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In Douche Rehab, four diverse queer Toronto douchebags are thrust into an AA-style program designed to curb their douchey ways. They plot to dismantle the program and destroy the man behind it all in a chaotic attempt to avoid change. A queer "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" w/ a redemption arc.

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Mission Statement

We're all douchebags who can do better. We are embodying the change we want to see. Douche Rehab is the beginning of a diversity revolution in film. A movement toward more honest representation in media, with stories told and portrayed authentically.

The Story

Join the Douche Rehab Community:

Welcome to the Revolution of Representation

Imagine We Lived in a World Where Every Douche Deserves a Second Chance. Where Representation Mattered.

We want to change how film and television are made in North America and who gets to make it! Our mission is to disrupt the status quo in media and normalize honest representation in film and television. Inspired by Spike Lee's story of filming his first feature-length joint, She's Gotta Have It, in 12 days starting with $28,500. This July and August, we will shoot 7 Episodes in 8 Weeks, starring more minorities than all of the shows premiering on Fox this fall combined, with a Fraction (7/300) of a Hollywood series' budget. The revolution will be television. Join us in the fight. 

We want to build a community of over 10,000 contributors who believe in our mission and the series to reach our financial goals. Many hands make light work; if 10,000 people contribute $10, we are fully funded at $100,000!!! Please help us grow our community by sharing the dream with friends and family!

The Series:

In the bustling heart of Toronto, four queer douches are forced to embark on a riotous journey of self-discovery with the shared goal of dismantling the very system trying to reform them. Think a queer, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia with a redemption arch: one season, seven episodes, and more minorities than anything premiering on Fox or CBC. 

Douche Rehab isn't just a limited series; it's a movement towards more inclusive, diverse, and genuinely representative film and television powered by the community, for the community. This project is right around the corner! We start shooting in July and aim to have the show ready to premiere in spring 2025! 

We believe that together, we can change the way media is created, giving more power to the audience to decide the projects they want to see. By supporting this project, you are saying you believe BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ stories deserve to be shared with the world. Join us in showing the industry that we're tired of corporate white men deciding what shows and movies get made. 

In Toronto or the GTA? Come to the Douche Rehab Fundraising Showcase @ 8 PM on Friday, May 17th, @ The Royal Theatre. It's going to be a hilarious fundraising night with prizes and giveaways! Every ticket is a contribution to the show. See the hilarious cast and crew come together for unforgettable stand-up comedy and fun!

Why Douche Rehab?

"I grew up in the 90's watching In Living Color, Martin, and the Fresh Prince of Belaire. 

I loved seeing black culture, and people proudly displayed on network television. But as I got older, representation became more tokenized. It became the black best friend, the Asian kid who already knew Karate, Drake in a wheelchair. It all felt as if representation only served to progress the straight white character's story. Douche Rehab is my first shot at changing that. Be the change you want to see and all that." - Danton Lamar.

The world is filled with douchebags, and it seems they just keep getting louder and more powerful. This show is a cheeky shot at the state of the world today. We could all stand to be a bit better to someone, whether it's the people around us or ourselves. A bit of kindness goes a long way.

Why Now?

North America is a hotbed of discussion around the rights and lives of members of the LGBTQ community. Following our ensemble cast, we see into the lives of different honest queer characters. Our goal is to destigmatize the queer community. The more we see each other as similar, the better.

Photo: Vox

Now more than ever, we need a narrative showcasing the humanity we all share. Douche Rehab is a show that gives us all a chance to see ourselves in these douches as we watch them clash with the world around them. 

Why Us?

"We want to show the world that we queers are just like everyone else, douchebags, who still deserve love." - Mickey Dykeman.

"I wanted to create a series that shows that even the worst people can grow and change. A tongue-in-cheek guidebook on how to be a better you." - Danton Lamar

As comedians, Mickey and I have made a name for ourselves by founding the Comedy Lab. We are honored to run Canada's only black/queer-owned comedy club, which provides space for BIPOC and LGBTQIA comics to flourish. Naturally, we set our sights on film and television as our next frontier. 

With your support, we can change how series are made, showing the current industry that people are willing to support projects with meaningful representation. Douche Rehab is just the beginning. We will continue to challenge traditional production practices and standards for representation on both sides of the camera. 

