DOUEN II - A Caribbean Horror Short

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Horror, Thriller

Alyscia Cunningham

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Stories and folklore are fading with the elders. My goal is to give birth to one of the stories with the production of DOUEN II.

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Mission Statement

If you’re into horror movies, can you name the most recent Caribbean horror film you’ve seen? These films exist, but not on the American film circuit. The core idea of DOUEN II is to have an impact on Caribbean-American communities and to expand my reach of Caribbean horror stories into the US.

The Story

DOUEN II is a short film, but it is a proof of concept for the feature script. My goal is to produce the short in order to have it as proof of the larger-scale project, which will in turn give me the platform to raise funding for my first feature film. 

As much as I've enjoyed the process of creating short-form content in various roles (writer, director, producer), DOUEN II is a pivotal moment in my expansion into feature film. This will be a chance for me to take the experience I’ve gained, from the concept to the creation of six films, and create my first feature based on the proof of concept.

Also, interweaving my culture allows me the opportunity to bridge Caribbean-American audiences in varying generations.


A Trinidadian aunty tells her niece a scary folklore, but things take an odd turn when beings suddenly appear, signaling a glimpse warning of the threat to come.

Known for having backwards-facing feet and no distinguishable facial features except for a mouth, douen, an entity from Trinidad and Tobago folklore, are said to be children who died before being baptized and forced to roam the earth as mischievous spirits. However, the younger generation hears the stories from the elderly, who know them. Sania assists her aunt Sybil in making traditional Trinidadian bread while she tells the story of these spirits' creation. As the Imps emerge throughout the narrative, Sania realizes that something is strange. She quickly finds that her visions are warnings of horrible encounters that are yet to come.

The main influences on my work as an artist were the narratives that were shared with me as a child. For that, I thank my parents. My father, who is an amazing storyteller and artist, shared all of the scary Trinidadian folklore with me and my brothers. Alongside these tales, both of my parents shared true stories of their childhood trauma and their survival. 

I didn't know it then, but it was the beginning of my journey as a documentarian and horror filmmaker. It may seem like an odd combination, but looking back, the stories my parents shared with me combined both horror and true resilience.

Because I am a woman, I realized the stories I create are relative to that experience and encompass women surviving challenging circumstances, including horrific encounters. This theme is evident as I continue to evolve my artistry. It is also evident within the core mission of IMPS.


Unfortunately, as the elders are fading, so are their stories, traditions, and folklore. My main goal with the production of DOUEN II is to bring life to Caribbean folklore with the aspiration of restoring memories within the older generation and sparking a new understanding within the younger generation.



We need your support to help cover the production expenses. This includes:

  1. Gear equipment
  2. Craft services
  3. Production Insurance
  4. Filming location
  5. Cost for the actors
  6. Props & Wardrobe

If we exceed our fundraising goal, the remaining funds will cover post-production and distribution expenses, including submissions to film festivals. 



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Looking to support an independent Caribbean horror film? Check out DOUEN 2, a horror-thriller short written and directed by @alysciacunningham, based on a Trinidad & Tobago folklore. Support the campaign here:




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Moko Jumbie

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About This Team

Writer & Director

Alyscia Cunningham @alysciacunningham is an award-winning author, filmmaker, tactile artist, and photographer who has contributed to the Smithsonian, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, and AOL. Her work focuses on women discovering their strengths and surviving challenging circumstances.  

Alyscia is a first-generation American. She discovered that her passion for storytelling began when she was a young girl. Hearing stories from her Caribbean elders about their upbringing, challenges, scary folklore, and the obstacles they've overcome was the ignition to what she now creates in the documentary and narrative realms. Alyscia is the Founder of Her House Media™, a media company that produces documentary and horror films written and directed by women of color. She is a TEDx speaker, has been recognized as Forbes ‘The Next 1000, and is an award recipient of the American Express 100 for 100 Program. Learn more about Alyscia by visiting her website -

Director of Photography

Sed Gary is a versatile cinematographer and unit still photographer, rooted in the dynamic landscape of Maryland. His expertise extends across the realms of stills and motion work, a testament to his unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional visual narratives. Sed has cultivated a wealth of experience through diverse roles on various film sets, showcasing his adaptability and proficiency. As the founder of Dream Story Productions, LLC in 2010, Sed has propelled his company to excellence, particularly in the realms of production, film stills, and impactful brand campaigns.

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