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Ever wanted to see a gay Asian Buffy? A bisexual Latinx Sabrina? A queer Professor X? DEMONHUNTR is the story of a group of queer super-powered friends who create an app in which people can hire them to kill demons. But sometimes they sleep with the demons first. I mean, it's LA.

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Mission Statement

Created by a gay man, cowritten by a bi man, with episodes directed by a Latinx woman, diversity is the beating heart of Demonhuntr. The cast includes a buddy duo of 2 mediums -- a gay Asian man and a straight black man -- a bi Latinx sorceress, a pan Middle-Eastern djinn, and a lesbian Asian PI.

The Story


From Tim O'Leary, creator of Demonhuntr:


"Ever since I was a kid, I was a huge fan of sci-fi, horror, action films, you name it. If there were monsters or kung fu, I would watch it.


But while I would devour these films, comics, and TV shows, I never saw myself represented in them. I was gay, and though I searched and searched, I never saw the gay hero I so desperately wanted. I wanted to see a gay guy pop up in these stories and get to kick some demon butt...



...but also get the guy at the end of the day.



And what’s more, I thought it would be pretty cool to see people of color and women getting their hero moments, too.


And thus, Demonhuntr was born.



Demonhuntr is the show I’ve always wanted to see but never could, because it didn’t exist. It’s a funny, scary, steamy, action-packed adventure focusing on a diverse group of friends – all of them LGBTQIA, women, or people of color, and in some cases all three."



In a gig economy, you do what you can to make a buck.


Jeremy (Tamario Fletcher) and Daniel (Edmund Truong) are two buddies who happen to share a very particular talent – they’re both mediums, meaning they can sense the presence of supernatural beings. Deciding to capitalize on these powers, they create an app that people can use to contact them. Got an apparition in your attic? A poltergeist in your pantry? A demon in your den?



Just download the DEMONHUNTR app, and help will be on its way.




Once Daniel and Jeremy get the app started, business picks up. They begin to work cases with the assistance of Harold (Robert Rice), a telepath who poses as a medium so he can hold fake seances, and who also happens to be Daniel’s on-again-off-again boyfriend.


Natalia Cardozo (Allie Rivera), a bisexual witch, contacts them through the app to help clear her apartment of an overly-friendly ghost. After seeing them work, Natalia knows she can help bring their business to the next level, and joins the team as their manager.


Pictured (from left): Edmund Truong, Tamario Fletcher, Robert Rice


Natalia carries a torch for her ex, Quinn (Cara Mitsuko), a private eye whom Natalia convinces to join the ranks of the demon hunters by utilizing her considerable skillset. But her hopes for rekindling their romance are dashed when Quinn begins dating an acerbic, sarcastic djinn (who at one point tries to kill them all, naturally.)


Pictured (from left): Allie Rivera, Cara Mitsuko


This unlikely group of friends eventually grows into a family, and over the course of the first season they face off against many supernatural enemies, such as...




In the pilot episode, Daniel and Jeremy face off against creatures called Sirens. Sirens originate from Greek mythology, and are most famously featured in the Odyssey. Though monstrous, they disguised themselves as beautiful people, and their true power was in their hypnotic voices, which they used to lure sailors towards them. This didn't work out well for the sailors.




Nothing like the classics, right? There are several versions of what exactly a ghost is depending on what bit of folk stories you're studying, but in Demonhuntr we're going with the tried and true "soul of a person who's died but left behind unfinished business, thus preventing the soul from moving on to the afterlife" deal.




In the episode "Go-Go Boy Sex Monster," and yes, that is the actual title, the demon hunters have to deal with an Incubus. Its lore can be traced all the way back to anicent Mesopotamia, and its M.O. is preying on humans by absorbing their sexual energy while they sleep. It's, uh... ya know... disturbing. And hot? But mostly disturbing. But hot, though.




Look, there's no sugarcoating this. A Shirime is a yokai (Japanese for "demon") that, uh... well, it... okay, so it has this whole deal where it has an eyeball in place of its anus, and yes, this is actually a real part of Japanese folklore. You're welcome.




Originating in pre-Islamic Arabian mythology, the Djinn (or Jinn, or Genie, depending who you ask) were powerful supernatural beings that rubbed shoulders with demons and angels, but belonged to neither group. The Djinn caught the attention of Western audiences after the popularization of One Thousand and One Nights, and solidified their place in pop culture after a certain animated Disney movie came out (that is now remade as a certain live action Disney movie.)




In Jewish folklore, a golem (not to be confused with Lord of the Rings' Gollum) is an automaton made of earthy substances like clay or mud, sculpted into humanoid shape, and brought to life through magic. There's a bit of a similarity to Frankenstein's monster, particularly in the most famous Golem-related tale, The Golem of Prague, but one thing's for sure: in the world of Demonhuntr, the Golem's gonna be hot. I mean, come on, guys.


Old Gods


All of the demon hunters adventures lead them towards the epic season finale when they must prevent an ancient evil god from rising once more and wiping out all of humankind.


Some gods are sooooo dramatic.




So, guys? It turns out that making an epic scifi/fantasy/horror/action series costs, like... money. I know! Who knew, right? 


And that's where you come in. Every dollar helps, and we're going to need a lot of dollars - 36,666 of them to be exact - in order to make Demonhuntr a reality. Below you can see a breakdown of how that money will be spent.


