Daydream Suburbia

Baltimore, Maryland | Film Short

Drama, Experimental

Camden Praisner

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Jesse never really had much love or pride for his hometown, but on his last day before leaving for good, he goes on a journey that takes him through several different beautiful locations, and flashbacks to seminal moments in his life that may change the way he thinks about where he's come from.

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Mission Statement

The thought of a person's own individual world has always interested me. The idea that there is so much of the world we've yet to see. I think people often live a very cocooned life, because branching out seems intimidating, but I want to show that it isn't as hard as it sounds. It's never too late.

The Story

"Daydream Suburbia" is about a young man who before moving away from his hometown, goes on an experimental journey that makes him reconsider his decision to leave. 



This story is important to me, because it is a feeling I had for awhile, and a feeling a lot of people have at some point in their life. I've lived in Maryland my whole life, and especially when I decided what I wanted to do with my life, which is film, I always wanted to get out as soon as possible. Often I felt that there was nothing for me in Maryland. However over the years I've gained a sense of pride and love for where I came from. And I like the person that my hometown has molded. And I like the influence that my community, and upbringing has had on me. And I think that mindset that I used to have is something a lot of people go through. It's hard to appreciate and see the good your upbringing had on you. And a big part of this change in mindset for me, was just seeing more of the world around me. Realizing that I don't have to go all the way to California to see georgeous beaches, and I don't have to go all the way up to Massachusetts to see some beautiful Autumn trees. I can just drive down the road. I think often people think they've seen all there is to see in their world. And to see anything different, or to have new experiences, you have to travel far away. But I think it's amazing the amount of things we don't even know are right in front of us. I think it's astounding hoe little we all have actually seen, and not just around the whole world, but around the places you've lived your whole life. There is so much beauty that we don't even know about, and a lot of it is right at our doorstep. That's why I want to make this film. I want to try and visually show that kind of change in mindset, and I want to hopefully see their lives differently, but on a smaller scale. 



I go to school at Stevenson University and am majoring in Film and Moving Image. This is my senior capstone project and will be a culmination of everything I've learned at Stevenson over the past four years. Now is the best time to make this film not just in terms of my skill level, but my emotional mindset as well. A few years ago, I would've never thought to make this film, because I still didn't have that sense of pride I do now. A few years ago my goal was still to go to California as soon as possible. Only now have I learned this valuble lesson that I want to try and share with the people around me through film. This is where backers come in! This project can't be made without the support of you. Covid has made everything a lot more challenging, but I know I can make the film I want to make, while also keeping physical distance regulations, and making sure my cast and crew are completely safe. "Daydream Suburbia" is in pre-production right now, and the money will mostly go towards actors, and fod for the cast and crew. Every bit of help is greatly appreciated, so even if you can't contribute, sharing this with your friends is great way to spread the word. Thank you for reading and helping me make this project a reality!


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About This Team

Camden Praisner is a Senior film major at Stevenson University, in Owings Mills, Maryland. His short film "Switch" won 1st place at the 2020 Stevie U 72 film festival. And the year before his short film, Crouch, won 2nd place at the 2019 Stevie U 72 film festival, and won 5/5 awards it was nominated for at the 2020 FMI's, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Cinematography, and Best Editing. And in 2018, his short film, The Search For Sound, won 3rd place at the Stevie U 72 festival. The Search For Sound was also a selected film for the 2019 Lux et Lex Film Festival. 

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