Our mission with Werd Entertainment is to disrupt the status quo and provide a home for meaningful representation in film and television. We will do this by producing the world's most diverse film and television on and off-screen. It's about flipping the script on traditional storytelling and showing that everyone's narrative deserves a spotlight. We already run the only black/queer-owned comedy club in Canada and want to expand into 

We decided to go indie because we know this show is funny and don't want to lose creative control. We want to prove that we can create beautiful, honest TV with the support of people like you. That said if CBC or HBO wish to buy it after we have finished making it. We can talk about it. We're not allergic to money. Lol 

Who We Are: 

Crafted by a vibrant duo of queer stand-up comedians, an American black queer writer, and a Canadian transgender filmmaker, Douche Rehab is Danton & Mickey's love letter to diversity, representation, and the power of laughter to unite us all. 

Danton Lamar: Black, Queer, American comedian and writer. Founder of the Comedy Lab, Canada's only black/queer-owned comedy club, CEO of Werd Entertainment, and creator/writer for Douche Rehab

Mickey Dykeman: Trans non-binary Canadian comedian, writer, and filmmaker. They are a part owner of the Comedy Lab and Werd Entertainment and writer of Douche Rehab.

Your Contribution Creates More Than Just a Show: 

Every dollar raised brings us closer to a world where film and television are made with real people, stories, and genuine heart. From pre-production to that final wrap party, your support transforms Douche Rehab from a dream into a dazzling reality.


Charley Ashton Martinez, AKA Cam

Charlie Aston Martinez, known as Cam, embodies the quintessential "Cassanova" lifestyle, full of energy, partying, and casual flings. A proud Guyanese bisexual and self-proclaimed "fuckboy," Cam lives a life of constant social escapades, each moment a quest for the next thrill. Whether through intense drinking games or unabashedly hitting on nearly anyone he encounters, Cam embraces each experience as a potential adventure. Cam's life is a vibrant mix of daring indulgences. His real challenge lies in reconciling his public persona as a perennial party enthusiast with his true passion as an artist—a side of himself he often neglects or hides to maintain his "bro" image.

Kennedy Johnson

Kennedy Johnson is a figure of both strength and struggle, presenting a facade of niceness while wrestling with internal conflict and past traumas. Raised in a conservative, highly religious town by overbearing parents, Kennedy learned from an early age to manipulate others through a guise of kindness—a skill deeply ingrained from her upbringing where emotional manipulation was a common tactic. Today, although she appears confident and well-adjusted, Kennedy's darker tendencies surface in her enjoyment of causing emotional distress, a habit that mirrors the torment she endured during her childhood. Kennedy's life poignantly reflects her deep-seated desire to align with the North American ideal—a stable family life with a spouse, kids, and a beautiful home. Will she get her act together and get her life back?

Pin$ Montey

Pin$ Montey embodies the wild spirit of a queer punk rocker, living a life filled with high-energy antics and chaotic fun. As a natural leader with a magnetic personality, they thrive on being the life of the party, always ensuring there's never a dull moment around them. Their life is a blend of extreme behaviors—from practical jokes that often go too far to a party animal lifestyle that leaves them both admired and annoying to those closest to them. Will they learn to slow down and smell the roses?

Marvin N. Muhsin 

Marvin N. Muhsin, a proud and openly gay Persian man, embodies a complex blend of charisma and vulnerability. Raised as an only child by a financially struggling yet loving family, Marvin learned early on to navigate life's challenges with charm and wit. However, his journey toward self-acceptance could be complicated by his traumatic past. Will he be able to improve his ability to trust and genuinely connect with others, vanquishing the long shadows they have over his interpersonal relationships?

Danton Lamar

Danton Lamar, founder of Douche Rehab, has transformed his life from a challenging childhood in Massachusetts to becoming a beacon of Zen-inspired mindfulness and interaction in Canada. Danton's personal journey of transformation is the cornerstone of his program, Impulsive Behavioral Management (IBM), which he developed to help others overcome douchey traits similar to those he once struggled with. His program aims to enhance interpersonal interactions and instill a Zen approach. But what is he really up to?


How Can You Make a Difference?

