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Derek is a troubled and bullied teen, who thinks that the best solution to his problems is to shoot up his school. In his planning phase, he enlists the help of the devil himself--or so he thinks. This mysterious character seems to have other plans.

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Mission Statement

The cast and crew of Diabolos is multi-racial and includes a balance of members across the sexual orientation spectrum. This film is about shedding a light on the under-represented darker side of those who are bullied and disenfranchised.

The Story

The Scoop:

This short film doesn't hold back on addressing several major topical issues in our current national climate: mass shooters in a school setting, and bullying among teens. It seeks to get inside the head of those that are so troubled that they're considering implementing the worst possible outcomes for themselves and those around them.


Instead of making statements or prescriptions, shoulds or shouldn'ts, this project works to open a conversation about our current but perennial national predicament in a way that films have not addressed before. It seeks to spark a dialogue about what the problems behind the problems tend to be, and the difficulties in asking for help.

The Story:

At the heart of this tale is Derek, a high school senior who is so tormented by his bullies that he has concocted an elaborate plan to take them all out in a single school day. His time alone is spent conversing with a character that he believes to be Lucifer, presumably to help him in his pursuit of carnage and destruction. But as the story unfolds, this devilish character begins to paint a very different picture of the situation and of the universe at large. It's nothing that Derek has expected. 


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Hard Drives

Costs $400

Saving and backing up video files. Higher color depth requires greater file space.

Props and Costumes

Costs $700

Incidental prop items, elements in Derek's bedroom, costume changes, wall posters, paint, etc.

Meals and Snacks for Cast & Crew

Costs $400

Chris and Ian don't run on fumes...

Equipment Rental

Costs $1,000

Good footage requires good equipment.


Costs $350

Because we traverse distances to get ourselves and our cast & crew to good shooting locations.


Costs $100

We need permission from the city to shoot in some exteriors.

Liability Insurance

Costs $350

In case anyone is injured.

Music Score and Audio Engineering

Costs $1,200

The inimitable Catherine Joy will be lending her talents to the production.

Film Festival Submissions

Costs $500

Getting the attention of the rest of the world isn't free.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team


The Creators

Chris Julian (l) and Ian Stone (r) are a writing and directing team in Seattle who has been working together since 2008, first on each other's projects, and then on collaborative efforts. Their skills and experiences complement each other nicely, with Chris having a more formal training in the technical side of filmmaking (lighting, editing, VFX), and Ian on the performance side of things (both theater and film), but their ideas constantly overlap and gel into a unified vision on every project. They relish in addressing challenging hot-button issues that no one else wants to touch. This project is no exception.


The Cast

The actors assembled for this film are immensely talented, and we can't wait for you to meet them! They each come with their own unique performance history as well as enthusiasm for this script. This group includes:


Gavin Michaels as Derek

Eric Smiley as Lucifer

Michelle Flowers as Mom

Marquis Hill as Jake

Alex Lichtenhan as Garreth


Current Team