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Join Sam, her Autistic brother Carl, estranged sister Lillian & friend Lewis, as they try to navigate life in a small town. It's 1993 and the south is in the worst drought in history but Carl is fascinated by weather. Hoping for a better life, they steal an ice-cream truck to chase a storm.

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Mission Statement

Our heart through this film is to bring awareness & acceptance to Autism and specifically how siblings interact and cope. Written and produced by two female filmmakers, we are committed to have a diverse crew in gender and race.

The Story

Our belief is that film can move people in a way that allows them to see the world and others around them in a new perspective. That is why we were inspired to create Drought.


UPDATE - Drought has completed production & is currently in post!

In 2015, we dreamed of creating a story to change the perspective of others towards Autism, create opportunities for women in film, & employ talented folks in our community. In 2018, we did just that!! After winning the Seed&Spark Hometown Heroes Rally in 2017, we were on our way to make Drought with the help of The Duplass Brothers as Executive Producers. Now we are super close to finishing the film & hope to have a 2020 festival run & distribution!



What is Drought? 

Drought is the coming of age story of Sam who lives in a small southern town with her younger brother Carl, who is on the Autism Spectrum. Carl is fascinated by weather but the only problem is, the town is going through a drought. When Carl is fired from his job & their mom isn't around to help, the siblings decide to chase a storm out west with their best friend Lewis & estranged older sister Lillian. The four of them take off in hopes of finding the ultimate storm, but along the way they find much more when they learn about forgiveness, acceptance, and following your dreams.


Why Wilmington, NC?

Our beautiful town of Wilmington, NC & surrounding area is a community with a strong film history. As things shifted in the industry and productions left town, we decided to create our own films to tell inspiring stories, give jobs to those in our area, and experience to people passionate about learning this craft. When we heard about the Hometown Heroes Rally through Seed&Spark, we had to enter, it was exactly our heartbeat. 



Where did this story come from?

After gaining experience through our first short films, we were moved to write a story that just could not be contained in a short format. It deserved to be told in a feature length film. That story would turn into Drought. Before becoming an actor, and now director, screenwriter, and producer, Hannah was a teacher for children who are on the Autism spectrum. These kids showed her that they are unbelievably talented, smart, and have so much to offer the world. Yet there still seems to be so much that is misunderstood about these amazing people. She also discovered that there is another group of people that are just as amazing, the siblings of children on the spectrum. Often times these siblings provide a lot of care for their brother or sister and can be overlooked due to the energy it takes to raise a child with Autism.



Why are we're raising more funds?

Great question! We originally budgeted for our film to be completed on a 50k budget. We were really on track to do just that when a giant hurricane decided to join the party. Now, you plan for contingencies in film but not usually at Category 4 Hurricane! We also realize that this story is really special & deserves the best finishing touches which are more than we had originally planned. Our heart & hope is to raise the funds and audience to complete this story so that the WIDEST audience will see it!


In short, the funds contributed to this campaign will go to finishing the film in post-production including color, sound mixing, score, festival submissions, and all the technical things that make movies stand out! We will start festival submissions in August of this year!



Here are ways to join us in finishing this film:

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- Share, share, share! Please share our page to your social media platforms. Tell your mom, your dad, your co-workers, your neighbors, your high school ex boyfriend or anyone who is interested in Drought!

- Contribute financially to the campaign (any amount is amazing) and be a part of bringing this story to the big screen & small screen - all the screens!



We cannot thank you enough for your interest and support in this story. Our hope is to bring everyone together and celebrate the unique differences we have and we cannot do that without you!


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Costs $3,000

This will help secure a sound studio for post that will make Drought the best it can be.


Costs $1,000

A great film deserves a great score! This will employ our talented musicians!

Festival Costs

Costs $1,000

Festivals are expensive! This will help us submit to festivals and be seen by the widest audience.

DCP - Digital Cinema Package

Costs $1,000

So very smart people help make the film ready for the big screen. It's a lot of technical craziness!


Costs $1,000

We need to reach the widest audience & a professional is key!

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team


Megan Petersen & Hannah Black

Megan & Hannah co-created this story together in 2015. They met a couple years prior in a Meisner Acting Class at Actor's Arsenal in Wilmington, NC. During that time, they made multiple short films & discovered their knack for working together. 


After college, Hannahs began teaching and assisting children on the Autism spectrum. This inspired her to write the screenplay for Drought. When she brought the idea to Megan, they created the story & on a leap of faith decided to enter the Hometown Heroes Rally, act in the film, and direct it too! 



The Team! 

The photo above includes most of our incredible cast & crew! (Check out the Images section to see everyone). We could not have done this without these people. When we say we have the best crew on the planet, we truly mean that. We're so beyond impressed with the talent and commitment of the folks in Wilmington, NC.




Current Team