Join Our Community of Changemakers and contribute: With a base goal of $100,000 CAD and a stretch goal of $500,000 CAD, every contribution helps us reach our funding targets and build a vibrant community eager to disrupt the entertainment status quo.

Every contribution helps us improve this project. 


When we reach our base goal of $100,000, we know we can make the show, and it will look "good." However, we will likely need to fundraise again to pay for post-production. We'll have pizza every day, and no one gets paid well.


We get to make the series look "Great!" Post-production won't be quick, but it'll be paid for. We'll have variety in our food, and the cast & crew will get paid better. 


We get to make the show look "AMAZING!" Post-production is covered. We get to bring the series to festivals. Everyone gets paid well. Werd Entertainment is established as the new production house for diverse content. We get to go to Cannes (OK, we'll get to apply, but I think they'll let us in;-)

Our Milestones Celebrate Every Victory:

  • $10,000: Kick off the celebration with a live stream with some cast and crew
  • $50,000: Danton & Mickey get a cake & celebrate with some of the cast and crew
  • $100,000: A Douche Rehab pizza party for everyone - live stream event with the cast & crew
  • $250,000: Sushi party for the cast & crew - live stream event
  • $500,000: Host a massive pre-production party & livestream. All contributors in or around Toronto will be invited to our wrap party (location TBD) when shooting is finished. 

Ready to Be Part of Something Big?

Douche Rehab is more than a series—it's a statement. By joining our community, contributing to our mission, and spreading the word, you're not just supporting a limited series but championing the cause for a more inclusive and diverse media landscape.

Dare to make a difference. Contribute today and join our community of changemakers. Every contribution, no matter the size, fuels our journey toward redefining representation in media. Choose your tier, unlock your rewards, and be part of the Douche Rehab legacy.

Together, We Can Create Change

Spread the Word: 

Transform the landscape of film and television by sharing Douche Rehab with friends, family, and even the skeptics. Every share, like, and mention expands our community and brings us closer to our collective goal. We're writing, fundraising, and shooting all in a year! Our first shoot day will be this July. That's a fast turnaround for an indie limited series.

Post - Revolution

The revolution will be television!

Douche Rehab is a limited series challenging the status quo of LGBTQ & BIPOC representation in film & television. Follow four Toronto douches on their forced journey of self-improvement. Be on the funny side of history. Together, we can laugh our way to a brighter future. 

Learn more here: @doucherehab

Post - Neg

I helped fund a groundbreaking TV series. You could be cool like me, but you don't like supporting projects by and about LGBTQ & BIPOC people, do you? 

Please prove me wrong. Check out Douche Rehab! It's more than a series. It's a movement! 

Learn more here: @doucherehab

Post - Proud

I did something I'm proud of today!!! I supported an inspiring indie film project. 

The world needs more positive representation in media, and Douche Rehab is it! Written by two queer comics in Toronto, this series promises to continue the fight for honest representation in media. 

Learn more here: @doucherehab

Follow the Journey: 

Follow us on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube to stay up-to-date with the fundraising campaign, behind-the-scenes content, production updates, and exclusive sneak peeks.


Use the WishList to Pledge cash and Loan items - or - Make a pledge by selecting an Incentive directly.


Costs C$15,000

We need to ensure that our cast can eat (when at home), pay rent, and do the things they like. Help us make them feel valued. Full goal $25K


Costs C$12,000

We literally can't shoot this show without our crew. They like to pay rent, buy groceries, and other fun things ;) Show them some love.

Craft Services

Costs C$10,000

We'll have a large cast & crew who we need to feed. With your help, we won't be eating pizza every day on set. Help us have some variety.

Location - Bar

Costs C$1,750

One of our characters, Pin$, owns a bar in Toronto. There are never any people, but it's perfect for a secret meeting.

Location - Secret Club

Costs C$2,500

There is a pivotal scene that takes place at a "hidden" club. It's not the size that matters. It's the angles.

Location - Danton's House

Costs C$2,500

Danton needs a house with street-facing windows and minimal security. Perfect for spying on.

Kennedy's Car

Costs C$1,200

Nice, but not too nice. She needs a car to get from place to place and occasionally a third place.

