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Self-perception, social media obsession and extreme self-doubt are present themes in Dancers. We want to tell a story that's relatable, with a dark, humorous twist. Join us if you like slice-of-life dramedies that prioritize employing women & telling female stories.

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Mission Statement

The Dancers Above-The-Line team is 100% female and is dedicated to creating jobs for women. The film centers on self-perception through social media and how that mentally affects women in particular.

The Story

Dancers is the story of a female comedian who becomes so obsessed with the idea of being a dancer, that she overlooks her own unique talents and abilities. 


When Claire sees a dance recital while on a date with her boyfriend, she is instantly in awe of the lead dancer and the graceful way she moves her body. Dancers is a dramedy that explores self-doubt and the insecurities we all have, especially as women. It touches on the sense of competition we feel towards others, the self-loathing we feel towards ourselves and the effect social media can have on both. 


Everyone "creeps" on the internet, but this film plays with the idea of what happens when you go from stalking someone's Instagram, to stalking them in real life. 


“The formula of happiness and success is just being actually yourself, in the most vivid possible way you can.” -Meryl Streep



The cinematography of Dancers will dictate tonal switches throughout. Claire feels like her life is fairly bland, nothing special - so when the story isolates her, the approach will be clean, simple, muted. When Sophia is around, things get more vibrant and exciting. We'll utilize hand-held techniques to increase the creepy vibe of social stalking as Claire explores what it would be like to be like Sophia. As Claire's self-perception shifts through the piece, we'll go through a "dazed" period - slightly hazy, confused. 



Dancers is a little bit funny, a little bit dramatic but most of all: it is real. With this film, the team aims to provide a relatable slice-of-life that hits on real Millennial problems without taking itself too seriously. In the end, it's okay to laugh with yourself.





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We'll be in a coffee shop & a theatre and want to pay their people to open their doors after hours.

About This Team





Alexandra Andreoni is a writer/actress based in Austin, TX. Her recent acting credits include a Brawny Paper Towel commercial and a lot of audition tapes. She’s a firm believer in creating your own destiny and is excited to grow with Claire in Dancers. When she isn’t taking acting classes or doing improv, she is watching way too much tv and eating in her bed.



DIRECTOR | Liz Waters


Liz Waters is an actress/producer/director/camera human based in Austin, TX. After graduating from Sarah Lawrence College, she moved to Austin to pursue a film career. In her 10 years in Texas, she has appeared in multiple film, theatre, and sketch comedy productions. She is a company member of Sh!t-faced Shakespeare, current Roxanne in The Archive Theatre's Cyrano, and was a cast member in both of HBO's interactive experiences, SXSWesteros and SXSWestworld. She also recently appeared in a Lowes/Maytag national commercial and starred alongside Larry Miller in New Soul. Behind the camera she is a co-owner of 3 or Less Productions. She wrote and produced the short, Digital Detox, with the local comedy team HUMORdy.



PRODUCER | Elena Weinberg


Elena Weinberg is co-owner/CEO of TurtleDove Films based in Austin, Texas. She is the co-creator and executive producer of the critically acclaimed Austin, TX based webseries, #ATown. Recent Crew credits include: A Room Full of Nothing ​(Touring Now), Songwriters Across Texas Season 8, (1st AD), Time Trap (SIFF, Austin Film Festival) and Fear The Walking Dead Seasons 4 & 5 (Second Team, Photo Double). Recent Acting credits include: Carmela (supporting) in Vials streaming (Amazon) and Maggie (supporting) in  Good Feels on Wheels produced by SPI Productions (Touring Now). When she's not taking on the world one tweet at time, you can find her watching basketball and drinking wine with her cats. Go Spurs Go

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