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Detroit Dreamers series is written for many people who try to achieve a dream but sometimes get lost in the obstacles that over shawdow them. We want our audience to know that they should never give up on their dreams. To uplift and support or community and make dreams come true.

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Mission Statement

A series developed by an outstanding cast & crew, creating films that exhilarates the culture of people to persevere into their dreams. Detroit Dreamers is a series audience can relate to while helping the community of dreamers make their dreams a reality on & off set.

The Story



I created this series for viewers to be empowered & overcome obstacles of life's journey to dreams!

 "I am-that I am"


many young adults with Amazing dreams, struggle due to lack of support from society & most importantly parents. They've been given a blueprint of life based on anothers unsuccessful experience.

Sometimes we subscribe & conform to our society & parents generational curse, I like to identify as "blind support"

Blind support - is lending your resource for Personal gain, regardless to expense of the dreamer.
as if the world isn't tough enough concerning economic challenges & systematic racial discrimination. In many instances, lack of education & opportunities are without a doubt discouraging. 
This is why I have written 12 episodes in 30 minute scenes. Composed of drama & satire comedy that gives audience a grasp on how to propel through test & trials along this journey we live called Life.


I visualized a diverse Cast of Detroit dreamers, So in March 2019 I held a casting call & selected some talented actors to bring this vision to fruition.

- April we began table reads.

- June full script & blocking rehearsals

- August we were fortunate to shoot our very 1st Pilot w/ so much enthusiasm & excitement it was a Detroit dreamers accomplishment!

After speaking w/ my Producer, I was introduced to the idea of film fundraising. Grateful to Seed&spark platform allowing me to launch a campaign to support this project to supporters of film fest, Sundance & You!



                PRE PRODUCTION   

       We decided it would be best to film in October 2020.


Our decision to have Production earlier this year was pushed back once our entire nation was attacked by a Pandemic of Coronavirus in March 2020.

Some Cast & Crew suffered the loss of loved ones during this pandemic.
As 2020 continues we are given guidelines by the CDC for safety of our lives. Given this new way of living, we then filmed our pilot in August 2020. According to the rules/recommendations of CDC,

We will have Covid testing for cast and crew w/ private bubble .

masks are required (exception for actors on set).

Other preventative measures taken will be temperature Checks, social distance & sanitizing stations. While on set we will have access to a Covid compliance officer & Oasha safety professional. 
The priority is keeping everyone safe & healthy while birthing the Detroit Dreamers film with your help!







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Post Production

Costs $2,500

Editor/Color Correction/ Scoring


Costs $7,200

DP/ Grip/Gaffer Script Supervisior/ Audio Engineer/ Hair-Makeup/PAs


Costs $2,000

Renting Permits/Insurance/ Filming in Detroit areas.


Costs $2,220

This amazing cast and more are excited to show you how Detroit Dreamers can become a reality

Craft Service

Costs $1,080

Food for four weeks every weekend all day long

About This Team

Writing in journals and diaries began a great start for Tekeya Bell building a strong narrative. Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Tekeya grew a passion for watching movies and especially sitcoms. She graduated in Arts at WCCCD and attended Wayne State University in Film accomplishing three IMDb on the sets of  Annebella and Bear as A Wardrobe Assistant The Dominio Effect as Casting Assistant and in she was on the set of American Sharia as the Assistant to Director. There she was able to take her experience and knowledge and evolve into a passionate writer of color. Realizing the lack of African American cultures and women in the industry turned into her becoming the founder of Urban Underground Prouduction, LLC. This influenced her to screenwrite and become director of Detroit Dreamers Series. Her dedication to making this project work is not just for her cast and crew but all the Detroiters and women who aspire to become Producers, Directors, etc. Which is what Urban Underground Production is all about. 


Meeting SUSU Tobia on the set of American Sharia has been one of the better part of my career! She is truly inspiring and dedicated to our creation. And I appreciate everything she has done!

Susu Tobia is a Detroit-based Jordanian American actress, and Producer who also enjoys being involved in production. Tobia has been involved in serveral other productions, including working on the production staff of American Idol and Producer on the Ask Dr. Nandi Show. Tobia said "We've all come together to create this project. One of her favorite things in the world is the ability to share a story and that's what attracted her to this film. So many cultures, races, and ethnicities are involved with this production and that makes it a a very unique experience."

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