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Thousands of Egyptians have been born out of wedlock in a society that stigmatizes and refuses to recognize them. They are even denied access to basic education, health care, and the right to vote. Doors of Mercy will tell their story and seeks to obliterate the very notion of "Illegitimacy."

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Mission Statement

Doors of Mercy tells the stories of a voiceless group of woman and children in Egypt. We are an international group of filmmakers from Egypt, India, France, and the US. Our diverse crew brings together Muslims, Jews, Christians, Hindus and Women individuals to tell this important story.

The Story

Nadia is a single working mother of a newborn baby in Cairo. Her daughter, Laila, has been born out of wedlock in a society in which there is no greater shame. Having decided to keep her baby against her family’s wishes of an abortion, both Nadia and Laila have become outcasts. Doors of Mercy follows Nadia’s struggle as she copes with both her family and a legal system designed to conceal and oppress children like Laila. As her baby falls ill, Nadia fights to obtain a birth certificate. Without it, her baby will not be given access to the medical care she so desperately needs.


Without anyone to help her, Nadia takes Laila into Cairo’s chaotic streets to get her the help she needs. Nadia goes up against her rigid society and conservative government to fight the system and ease the stigma that is destined to dominate Leila’s life. Facing a family who is ashamed of her, endless government bureaucracy, and denial from the baby’s father, the odds are not in Nadia’s favor. With a mother’s love and determination, she forges ahead.


Nadia’s struggle represents the struggle of so many women in Egyptian society. A woman with a loving family can suddenly end up alone in the world without even basic resources. Independent working women end up captives in their own homes with their babies, burdened with their families’ shame. So called “illegitimate” children grow up without access to education, health care, or citizenship.


From Nadia’s situation, she also draws strength as do countless women and children in Egypt in this predicament. She stands up and fights for the right of her and her child to exist, to be recognized, and to thrive in the face of her hypocritical society.


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Alexa mini

Costs $1,000

the compactness of the camera will be essential because it's so practical. also it has the quality of film which is what we're going for .

Government agency office

Costs $700

we will rent an office and dress it up as the GOV agencies in Egypt to show the bureaucracy.

Downtown Exterior

Costs $500

we will shoot in Cairo's downtown street live location which require permits and police presence with 50 extras in the background


Costs $300

we will rent a micro-bus for transportation during the whole period of the shoot

catering and crafty

Costs $600

we will provide water and craft services throughout the shoot for the the crew and lunch meal

production designers

Costs $700

we're planning to gather a professional art department for dressing up the locations which the main element of successful movies

Pregnant pillow , baby doll

Costs $600

we will need to ship a pregnant pillow from the US to Cairo to maintain quality and rent a baby doll

Camera and grip department crew

Costs $2,000

we will hire a professional camera and grip crew to fasten the pace of the shoot and maintain quality

Arri light kit

Costs $1,000

lights are essential to maintain a specific look and reflect the emotions of the characters

Casting room

Costs $200

We will need to rent a place to host casting, printings and announcements

Hard Drives

Costs $600

we will buy hard disks to copy and the save the footage on and also for backup

lead actress

Costs $1,000

it's important to get a professional Egyptian actress because the story all depends on her performance

editor & colorist

Costs $700

we will need to hire an editor and a colorist to start working after the shoot right away


Costs $600

composer's fees

Cannes and other international festivals

Costs $500

it's important for short films to get exposure and recognition to participate in film festivals

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

Abdallah El Daly an Egyptian Fulbright scholar, filmmaking student currently finishing my M.A. in New York Film Academy. I started working as a TV reporter at MBC, the biggest entertainment network in the Middle East, from the age of 19 to 24. During that time, I interviewed people such as British prime minister "Tony Blair" and Egyptian president "Abd-Elfattah El sisi" , and covered events such as the Egyptian revolution and two presidential elections.  Out of hundreds of applicants,  was one of the few Egyptian's filmmakers picked for the Fulbright grant in 2016. Since starting here, I have written and directed two short films and two musical montages. I have also Worked on a feature film produced by Sony pictures. also many independent and student films.


Mridul sen is an Indian based cinematographer graduated with a degree in cinematography from New York Film Academy. She is pursuing her career with passion and wants to tell stories visually through narrating the directors vision. Being brought up in a family who is actively a part of the film industry she naturally found her passion in the field. She has worked in the Indian film industry with one of the leading cinematographers Binod Pradhan


 Nadine Abdelazim - born and raised in Cairo, Egypt - is a 3D Animator and Visual Effects artist. I accomplished the one year 3D animation and Visual Effects program at New York Film Academy in Los Angeles. I got my bachelor degree in Multimedia Design from the German University in Cairo. Throughout my work, I developed an interest in  modeling, animation, texturing & lighting, and compositing


Sonja Tsypin is a cinematographer born and raised in New York City and currently based in Los Angeles. Sonja has photographed award-winning films ranging in form, content, and genre and she is committed to always finding fresh way of bringing each story to life through the visuals. She recently recieved First Place in the international 2016 KODAK Cinematography Scholarship Awards for her short film POWDER ROOM. Sonja comes from a background in fine art and she approaches cinematography as a culmination of the various artforms that she has explored over the years including painting, sculpture, installation, and performance art. Her artwork was awarded two regional Gold Keys and a national Gold Medal in the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. Sonja is currently studying towards a master's degree in cinematography at the prestigious American Film Institute (AFI) Conservatory in Los Angeles.


Ahmed Elkady - An Electronics Engineer, born in France and Raised in Cairo, Egypt. Ahmed has turned his interest to location scouting due to his passion for discovering new cutlures, exploring hidden locations, photography and meeting new people.

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