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It's time to #ShatterTheStigma surrounding pregnancy loss and infertility, and this film empowers people to start sharing their stories. This documentary has been entirely funded by people passionate to see change, and we need you to join them to help finish this film.

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The Story

We should be able to talk about miscarriage, stillbirth and infertility without shame or stigma. This film is going to help make that happen. 


Pregnancy loss and infertility are incredibly common, and yet most people who suffer through them do so in silence. Cultural cues pressure people to not talk about their losses or infertility, which contributes to a lack of education and awarness.


The fact is, most people don't realize how common these things are, and they don't realize that it affects someone they know. 


Through expert interviews and personal stories, this film will educate and spread awareness about the causes of pregnancy loss and infertility, and will explore the cultural roots of the stigma. 


The only way we're going to #ShatterTheStigma and take these topics out of the shadows is to start sharing our stories. That's what this film hopes to accomplish. 


We've raised $39K between two incredibly successful crowdfunding campaigns in the last year to start and then finish production. We're incredibly grateful for our generous and passionate supporters. 


We're back for one final campaign to finish post-production on this documentary. This project has been entirely funded by the followers of this project, which makes it even more amazing. 


Please pledge to support this film, and Click follow to keep up-to-date on our journey. Together, we can #ShatterTheStigma and share these #UntoldStories with the world!


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Crew Payment

Costs $1,000

Our small crew works tirelessly, and often unpaid, to bring this film to life, but we have to pay them sometimes :)

Music Licensing

Costs $1,600

We want to find just the right songs to bring out the emotional notes of this film.


Costs $1,000

We need to dot all the i's and cross all the t's, and we need an expert to do it!

Graphic Designer

Costs $1,400

We need a fantastic artist/designer to make the movie poster and release images!


Costs $5,000

Someone needs to cut this film, and we think an editor is the right person for the job!


Costs $1,000

This gets our film ready to be distributed to various outlets.

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