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We all wonder what goes on behind our neighbors' doors. We let our imaginations run away with us. But that's all it is, right: imagination? Welcome to a world where your nightmares are stomping through the hall, pounding at the door and, finally, breaking into your mind. Welcome to Displaced.

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Mission Statement

Displaced has key cast of 4 different racial backgrounds. We have POC producers, a gay director, two roles for women of color over 40 and will look to include members of the disabled community and other LGBT individuals in the story development and filmmaking process.

The Story


Our hero, Nathan, is a young black man living in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY, working for a local Child Services Center. He avoids thinking about it, but he may have chosen this career in order to make peace with his own childhood--filled with ritual abuse at the hands of a Satanic cult. The so-called "Satanic Panic" of the 90s has led him to believe the abuse he endured there--and the supernatural things he witnessed--are fabrications of a child's overactive imagination. 



On the 25th anniversary of the FBI raid that freed Nathan and the cult's other children, his nextdoor neighbor disappears. In the middle of the night. With all her possessions.


A white couple--the first the building has ever housed--immediately rents out the vacant apartment.  Nathan begins seeing things. Dreaming things. Even...remembering things? Things that couldn't possibly have happened, or so he tries to tell himself.



As the confrontations between Nathan and his new neighbors escalate, he begins to doubt his own sanity. He sets out on a quest to learn what in his past is real, who his neighbors really are, and what they intend to do now that they've finally found him.


That's our story! (At least, as much as we're willing to give away.) We wanted to incorporate the very real issue of gentrification, not only because we witness it first-hand as a diverse group of artists living in NYC, but also because it affects so many different groups of people who live here. 


The perspectives of individuals from various demographics and socioeconomic groups are woven into the script, and the key cast represents 4 racial backgrounds. Diversity on-camera and behind-the-scenes has become a central concern in the entertainment industry and we, as the next generation of filmmakers and storytellers, intend to show that a great story can include limitless swaths of our society and be stronger for it.


We also know our social horror history! Get Out opened doors, but Candyman was pounding his hook on them back in '92. And the ending of Night of the Living Dead in '68 showed race and American horror are inextricably linked. 



We will do those filmmakers proud by accomplishing two things: 1) We will treat the situation in a mature manner, exploring everyone's involvement within gentrification and 2) We won't let this film out of our hands until it's giving us nightmares.


Horror is that sacred space where we get to live out those nightmares, to truly fear what we're seeing on the screen, and then to walk away and resume our daily lives.


When you watch our movie, all bets will be off.


You will feel fear.


And you'll love every minute of it. 




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As part of Seed&Spark's Communal Nightmares Crowdfunding Rally, we have the opportunity for 3311 Productions and The Orchard  (major indie film production and distribution companies) to award our project $25,000, join as executive producer, and provide a first-look distribution deal!


In order to be eligible for such a delicious prize, we need: 1,000 followers on Seed&Spark (free of charge) and at least $7,500 in pledges to move forward in the contest.  Which brings us to our next point:



We are currently in Development for our film.  Your monetary pledge will go towards Production costs, including:


  • Paying our NYC-based cast and crew for their time and talent (Producing Team is working for free);
  • Renting the best equipment to effectively tell our story;
  • Production and Location costs, to create the most authentic world for our story;
  • Meals for our cast and crew (because people need to eat!); and
  • Insurance for equipment, locations and personnel (because people, places, and things need to be protected!)


Saving your funds for a rainy day or Satanic ritual?  Then you can still get involved by FOLLOWING OUR CAMPAIGN on Seed&Spark, FOLLOWING DISPLACED on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and FOLLOWING OUR FOLLOWERS by spreading word about our project!


.  .  .  .  .


When we make our goals, you too will become part of a major filmmaking journey--and dare we say, filmmaking history?


Regardless of whether we win the contest or not, we still plan on making this film with the best talent available in New York City, and we will see it through to the end.


Of course, winning helps, so tell your friends, tell your family, tell your cult!  We promise we won't bite (hard).



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Production Costs

Costs $2,800

Such as feeding our cast and crew. Also props, location rental/cleanup, and art design.

Production Insurance

Costs $1,400

Location, personnel, and equipment insurance is necessary to protect all involved.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Camera and Equipment Rentals

Costs $3,500

We will rent equipment for the duration of the film shoot - camera, lenses, sound, lights, tripod.

Cast and Crew

Costs $6,300

Producing team will work for no pay, but will pay hired cast and crew for their hard work and time.

About This Team

Marissa Carpio, our producer, is a Cancer on the cusp of Leo. Which means don't mess with this b****.  A trained actor straight outta the womb, she maintains her sanity by writing and producing a number of projects, which she may or may not act in as well. But then she realizes that this is an insane business in the first place. So her sanity is lost, but at least she fits in. She currently lives in Crown Heights, Brooklyn: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crown_Heights,_Brooklyn


Josh Atkinson, our writer/director, demanded he be allowed to watch horror movies at six years of age. He studied at the William Esper Studio and now works as a waiter, flirting for money. Turn-ons: sleeping with the lights on because he watched a show about ghosts, laughing loud enough to wake his neighbors, and David Lynch. Turn-offs: liquor stores that close early on Sundays, having to tie his shoes as an adult when velco still exists, and Peeps. 


Kitana Andrews, one of our actors, is a Libra. Which means she dances well and enjoys colors, particularly in her hair. She is the founder and head trainer of Sweat Culture NYC. Which explains her Angela Bassett arms. Kitana sings like a motherf****r, currently with Rebel Hooks. Additionally, she has been spotted in Brooklyn singing Marvin Gaye live onstage, dressed as Blacula. Her audience was driven past the point of rational control.  


Dexter McKinney, our producer and lead actor, started his journey in Virginia.  Born a military kid, he moved around a bit, eventually settling in a tough neighborhood on the southside of Syracuse, NY, which had the worst concentration of condensed poverty in America since the year 2000.  So all the normal trappings that coincide with poverty, including drugs, gangs and violence were rampant in his town.  Despite the obvious hurdles, Dexter thrived in school, earning a bachelor's and two master's degrees from Syracuse University. He currently lives in Brooklyn, NY where he can see first hand how gentrification makes an impact: "Coming from a dangerous place, I often find myself wondering how gentrification could affect my own neighborhood. While I don't want residents being priced out, I don't want violence being locked in."


We all think these conversations are important, and this project is our way of approaching that struggle.  We are excited to share this with you, and hope that we all, creators and followers alike, take something from it!

Current Team