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Decrescendo is a psycho-thriller short film that touches on obsession as a self-destructive behavior for individuals. With this project, we look to help people understand and reflect on the problems of our society.

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Mission Statement

Decrescendo counts on a diverse and enthusiastic team who are looking forward to making a difference in the world. This passion project focuses on mental health, the risks of dealing with an obsession, the conflict of letting go vs. holding on, and its impact on individuals in our society.

The Story

⚠ We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. Because of COVID-19, we will be taking special measures in order to keep the safety of our cast and crew as our number one priority. We will be updating our audience with the next steps. This is a scary and isolating time we are living in, and so many of us have turned to television and films to make us feel less alone. As creators, we want to continue to tell stories that will inspire when the world needs it most. If you can't donate at this time; liking, sharing, and following Decrescendo on our social media platforms will mean the world to us. We appreciate your support from the bottom of our hearts!


Decrescendo is the story of Drako, a former homicide detective, confessing to a priest how a suspected serial killer ruined his life and career. At a point, Drako was the top detective in LA until he obsessed over this case, allowing his life to fall apart when he discovers Martin, a renowned concert pianist who becomes the main suspect after helping with the investigation. 


Noir films are one of our favorite things. Once we came up with the idea and we wrote down in paper, we reached out to some amazing creatives, told them about the idea and ask them to be part of the process of making this film a reality, they said yes and here we are!  

Studying and understanding more about obsession and the human psyche is fascinating. This self-destructive behavior is something that could affect any of us at almost any point in our lives, and if we don't know what's the best way to deal with it, it could end up affecting our mental health and our relationships with people.

Our protagonist, Drako, has a hard time realizing how much his obsession affecting his personal life. He justifies his behavior and rejects help from others, which takes him to dark places. 

For us, filmmaking is about education and awareness in topics that affect our day by day. But don't worry, we love great cinematic masterpieces and wonderful actors, just like you!


Se7en, Chinatown, Nightcrawler, Snowpiercer, Zodiac, are just some of the movies that inspired us with their amazing stories and look!


Financial Contribution to the Project: This is a direct way for you to become a part of the Decrescendo family. Your support will be used for permits, props, wardrobe, crafty, distribution, and others. We need to take good care of our crew! 

Follow Us: Seed&Spark is simple. A project with more followers  = more support from the platform itself! The more we get, the more opportunities and packages become available to us!

Share the Link: A good presence on social is crucial in bringing this project to life. By sharing with your friends and family, you're helping this story to reach a larger audience before the film is even made. How wonderful!



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Camera and lighting equipment

Costs $500

A high quality camera and lenses can help us to tell our story in a more cinematic, meaningful way.

Wardrobe and props

Costs $750

Wardrobe and props give us insight into a character, playing a key role in visual storytelling.

Makeup and Hair

Costs $500

For our project, we need to hire a makeup artist and have scenes that require special effects.

Catering and Craft Services

Costs $500

We need to take care of our crew, they will be working long hours making this film come to life.


Costs $250

A strong sense of film location is as important as setting a strong acting presence on-screen.

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Allow me to introduce you to our amazing filmmakers! We are a group of passionate artists looking to tell great stories. Without them, there's no movie!

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