book to capture my personal healing story through a fictional and metaphysical lens and explore the purpose of our lives. Even with complicated themes, my hope is that you will find yourself within the pages—laughing and crying as you become inspired to discover your own path.

The Story

“Earning a living isn’t about the earning. It’s about the living. I figured this all out on the day I died, a day filled with love, passion, and creativity. I spent that day running in the mountains, making love to Jess, and writing in my hidden café. I was fulfilled. I was alive. I didn’t earn a dime. I earned something far more valuable; my self-respect. Even just for a moment, I earned my living.”

Erik Bernstein is a master of disguise:

Cloaking himself in humor, sarcasm, and nicknames, he spent his life successfully deflecting intimacy to mask a life tortured by unanswered questions, shame, self-doubt, and bad choices. Upon his death, he receives an unexpected invitation to dinner at God's house. Reunited with his childhood dog, long-lost best friend, and other surprising characters from his life, Erik starts to uncover the truths behind his most painful relationships and learns to accept and take responsibility for his life of lies. Just as he begins to make peace with the demons that still haunt him, he has an opportunity to meet God, who is waiting to ask him one question. That's when things get especially uncomfortable.


“Dinner at God’s House is a beautiful and tragic tale of fate, faith, belonging, and death that every human can relate to. This book was an enjoyable read filled with a world and characters that work as puzzle pieces to assemble the big picture that is the main character. Not a word is wasted in this well-written piece. Despite the heavy subject matter, the story is able to keep a sense of lightness with its sense of humor. It was incredibly powerful and well-done.” — Kerigan Beairsto, Early Reader

"As it handles life's greatest mysteries, heartbreaks, and disappointments with grace and honesty, Dinner at God's House focuses on subjects that few effectively can. Todd's blend of bittersweet irony, raw truth & unexpected humor provides a profound touch. The ending brings it all home.” — Anna-Marie O'Brien, Early Reader


We've hit our initial goal! But there's more to be done! There's an imagination practice called the BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS GOAL (BHAG). The gist is to dream wildly. In your craziest, most audacious vision -- what's possible? Well let me tell you what I think is possible. But first: Stretch Goals:

  • $20K STRETCH: Additional marketing, partnership outreach & development, audiobook production -- WE HIT IT!
  • $25K STRETCH: West Coast book tour, more books, additional marketing -- WE HIT IT!
  • $30K STRETCH: East Coast book tour, more books, media/video production, animations
  • $50K STRETCH: More marketing, more media, and...

My BHAG: I see Dinner at God's House as the launch of something much more than a book. I see it as a piece of a puzzle. I see it as an opportunity to breathe life into the dream of creating the platform I've long imagined, a platform for creating more projects like Dinner at God's House that shine a light on our human need for healing. So, that BHAG? While I will be grateful to raise the $15,000 outlined in my campaign, I dream of raising $25,000, $50,000, $100,000, $500,000. Yes, it's crazy, but I'm okay with crazy.

We've been programmed to forget about what's possible. We've been trained to forget about our wonder.

I want to take it back and then show everyone how they can find theirs.


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Layout and Design

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Editing and Proofreading

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Editing and proofreading to ensure a professional and perfect final product.

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Marketing and PR efforts in order to generate as much exposure as possible for the project.

Publicity & Promotion

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Ongoing marketing efforts, including travel, events, outside support, and more.


Costs $3,000

My hope/goal is to raise enough money to build a merchandise line, as well as buy additional copies of the book for donations/promotion.

About This Team

I call Mill Valley, CA, home, where I reside with my family: my wife, who is a digital art curator and experiential producer; our talented eighteen-year-old son, a hip-hop producer; and our beloved seven-year-old, fifty-two-pound lapdog, Haley. With over thirty years of experience in communications and branding, I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the world's most iconic organizations. Throughout my career, I’ve conceptualized and executed national advertising campaigns, organized engaging experiential tours, spearheaded impactful social media initiatives, developed user-friendly iPhone applications, orchestrated attention-grabbing events, and even brought to life an animated golf-themed TV show.


The journey of crafting Dinner at God’s House began over twenty-five years ago, with the challenge of finding the perfect ending. It took time, but I finally found it.

To get Dinner at God's House into the world, I'm working with the awesome team at Wellness Writers Press.


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