Echoes in Silence

New York City, New York | Film Short

Drama, Experimental

Viktoria I.V. King

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Beyonce's "Lemonade" but for the #MeToo movement meets "Fight Club". ECHOES IN SILENCE is a universal story about self-acceptance, healing & sisterhood. This film is told through the lens of six different women who are a manifestation of one woman as she finds sisterhood & peace in her life again.

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Mission Statement

This project increases representation & inclusion both in front of & behind the camera. The entire cast, creative team & crew are ALL WOMEN from different backgrounds and sexual orientations. This film has rich 3-dimensional female characters that truly passes the Bechdel & DuVernay tests easily!

The Story

What is this film really about?

Six women who are a manifestation of one women go on a journey to find truth in themselves whilst formulating a sisterhood along the way. This is a story about Sisterhood, Self- Acceptance & Construction over Destruction.


This film is Beyonce's "Lemonade" but for the #MeToo movement meets "Fight Club".


"If you had a chance to be reborn, what would you do differently?" - Echoes in Silence


Why is this film Important?

Helmed by Film Fatale Director, Viktoria I.V. King, "Echoes in Silence" is the inclusive all female cast & crew nuanced psychological coming of age drama with a "Fight Club" twist;  Bechdel & Ava DuVernay tested film you've been waiting for. 


Everyone talks about making movies. Sometimes you’ve just gotta do it.


It explores challenging themes like self-acceptance, identity but most importantly sisterhood. 





Director's Statement

This is the perfect time for women to use art to amplify their voices and demand to be seen and heard. We wanted to tell a story about women and not have it be about men, or anything sexy or anything that has been done repeatedly before. We wanted to create a film --a serious film-- that reminded us why we are artisis in the first place. To tell and express art! Also, to elevate the representation of real women not the 2-dimensional characters we see in movies that are barely there to service a story. With this story, each woman has to overcome an obstacle or a challenge in order to get to the root of their problem or to the truth of themselves. They are revealing what is usually silenced.


This film is strongly about sisterhood and the strength and beauty that occurs when women work together and support one another. This film is also dealing with a lot of Mental Health issues. And with May being Mental Health Awareness month, it's extremely timely that we make this film because the stigma against mental health is starting to crumble. And the voices of women need to be amplified moreso now than ever before. 


Why Should You Help Us?

We are so proud of the work we’ve done thus far with pre-production and what our insanely talented team will accomplish. 


We assembled a truly talented, charismatic, passionate and hard working team. A diverse group of  women who love what they do and care about how they do it.  


We want to do it right, and honor the talents of the those who have poured themselves into this by delivering a high-quality finished product that will light up the screen at film festivals. We truly cannot do this without your help!


This is an exciting step in our journey forward, and we would be honored to have you join in helping us shape our futures at this crucial time.


Much Love,


-Echoes in Silence Team!


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We want to be able to pay the amazing industry female crew who will bring this movie to life!

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We want our professional SAG-AFTRA working actresses to be able to pay their New York rent!

Craft Services

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We want the crafty table to be healthy and top notch!

Make-up & Wardrobe

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The women in this film all have very different styles and looks that we want to capture properly!

About This Team


Viktoria I.V. King is a proud Film Fatale Member. 


Viktoria I.V. King is a multi-ethnic, award-winning British-American Director, Producer, Writer and Photographer. Having produced and directed content ( Theatre, Commercials, & Film) both in the UK and the US. She's had her work featured in muliple publications and film festivals throughout the country.  Her feature film, Gray's Disconnect (new title) had it's world premiere at Melbourne International Film Festival. She's also a former dancer and a classically trained actress which rounds out her versatility in the arts. She's the Creative Director and Executive Producer at CYNE 59 Productions ( She believes in quality over quantity. 


She is also the creator/writer of the award-winning comedic series "FML" (F**k MY Life) Series. that has distribution with REVRY.



Producer/Director Danielle Earle from LA Web Series Award Winning Series "Brooklyn Is In Love," presents her seventh production from PL Entertainment LLC, "Haunted Mind of An Insomniac," starring Ebeneezer Nii Sowah, Leigh Poulos, and Irma Cadiz.  


Danielle has been working in the film industry for 8 years. She is a member of the Writer's Guild of America East, and has been recognized in the media for the critically acclaimed LGBT feature film "Lover's Game,"starring Crawford M. Collins, Miranda McCauley, and Blaine Pennington. The film has been featured in many publications such as Curve Magazine, AfterEllen, SheWired, Women of Upstate New York, and News 12 New Jersey. 


Her latest Award Winning Film, "Lea," Produced by Danielle's company, PL Entertainment LLC, and directed by Award Winning Filmmaker Jay Palmieri just won 3 Awards this fall, including the Award of Recognition for the Best In Shorts Competition,and Best Audience Choice of the Month Award at Direct Monthly Online Festival, and LA Independent Film Festival Awards. The film is currently screening at Los Angeles Cinefemme.


Chithra is a filmmaker with an MFA in Film Production from the University of Texas in Austin. She crafts audiovisual stories in various platforms in order to break societal barriers, build bridges and change attitudes. Her short film Mijo was aired on KLRU TV, PBS and in more than 50 film festivals around the world. Her feature documentary, Foreign Puzzle, was part of the Mid Atlantic Arts Foundations "On Screen In Person Tour." She is in production for an interactive documentary project titled - 1001 Breast Cancer Nights and an untitled adoption documentary. She is the recipient of the Creative Arts Fellowship and BAVC National Media Maker Fellowship for 1001 Breast Cancer Nights. While she still finds real people far more interesting, all the fake news and 45 drove her out of Washington D.C. She lives in New York now and hopes to make fantastical fiction films about our lived experiences. (Twitter: @realtalkies).


Liza is a NYC-based cinematographer fascinated by humans, light and stories of identity, location and the why. She enjoys collaboratively developing and crafting the visual language unique to each story, and puts social relevance at the forefront. She draws from an exhaustive background in traditional, digital, photographic and theater arts, before coming up in the ranks of the camera department and co-founding Curiouser Creative, an award-winning media production company. In her downtime, Liza enjoys travelling, southern exposure, dancing enthusiastically and her batdog Jessie.


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