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With Duncan, we hope to provoke a conversation about the role mass media plays in stoking the fires of hate and paranoia for profit. Duncan centers on a confused and bitter young man trying to find some focus in life who realizes too late he, and others like him, are just being played.

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Mission Statement

Duncan is a film about the weaponization of angry young white men but it's also about the people who are harmed most by them and their passionate efforts to be recognized as human beings rather than targets, costarring an ambitious, driven young black woman, with a production team that is 50% women.

The Story


A fake news satire inspired by the real life conspiracy theory known as Pizzagate. An amateur journalist and a far-right militiaman team up to expose the ugly truth behind rumors involving sex cults, a pizza place and the lizard people.


















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Costs $2,000

A zoom lens keeps our camera in motion and saves big on other things that move shots.

Actors. Yes.

Costs $6,500

This cast is filled with folks paving their way from character to character. It's a hard job.


Costs $4,625

Where it's happening is important and all this money goes back into Austin roof by roof!


Costs $1,050

Guns are deadly. Our story is about stuff like that. We want best (safest) in Texas. Stan Gilbert.

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Costs $9,000

We got a GIGANTIC discount on an Arri Alexa Mini. Dear god. It's the industry standard.


Costs $8,800

Bad sound kills the illusion faster than any other aspect of indie film.

About This Team

John Valley


John Valley is an award winning filmmaker based out of Austin, Texas who has directed music videos for bands ranging from Whiskey Shivers to A Giant Dog to Sweet Spirit, and has appeared as an actor in work by Robert Rodriguez, as well as on the filmmaking reality show Rebel Without a Crew. He is currently directing the pizzagate inspired feature Duncan. Wanna see his director's reel?

Here ya' go: https://vimeo.com/263223085


Taylor Camarot


Taylor Camarot is a cinematographer with a wide array of experience, including work on the upcoming blockbuster Alita: Battle Angel (produced by James Cameron and directed by Robert Rodriguez), the Noel Wells vehicle Social Animals, HBO's award winning hit The Leftovers and more. As a director of photography, Camarot has also helped develop the visual style of Rooster Teeth, which has the highest online subscription base in the world on YouTube, with Taylor's videos amassing approximately 15 million views. Outside of film, Camarot's work has also appeared in music videos for acts like Thievery Corporation and in commercials for Adidas and Mercedes.

Morgan Davis


Morgan Davis is a producer whose most recent film work is the Ryan Darbonne directed short film I AM TX, about a black punk trio just trying to play the final show of their tour while dealing with a whole lot of subtly racist bullshit. Through his Austin music focused media company Ovrld, Davis has also produced documentaries on bands like Magna Carda and received a Cultural Arts Division grant for his work with photographer Carlos Matos on the Heart of the City project, which profiled 12 figures from the Austin music scene, including Spoon's Jim Eno, Gina Chavez, R&B legend Ms. Lavelle White and more. As a reporter and critic, Davis has appeared in Fusion (now known as Splinter), Mashable, NPR, SXSW Magazine, Spectrum Culture and more.


Malina Panovich

(Producer/Assistant Director)

Malina Panovich has worked on numerous independent projects, from the award-winning short film June (d. Huay-Bing Law) as casting director and assistant director and the web-series-turned-feature People with Issues (d. Dan Siegelstein) as producer and assistant director to the features 6 Years (d. Hannah Fidell) as assistant director and associate producer, Hellion (d. Kat Candler) as extras casting and coordinator, Discreet (d. Travis Mathews) as casting director, and Mr. Roosevelt (d. Noel Wells) as assistant production office coordinator. Malina spends as much time as she can soaking in all the weird goodness that Austin has to offer and looks forward to the imaginary day when all traffic will suddenly vanish.


Ben Oliver


Ben Oliver has worked in the film industry since 2007, mostly in lighting. He also owns and manages Aduro Film, an equipment rental company operating since 2011. He has helped produce on several other films including: Here We Are, FM 473, Dave, Scanners and more.


Joss Sanroman


Joss Sanroman's background is in advertising, with a degree in marketing that led to her working as an Account Executive on national advertising campaigns. She then moved to Austin from Mexico in 2012. Sanroman's marketing savvy has made her a valuable asset to Duncan not only for promotional purposes but also for providing perspective on media manipulation for the script. Sanroman has also appeared as an actress in music videos for bands like Good Field.


Hannah Shaper

(Casting Director)

Hannah Shaper graduated from film school at Colorado College and moved to Austin shortly after to pursue her passion for film making. She previously worked as the Assistant Director and Creative Producer on the Seed&Spark funded film Am I Out There?

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