Dom na Marse

Los Angeles, California | Film Short

Drama, Sci-Fi

Charlie Brewer

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Freshly graduated from Emerson College, a team of brand new filmmakers combines their skills to create a post-apocalyptic world wherein our protagonists face struggles against climate change and an autocratic government that hit just a little too close to home for comfort.

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Mission Statement

The core of this production is a majority of female, queer, and nonbinary people. This project is built on the idea that the more voices contributing to the story, the better the film. Dom na Marse explores an LGBT+ relationship under the microscope of mental illness and classist inequalities.

The Story

This project began when Charlie wrote a ten minute play for Shotz!LA's climate change themed festival in April 2017. It was well-received, and Charlie began to realize this play had a lot of potential. The work was tweaked here and there when Charlie and their two actors, Liz Lanier (Liz) and Jetta Juriansz (Jamie) began rehearsing together after the festival was over.


      Elizabeth Lanier - LIZ        Jetta Juriansz - JAMIE             

With the collaboration of actors, producers, and fellow writers, it has grown and shifted into a fantastic short film that reflects not only the climate shifts our planet is rapidly approaching, but how our current leaders are equipped to deal with that (spoiler alert: poorly.)


Set in 2160s Southern California, our protagonist and everyone around her are living in a hellish landscape of crumbling buildings and suffocating dust. Liz is suffering from a bipolar disorder only made worse by the earth turning to literal dust around her. Worldwide production has been halted in favor of a planet wide evacuation to Mars by Russian space agency Roscosmos, but the only people who seem to have seats on the transport ship are the people rich and powerful enough to buy one. When Liz’s wife Jamie informs her that her position as bioengineer has secured them a place on the rapidly filling shuttle, Liz’s crippling fear regarding Roscosmos' true intentions clashes with Jamie's yearning for a new start, an escape from the dusty earth that is no longer her home.



One of the most compelling elements of this film is its similarities to 2018 America. Dom na Marse exposes to its audiences how the environmental path our current society has been setting forth for decades will affect the living conditions on our planet much sooner than many people, especially some world leaders, believe. Many of those said leaders are choosing to ignore the rapidly growing affects of climate change, but Dom na Marse exposes those indiscretions and present to the world a future that may be ours. Perhaps most importantly, Dom na Marse serves as a warning to those If the United States doesn’t vote out the 1%, the people who support progress only when it supports them, the people who mold the country for themselves rather than those they are chosen to lead, then this miserable existence is the present and future of our country (and eventually our planet).


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Costs $350

Liz and Jamie's homey apartment is a key element in creating a hellish world that used to be home.


Costs $600

Liz and Jamie's homey apartment shows the happiness they shared and how climate change affected it.

Trooper Uniform

Costs $200

Our trooper is a physical representation of the government Liz fears so desperately.


Costs $140

We are creating a specific vision for our audience which requires precise lenses to see it through.

SD Cards

Costs $80

You can never have too much storage space!

Boom Mic / Pole Setup

Costs $200

We will be renting most of our equipment for maximum efficiency.


Costs $120

We will be renting six stingers for two days of shooting.

Apartment Decor

Costs $200

Part of the homeyness of their apartment is the decor and the elements of climate change inside it.


Costs $450

We will be renting three lights for two days of shooting.


Costs $120

We will be renting four C-Stands for two days of shooting.


Costs $100

What set is complete without a million or so sandbags?

Hair Products and Makeup

Costs $100

To make it believable that they have survived a crippling drought, we will need specific products.


Costs $600

We will be feeding around ten people three meals a day for two days. A fed crew is a happy crew!

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

Dom na Marse is director Charlie Brewer's first post-grad project. Fresh from Emerson College, Charlie wrote this script in 2017 as a play. Once they moved to Los Angeles in July, they realized it would lend itself to shifting into a short film and the rest, as they say, is history. 


One of the first roles filled was Producer, as Jessica Balunas is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to the creation of a short film. Our no-nonsense right hand woman takes Charlie's vague, often nonsensical direction and molds it into a legitimate business plan that will result in a fantastic short.


Our left hand man, Assistant Director Alex Powell, has worked with Charlie before on short films and has proven himself quite an asset in the filmmaking world. His talents extend, but are not limited to, cinematography, screenwriting, sound design, gaffing, editing, and all around moral support. 


The rest of this powerful crew includes Director of Photography Molly Becker, Art Director Noelani Mei Lee, Costume Designer Caroline Blatz and composer Alenni Davis. These talented people have teamed up with this group of creatives with fresh eyes to create a project that emits true reality, passion and emotion.

Current Team