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A freshly hired intern drags her boyfriend to a dinner (of doom) hosted by her new boss. DINNER is an invitation to delve into the complexities of human relationships, the consequences of our ambitions, and the horrors of small talk.

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Mission Statement

DINNER explores how toxic work environments can erode our personal relationships. Behind the scenes, Spanish Moss Productions believes that by promoting a healthy work/life balance in conjunction with good mental health and safety practices, we can tell great stories.

The Story



...can feel like a matter of life and death. The search for the nearest exit can begin with an innocent offense — maybe a remark on your diet, or perhaps secondhand embarrassment from watching someone try a little too hard to make a good impression. Beyond all the small talk, this inner turmoil is what connects dinner guests together. Dinner, a short film inspired by my own experiences searching for the nearest exit, explores the horrific yet hilarious consequences that can occur when we recklessly pursue our own ambitions while neglecting our personal relationships.

Beatrice, a freshly hired intern, has dragged her boyfriend, Max, to a dinner with her new boss, Emilia, and her husband, James. As the dinner progresses, Emilia and James delight in exposing the vulnerabilities in their guests’ relationships, until finally, the night becomes too chaotic to control.

Central to the story is an inescapable feeling of despair as each character battles their own internalized social anxieties. This will be visually captured through a single continuous take. The unending shot will amplify the tension and concentrate the escalating chaos by never cutting away. Though challenging, through careful planning and collaboration between the cast and crew, every laugh and scream will be carefully arranged into the perfect cinematic dish.

Dinner is an invitation to delve into the complexities of human relationships, the struggles of navigating societal expectations, and the consequences of our choices. It is a film that reflects the choking realities of our society while offering a hilariously chilling experience. I’m excited to be collaborating with our talented cast and crew to bring Dinner to life.

David Charry



Beatrice wants nothing more than to impress her new boss, Emilia, even at the expense of her boyfriend, Max. Max quickly finds himself unendingly antagonized by Emilia’s husband, James, who finds it amusing that Max is vegan.

The other guests, Sam and his wife, Rose, aren’t free of their own drama. Despite an apologetic nature, Sam keeps up an affair with Emilia with little discretion or regard for Rose’s feelings.

As the night unfolds, James and Emilia continuously exploit the weakness in their guests’ relationships until finally, one of them keels over dead. The survivors soon have only one question left in their minds: who will be next?



Bea just started this new internship, and all she wants is to make a good impression and survive this dinner party. Her definition of survival changes as the night progresses.


Max could care less about good impressions. A neurotic vegan, Max psyche slowly unravels as he is goaded on by the others due to his dietary preferences.


Emilia is a boisterous executive and even livelier host. Emilia likes to butter her guests up.


James enjoys seeing the guests fight amongst themselves and is quick to throw a wrench into any conversation.


Rose is Sam’s wife. Rose wants to be anywhere but this dinner. After suspecting for months, Rose confirmed that her husband is sleeping with Emilia. Now she’s trapped in the confines of polite conversation.


Sam is one of Emilia’s employees and Beatrice’s supervisor. Sam wants nothing more than for everyone to get along, and is constantly trying to smooth over conflict. It’s too bad he’s cheating on his wife with Emilia.



...we prioritize empathy in all aspects of our filmmaking. We foster diversity and representation by promoting work-life balance, cultivating rising talent from underserved communities, and prioritizing staff mental health. By striving for open communication and creating a safe environment on set, both in body and mind we will lead the charge in changing the way we make films.

Our movies help people feel seen, heard, and understood. Through our diverse content, we challenge age-old stereotypes and present authentic characters that resonate with audiences. By offering unique perspectives from disenfranchised communities, we strive to create a more inclusive and compassionate society.

The content we create today shapes the culture we live in tomorrow. With this understanding, we aim to inspire positive change by producing films that embody empathy, foster understanding, and contribute to a kinder world. Spanish Moss Productions is committed to creating impactful and culturally significant films that leave a lasting impression on audiences.


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Costs $1,750

We need transportation for our equipment, supplies, and team. This accounts for two vans and a passenger van.


Costs $1,450

We need to keep our cast and crew fed while we work.

Special Effects

Costs $400

*SPOILER ALERT* We can't really say too much about this...after all, who needs SFX for a dinner party scene?

Camera Equipment Rentals

Costs $1,000

Much of the camera package has been generously donated, but we still need to rent a few peripheral items, like lenses.

Set Decoration

Costs $500

This provides our art department with rentals and purchases necessary to decorate Emilia and James' house.

Hard Drive Purchases

Costs $500

We need to back up everything we shot, at least twice. This covers the cost of our on set data management.

Production Supplies

Costs $1,700

Tables, chairs, popup tents, walkies...these are a few of the things we need to rent from a logistical standpoint.