Marvin's Car

Costs C$2,000

He's a man of discerning tastes but doesn't know how to drive a standard.

Location - Vivian's House

Costs C$2,000

If they get divorced, she's keeping the house. Great house to raise a kid in.

Location - Cam's Apartment

Costs C$2,000

It's a nice place. It'd be nicer if there weren't two roommates, but that's Toronto.

Location - Event Space

Costs C$1,500

It's for a fancy people party. No Shenanigans. Ok, maybe a few.

Location - Backyard BBQ

Costs C$1,300

The kind of backyard suburban dads dream about.

DJI Ronin 4D 4-Axis Cinema Camera 6K Combo Kit

Costs C$6,000

To film the series we need a camera! We could use our phones, but we would definitely get distracted by Instagram.

Sponsor Lunch For The Cast & Crew

Costs C$250

Any day we don't have to pay to feed our lovely cast & crew is a big help to our budget.

Cash Pledge

Costs C$0

About This Team

As the lead visionary behind "Douche Rehab," I (Danton Lamar) have gathered a team that's as diverse and dynamic as the series itself. Our collective commitment to diversity, representation, and the transformative power of storytelling is what makes us uniquely suited for this project. It's more than just a web series to us; it's an opportunity to challenge norms, spotlight underrepresented voices, and make a real impact through the art of storytelling.

I bring to the table my years of experience in creating and nurturing spaces where diversity in comedy can thrive. Having founded Canada's only black & queer-owned comedy club, I've seen firsthand the power of representation and the importance of giving a platform to voices that often go unheard. My journey has been one of constant learning and adaptation, qualities I pour into every aspect of "Douche Rehab."

A few years out of film school, Mickey Dykeman injects a vibrant, innovative energy into our project. Their recent academic background, paired with their raw talent and insight, ensures that "Douche Rehab" strikes a chord with audiences and critics alike. Since launching their stand-up career, they have seen unparalleled success. They have quickly shot to a level of respect and notoriety in a few years. As a writing partner, they have been nothing short of amazing, bringing a new depth to the story and characters with their life experience. Now a co-owner in the Comedy Lab and Werd Entertainment, Mickey has earned their place at the helm of our entertainment revolution.

Jade Yurich, our production assistant, is the calm in our creative storm. His experience and demeanor bring a sense of balance and feasibility to our ambitious ideas, ensuring that we stay grounded without compromising our creative vision. Working on projects with big names like Mae Martin, Carolyn Taylor, and more, Jade has the highest level of experience producing film and television. His gregarious personality and easy-going team player vibe make him a delight to work with.

Our ensemble cast, including Ava (Al Val), Clif Knight, Foad HP, and Bonez Poley, are not just actors but storytellers in their own right. A cast of intensely talented stand-up comedians who are not just performers but embodiments of the series' ethos. Their authenticity and commitment to their craft bring our characters to life in a way that's both genuine and deeply resonant with our audience. With their roots in queer identities, both on-screen and off, this cast brings genuine, lived experiences to their roles, ensuring that "Douche Rehab" goes beyond entertainment to offer candid reflections on identity, community, and personal growth.

Channing Anderson, our director of photography, has the unique ability to capture the essence of our narrative, blending comedy with poignant moments of humanity that define "Douche Rehab." His keen eye for visual storytelling as a cinematographer ensures that the production is smooth and visually compelling. His experience and skills in shooting music videos and shorts complement the creative vision, grounding the series in professional excellence and artistic integrity.

Justin Sanchez has been an invaluable addition to our team. He was the first person to read and give notes on the pilot for "Douche Rehab" and had the honor of directing the trailer. His blend of creative insight and strategic acumen bridges the gap between our artistic aspirations and the logistical realities of bringing a web series to fruition. Justin's passion for disrupting the norm and his dedication to inclusivity align perfectly with our project's core values. His role in ensuring that "Douche Rehab" not only achieves its creative objectives but also resonates on a deeper level with our audience cannot be understated.

Together, we are more than just a team; we're a family united by a common goal—to create a series that challenges, entertains, and inspires. Our collective expertise, driven by a shared commitment to effecting change through creativity, positions us to bring "Douche Rehab" to life in a way that's not only impactful but also unforgettable.

Current Team