Demonhuntr is a passion project for the queer geek community, and we want to bring you the best possible version of it that we can. 




But hey! If you do decide to donate, you get stuff! As illustrated by this handy-dandy graphic...

See? We weren't kidding, you guys.


With the budget listed, we can make a kick-ass first season of seven episodes. But with a little more resources, we can bring you the definitive version of Demonhuntr: better effects, more episodes, and a richer, fuller world.


Plus a fantasy song and dance number! Which, we think we can all agree, no queer series should ever be without.



Stretching before a workout is very important. Also, stretching before a crowdfunding campaign. It's science.



Demonhuntr is a passion project by geeks, of geeks, and most especially for geeks. It’s our goal to create outstanding works of genre fiction for the people who love it, and to highlight those of us who are still outsiders even within the geek community.


Your contributions will go directly towards acquiring the best talent and equipment, as well as securing locations (like a bar and a warehouse), visual effects, stunt coordinators, and more.


There is a lot of love in the making of Demonhuntr, and we sooooo cannot wait to share it with you.


Use the WishList to Pledge cash and Loan items - or - Make a pledge by selecting an Incentive directly.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Camera Package

Costs $3,500

A great camera package means a cinematic experience!

Grip & Electric

Costs $3,000

Great lighting is the key to successful horror, and we need a great grip to make that happen.


Costs $5,000

Friends don't let friends shoot a series without a post-production budget. Editing makes the movie!


Costs $9,000

We want Demonhuntr to be a big world, meaning bars, warehouses, deserts, etc. Epic monster mayhem!

Sound Department

Costs $1,500

Sound is another major key to successful horror. Help us hire a great production sound mixer.

Crew (PAs)

Costs $1,500

We need all hands on deck for a successful production. Help us hire great Production Assistants/

Hair & Makeup

Costs $2,000

Our actors need to look good even when they're not fighting or f*cking. Hair and makeup helps!

Practical Special Effects

Costs $6,666

What's a horror series without monsters? Help us create great SFX for our series!


Costs $3,000

Magic requires visual effects. Help us make them look better than a syndicated show from the 90's.

Catering/Craft Services

Costs $1,500

We need food for our crew and our actors. Or else they may eat us. Please help us feed them.

About This Team

Tim O'Leary (Executive Producer/Head Writer/Director) began his writing career as a New York playwright, and his works have premiered in the New York International Fringe Festival (Pieces on the Board) and Gay Fest NYC (Wrath of Aphrodite.) Following a SAG-produced reading of his werewolf pilot Wolf Island, Tim moved to Los Angeles to pursue television writing full time. He is a graduate of the UCLA Professional Program in Television Writing, and with his husband Robert Rice produced a pilot for the series Al Malone, Private Eye, starring Angela Lewis (FX's Snowfall) and directed by Q Allan Brocka (The Eating Out series, Waiting in the Wings.) He was one of the co-creators of and appeared in the comedy series Moms Anonymous (Amazon Prime.) He is the creator of the upcoming audio drama podcast Uumbaji, starring J. Mallory McCree (Homeland, Good Trouble), produced by Raul Vega (Rose Drive), and recorded at famed film composer Hans Zimmer's studio. He founded his production company Freaky Fighty Funny Films in order to create projects inspired by his love of horror, comic books, fantasy, kung fu fight scenes, musicals, LGBT romance, mythology, and basically anything tied to geek culture, and is thrilled that Demonhuntr is its flagship production.


Zach Nycum (Co-Executive Producer/Writer) moved to LA three years ago as an actor and writer. He is the lead in the indie horror movie, Mainspring. Zach performed as the lead in two recent short films: Dust and Lost Isles, and appeared in the web series Moms Anonymous. He’s the creator, and one of the leads, of the upcoming scripted audio drama Log Terminus. He is an avid fan of all things horror and advocate of more queer representation in current popular media.


Robert Rice (Producer/Actor) is an LA-based actor and singer who most recently can been seen on the GEICO spot A Barbershop Quartet Plays Basketball. He’s appeared on Pink Collar Crimes (CBS) and Riggle’s Picks (Fox), and @Midnight and Mini-mocks (Comedy Central). He also performed for Vanessa Bayer and Jeff Goldblum on Jenny Lewis On the Line telethon. Robert is a New York native (upstate…) who has been performing since the 6th grade. He also speaks Japanese and plays the piano.


Allie Rivera (Producer/Director/Actor) has been performing professionally on stages across the US, such as the Kennedy Center in DC and Off-Broadway in NYC, since the age of 5. Upon moving to LA, she continued working in theatre, improv and stand-up while taking on the role of Creative Executive at a highly successful independent Production/Lit Management company. There, she worked on development and production of such projects as The Killing Season (Robert De Niro, John Travolta), Snow White and the Huntsman (Charlize Theron, Kristen Stewart), and Evidence (Stephen Moyer, Radha Mitchell). She now has her own indie production company, having released three feature films (The Raking, Spare Room, The Wake) and a web series (Moms Anonymous) within the last two years alone. The opportunity to represent diverse, strong female voices in story, in front and behind the camera is her passion and she loves to work in all genres.    


James Stanley (Producer) is a LA-based actor who will be in an the upcoming scripted auto drama Log Terminus. He appeared in the web series Moms Anonymous. James is a Maryland native and came to LA about two years ago. He is equal parts passionate about horror and comedy, and the inclusion of diversity and queer representation in those projects.

Current Team