Dude, You're a Fag

Tuscaloosa, Alabama | Film Short

Drama, LGBTQ

M.K. Phillips

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Today, heteronormativity is still heavily policed and valued. Based on true events, our film is set in a high school where the fag discourse and masculinity are at the heart of the school's social structure. Through this film, we are highlighting these wrongs and informing larger audiences.

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Mission Statement

Our film showcases the queer community by utilizing a young and diverse cast of characters. Through the use of visual storytelling and the overall message, the film will resonate with a young audience.

The Story

In 2004, graduate student, C.J. Pascoe, observes alarming social behaviors between students and faculty in a Southern Californian high school named River High. Through interviews and observations, C.J. attempts to understand the toxic relationship between homophobia and masculinity. During her time at River, not only does C.J. confirm her concerns for the fag discourse among this community, she also uncovers the impact the subject matter has on her.


In today's society, we seem to have selective memory when it comes to our history with homophobia. We like to think that the fag discourse doesn't exist anymore. But even though society has progressed, this hate is still out there. Reflecting on the recent Orlando shooting and the countless stories of teen suicide, we feel that this is a story that needs to be told. This story touches on a personal level for us, having been through similar stories of harassment. Things are not as different as they were almost fifteen years ago.


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Makeup and Wardrobe

Costs $300

Makeup and wardrobe will help bring our characters to the surface and add an extra layer of depth to the characters of the story.


Costs $1,000

We will distribute promotional posters and earned rewards to those who raise money towards our film.

Living Expenses

Costs $1,000

We plan to fund a place of lodging for any crew or cast members we hire from other areas of the country.

Festival Costs

Costs $200

In order to reach a wider audience, we anticipate entering our film into various film festivals.


Costs $150

We are excited to work with an experienced Grip/Gaffer in the industry who knows the ins and outs of running a film set's electrical units.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Director of Photography

Costs $150

We are hiring a camera operator who has had a wide experience working in the industry and contributes creative license towards our film.


Costs $1,500

In order to capture our story in a crisp picture, we plan to shoot on a camera much like the Canon C100 as well as an anamorphic lens.

Catering and Craft Services

Costs $400

To keep our cast and crew at their best, we want to provide quality snacks for Craft Services and hot meals for Catering.


Costs $900

The camera operator and the Gaffer we work with will be from Los Angeles, California and actors from other places will be covered as well.


Costs $400

The film needs the casting of a lead and numerous minor characters. We will be looking to hire from out of state for various roles.


Costs $54

These props will enable us to tell an insightful and relatable story as these help our characters seem believable.

About This Team

We are passionate student filmmakers who are devoted to film production and inventive storytelling. Our number one goal is to reveal cultural aspects which are often overlooked or seen as taboo through visual artistry. With this film, we hope to enrich and inspire audiences to make these changes along with us.

Current Team