Eating Papaw

Georgetown, Guyana | Film Short

Drama, Romance

Third Horizon

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Stories of queer Caribbean love are scarce. This film, the first of its kind in Guyana - one of the more homophobic countries in the Region - aims to shatter the stereotypes of gay men as portrayed in film and theater. Your support of the production of this story will get us that much closer.

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Mission Statement

As a Director, I always aim to tell authentic stories. I seek truth in places people are often afraid to look and explore subjects considered taboo in Guyana. These stories encourage audiences to unpack societal norms and embrace personal and collective transformative change.

The Story

As of the beginning of this campaign, we have finished principal photography. For 6 days, between July 15 and 17, we worked tirelessly to complete the shoot, traveling between Hope Beach on the East Coast of Guyana, to Yarrowkabra, on the Linden Highway.

We are now in the midst of post-production with an August 30 deadline to produce a first cut of the film and a September 30 deadline to produce the final cut.

We had an amazing cast and crew who showed up to set everyday, even when dealing with personal challenges, and will use the funds raised in this campaign, to pay them for their work during pre-production and principal photography, and to pay for editing, ADR, music composition and sound design.

Rae Wiltshire - Asim
Isaiah Lewis - Hasani
Sonia Yarde - Athena (Hasani's Mother)
Mark Luke Edwards - Abdul (Asim's Dad)
Akbar Singh, Hansraj Arjun, Dexter Gardener - Extras

Writer/Creative Director - Rae Wiltshire
Producer - Melissa Roberts
Director - Nikose Layne
Camera Operator - Phillip Drayton
Sound - Burchmore Simon
Sound Assistant - Jeremiah Alexander
Set Designer - Dexter Gardener
Script Supervisor - Sonia Yarde
Make-up Artist - Keziah Sandiford
Production Assistant - Gavin Mendonca
Associate Producer - Akbar Singh

Once completed, the film, along with 7 other shorts funded by the Commonweath Writers, Commonwealth Shorts: Caribbean Voices program, will be submitted collectively, to various film festivals, in Guyana, the Caribbean and around the world.

With your contribution, if we meet 80% of our goal, we will receive the funds raised during this campaign. Our stretch goal, for if the project surpasses 100% funded, is $10,000. If we are able to raise these additional funds, we will be in a position to reimburse our producer's out-of-pocket costs, to cover bank conversion and activity fees for use of the funds we receive, and to buy some additional and needed items to complete our camera and light set up, for use on future projects.

Thank you for your support and we are looking forward to sharing our story with you!! We leave with a view of the sunset, at Hope Beach on the East Coast of Guyana, one of our sets for the film.

We welcome and appreciate your contribution to this project and look forward to making you a part of our film family.



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Editing, Sound Design, Music Composition, Color

Costs $2,500

Your contribution will be used to pay for editing, sound design, coloring, and music composition.

Cast and Crew Wages

Costs $5,000

Our cast and crew worked for deferred compensation.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

Our team is made us of 100% Guyanese who are fully committed to this project and what it means to Guyana and to the team as a whole. Some of our cast and crew have been with us in previous projects so we understand the love and appreciation that they have for us and what we practice. Some of the others are new but the talents and skills that they bring is absolute top-notch! Everything that we are about to accomplish cannot be done without the support of this amazing group of people! 

Thank you!


Current Team