Costs $5,000

We want to screen DINNER wherever you are. This goal will allow us to apply to film festivals wherever our community is.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0


Costs $3,500

We need to keep our cast and crew safe. Insurance covers everything from workers comp to auto insurance.

Permit Fees

Costs $2,000

We make movies by the book. We need to make sure that our project isn't shut down by the law in Los Angeles.

Hair, Makeup and Wardrobe

Costs $1,200

Each character has their own eccentricities and distinct style. These funds will bring the characters to life.

About This Team


David Charry

Writer & Director

David is a storyteller with a deep love for filmmaking. His love of image making led to over a decade of professional work as a cinematographer and camera operator, and he is excited to be writing and directing Dinner. David was born in Bogotá, Colombia. He earned his B.A. in Film & Video from Columbia College Chicago and later received an M.F.A. at the American Film Institute Conservatory.

Casey Vickers

Creative Producer

Casey is a creative producer with a strong production background in every corner of the film industry from narrative to documentary to commercial. No matter the medium, Casey tells stories filled with creativity, authenticity, and outside the box thinking.

Joelle Monique

Executive Producer

Joelle Monique is an award-winning pop culture critic, executive producer, and host. Popular works include Fake Doctors Real Friends and co-founding the DE&I programs NextUP for iHeart Media.

Favienne Howsepian

Director of Photography

Favienne Howsepian is a cinematographer exploring and pursuing the truth and perspective of the human condition. After graduating from the AFI Conservatory, Favienne was awarded the 2017 ASC Student Heritage Award for her work on Snowplow. Her narrative work includes award-winning short films such as SnowplowUnbound, and feature film I Wrote This For You.

Bruno Valenti


After 15 years of experience as a composer, arranger and orchestrator, Bruno discovered that the most efficient and time-tested approach was to think of film music as an integral element of the art of storytelling, a tool that accompanies the creative process to arouse the desired emotions, communicate the psychological state of the characters and hook the audience. Some of the projects in which Bruno participated were awarded best soundtrack in several Film Festivals around the world.

Ryan Gottshall

Sound Designer

Ryan Gottshall has worn virtually every hat in the audio post production world. His background includes numerous short and feature length films, as well as extensive experience in theatrical marketing and “making-of” content. From dialogue editing and sound design, to music supervision and re-recording mixing, his passion for storytelling with sound always shines through his work. He is very excited to be a part of the creative team telling the story of Dinner.

Tim Cunningham


Story is life is story. This has been the driving principle behind Tim’s 20 year love affaire with art and technology.


Anusha Shankar


Anusha Shankar is an actor based in sunny Los Angeles! She is so excited to be back in LA after a two month run in Charlotte, NC, and cannot wait to dig into the delectable (pun intended) process of working on Dinner with this awesome team. Anusha is a proud alumna of UCLA and is managed by Peter and Louise at Echo Lake Entertainment and is repped commercially by Commercial Talent Agency.

Daniel Kim


Daniel Kim is an LA-based actor and alumni of UCLA’s School of Theater, Film and Television. He is beyond honored to be working with David and Casey and the rest of the team on Dinner. Some of his recent credits include the new Bel Air on Peacock, The Brothers Paranormal at East West Players, Fatal Attraction on Paramount+, and 911-Lonestar.

Ilana Cohn


Ilana Cohn is an actor, director, and writer currently in development with Mike Schur and Universal (...but the strike!). She created the series Overdue for AwesomenessTV, she won a Webbie Award for the series she created and starred in, Better Your F*cking Self, which turned into the animated series, 4th Period Lunch, which she then developed for TV with Abso Lutely. Ilana has had the good fortune of guesting on classic comedies, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia and South Park.

Michael Lanahan


Michael Lanahan is a professional actor living in Redondo Beach with his family. On TV he’s had recurring roles on BarryLife in Pieces, & Just Roll with It, & appeared on Perry MasonBetter Call SaulLittle Fires EverywhereLuciferThe Office, & more. In Theaters he’s recently been seen in Call of the Wild & Best Picture nominee Ford v. Ferrari. An experienced stage actor, Michael’s been seen Off-Broadway, in regional theatres, & the great theatres of LA.

Renée Torchio MacDonald


Renée is an LA-based actor with a background in theater. Favorite past roles have been Lady MacBeth in, shockingly, Macbeth, Gaheris in Clarissant, and as co-host of the podcast Your Next Obsession. Renée is a proud UCLA Bruin and she's never met a sandwich she didn't love.

Jono Eiland


Jono is a LA based actor, a founding member of Sojourn Theatre, and a company member with LA classical theater company the Porters of Hellsgate. He is very excited to be part of the entire team bringing Dinner to life. Jono graduated with a BA in Theater Arts from Virginia Tech and is a proud Hokie.

Current Team