Dead Winter

Atlanta, Georgia | Film Short

Drama, Horror

Alli Hogue

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Our team of industry professionals, film professors, and film students has created a beautiful, heartfelt, intriguing monster movie. Now we need help sharing with the world.

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Mission Statement

We believe in strong women and in strength through diversity. This project, created and led by a female writer & producer, features an all-female cast of Hispanic, Filipino, and American backgrounds, and many of our crew were women and men of diverse backgrounds & ethnicities.

The Story


Dead Winter is a post-apocalyptic drama set in the American South. It follows Audrey, a young woman determined to fight for her family's survival, as she navigates an always-looming decision of whether to keep fighting -- or leave them behind for a better life.



The story was written and produced by Allison Hogue, a southern independent filmmaker with film festival credits across the country. A team of film professors, film students, and industry professionals with credits on projects such as Stranger Things and Atlanta came together as a crew with one goal in mind: to create a beautiful, heartfelt monster movie.



Film Festival Fees

We are at the point in our film's journey where we need to submit to festivals! Why make a movie if no one is going to see it, right? Our festival strategy includes submitting to prestigious and Oscar-qualifying festivals during our first year, and then smaller, more independent film festivals in the second year.



While that's a great plan (go big or go home, yeah?), film festival entry fees are quite expensive! They can range anywhere from $25-75 a pop. We hope to submit to at least 50 festivals, which would likely come out to about $2500.


And hey, if we raise more than that, it will go towards paying off some of our lingering production costs! All that food got much much many fruit gummies...



Because you believe in independent, Southern voices. Because you value diversity -- both on-screen and off. Because you love projects spearheaded by women. Because you love seeing strong women portrayed in the media. Because you think there is more to horror than blood and gore. Because you believe genre boundaries are meant to be crossed.



Our project is quite unique. The women in this film are strong as ****. And while there's a monster in it, it's a beautiful film, both in words and imagery. It's a horror-inspired film with heart. We want to support the filmmakers that made it and see it finally in the world in front of audiences across the globe -- and we hope you do, too.



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3.) Pledge! It's true -- we love seeing you share and spread the word about our campaign. However, the greatest way you can help is by pledging! Making movies is quite expensive, and getting it into the world is as well. Every single dollar helps! We have to make at least 80% of our goal to keep any pledges we receive, so please help us as much as you're able! See our list of incentives for your generous contributions (as well as some cool sneak-peek GIFs taken from our film).



We know you've likely seen dozens of these campaigns, so we are truly grateful for your time, consideration, and support. As young, "starving artists," we know that money isn't easy to come by. But if we -- artists and our audiences -- come together just a few dollars at a time, we can make sure that lovely and innovative art is seen. Films are, after all, one of the best and most effective methods of getting unique voices into the world, and we can't thank you enough for helping us share ours.



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About This Team

Our team was made up of a unique blend of film professors, film school students & graduates, and industry professionals. Many of our crew have worked on projects appearing in multiple film festivals around the nation, and our professionals came from projects such as Stranger ThingsAtlanta, and The 5th Wave

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