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When Jamie’s oldest son, Jason, comes back home from college, tensions rise due to Jason’s new outlook on his family’s cultural values. Jamie struggles with keeping the balance between Jason’s new Western attitude and her patriarchal father’s desire to uphold Chinese culture.

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Mission Statement

Egg Drop Soup seeks to tell a relatable story about finding the balance between two cultures and accepting the differences between generations in a Chinese-American family.

The Story

Water has been a constant theme in my life. When I was born, my family gave me a name related to water and later told me that my birth relates to a Chinese mythical character: the daughter of the Dragon King in the East Sea. With that in mind, I have carried that theme of water throughout my life and have applied it to every film I have created. 

Within my creative projects, this theme includes three different forms of water: ice, water, and steam. These forms are embedded into the characters’ personalities. Ice represents characters who are stuck, as if trapped in ice, having flaws in their character or lacking confidence. Water represents character flexibility, as if it were liquid, experiencing life with a positive, adaptable attitude. Steam represents a character who can influence others invisibly and have an everlasting presence, like air. 

When it comes to the story of Egg Drop Soup, there is a mixture of three types of characters in different stages of the film. Both Jamie and Jason, who are the major two characters in the film, start as an ice-type character at the beginning of the film. However, after a series of adventures, they become more understanding, which turns them into a water-type character. Characters like Ye Ye who never change their perspectives throughout the whole movie would be identified as the ice-type character. 

Other than the water theme, my ethnicity is another major reason why I want to make this film. Asian ethnicity is my distinguished identity in this big melting pot. The film industry is becoming increasingly diverse with productions spearheaded by under-represented groups succeeding critically and commercially more than ever. After Everything Everywhere All At Once achieved great success in the country, I am eager to accomplish a film that tells a story that is also about my culture. I hope this film can find those audiences who feel related to the content. 

Jamie is a single mom with two children in her family. Besides her bakery business, she struggles with keeping the balance between her patriarchal father’s desire to uphold Chinese traditional culture and her eldest son Jason’s new Western attitude. 

Jason is the eldest child in the family. As an adult who just graduated from college, he has the burden of taking care of the business side of the family bakery for his mom, Jamie. However, he wants to find jobs that have more opportunities and are located in bigger cities. His Americanized perspective diverges from his family’s Chinese traditional perspective. 

Lucy is the youngest child in the family. She lives under the shade of her “perfect” brother. Lucy is expected to enter a good college with her excellent violin skill by Jamie. However, her real desire is to play basketball and she tries her best to make Jamie treat her as an adult so she can make decisions for her life.   

Ye Ye is the patriarch of the family. He has spent most of his lifetime in China and has been fully influenced by the traditional Chinese culture. He always feels disappointed about how Jamie educated the children. Ye Ye’s word is law in the family. 

The visual style of Egg Drop Soup relies heavily on cinematography. It encompasses a warm and bright tone in the family house. By embracing the warmth and brightness, it makes the home feel like belonging for everyone if they encounter problems. Here are some examples. 

For places that are not the family house, such as bakery, high school, hospital, etc. The overall tone would be cooler lightings, which would make those place distinguished from the house. Here are some examples:

As we enter the crowdfunding phase of pre-production, we are making our final changes to the script and going full throttle until we wrap production at the end of June. Every contribution to our campaign will go a long way in helping us secure locations, production design elements, equipment, food for cast/crew, and supporting the amazing talent that is putting this film together.

The film will be shot June 3rd - 25th of 2024 and will be finished in May of 2025.

If you are able to contribute to this project, you will bring us a step closer to reaching our goal!

Sharing the link to this campaign with your friends and family would allow us to broaden our reach and, inevitably, create this film!

Are you feeling as pumped about this film as we are? Talk about it! You’ll help us in building our audience!

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About This Team

Yvonne Yang is currently a senior at Southern Methodist University. She is obtaining a BFA in Film Media and Arts and BS in Data Science. She has directed “Reflection,” “Ants On A Log,” and “Speculo” throughout her college life. Other than directing, Yvonne is fond of cinematography as well. She has recently been the cinematographer for Kaytlyn Bunting’s thesis film “Home Pasture,” and she hopes that her cinematography experience will help guide her direction of Egg Drop Soup. Yvonne is really excited about this directing opportunity and wants to bring the authenticity of the story to the screen and as a result, make her audience feel heard.

Tyler Chapman is a Film and Advertising double major with a minor in business at SMU. He has produced 5 short films and an award winning spec PSA campaign for the client Fight The New Drug. He has worked on many other films in various roles within the camera and production departments as well. He has a long standing passion for creating unique narratives about topics often overlooked by society. The family driven story within Egg Drop Soup is what initially attracted him to the project. There is nothing better than seeing a film go from script to screen so he is thrilled to embark on producing his first feature with his frequent collaborators Yvonne, Juan, and Suniti.

Suniti Bhikshesvaran is a junior at Southern Methodist University in the Film BFA and Marketing BBA programs and is excited to be one of the producers of Egg Drop Soup. She has always been drawn to the art of storytelling, especially through the mediums of dance and film, which has led her to experiment with intersecting these art forms to create video productions and bring original scripts to life. She has had the opportunity to work on nearly 20 SMU student sets and in various media internships in both Texas and California. This story exploring self-identity and generational immigration is close to her heart and she looks forward to bringing it to the screen alongside the rest of the Egg Drop Soup team. 

Juan Davalos is a junior at Southern Methodist University pursuing two majors in the Meadows School of the Arts, a Film and Media Arts BFA and a Creative Computing BA. He is excited to delve deep into the entire process of creating a feature-length film and learn from this experience. Egg Drop Soup allows him to look at the filmmaking process from a logistical POV instead of his usual creative perspective like in his past two shorts he directed and the many other sets he's been on as a crew head. He has loved film as an art form since childhood, instilled by his mother, who showed him the incredible Black and White films of the Mexican Golden Age of Cinema. The film's story relates to his family dynamics and experiences, his leading motivators to create a phenomenal movie with the Egg Drop Soup creative team, Yvonne, Tyler, and Suniti.

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