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Indecision can feel like a crisis. This surreal, thoughtful comedy brings together two strangers, both in the midst of making life changing decisions. Ellipsis brings internal fears and anxieties into the external world, conveying these fears in a physical, fantastical way.

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Mission Statement

Ellipsis was written with the explicit intention of creating well rounded, fully realized characters, who happened to be women. This project is also the narrative debut of Sweet & Spicy Filmworks, a diverse company striving to highlight voices so often silenced elsewhere.

The Story



A series of three dots that indicates hesitation, the omission of text, or a signal that more is to come.


Mel is struggling with a severe case of writer's block, and is questioning if this is the life she truly wants to lead, while Rachel was just proposed to, and has severe cold feet about the decision she has to make.


We're combining real people and surreal elements with the intention of really getting in Mel's head. Her writer's block becomes physical, and her internal world is displayed for us to see.




"Finally, some small insight into how difficult it is to listen to yourself first. Showing women it's okay to doubt at times, but also to believe in one's self. You know when you know."



"I’m really excited to give a visual interpretation of feeling immobile in ones own head. It’s something we all go through and maybe seeing someone else work their way out of that mental maze, might just give a viewer some motivation in their lives."



"I was drawn to this story because I recently spent the better part of a year stuck in a loop of writer’s block and indecision. Emily’s script portrays that feeling in such a vivid way and I’m excited to see it come to life!"



"This story is extremely personal to me. (Are you surprised? I did write it, after all.) Portraying this feeling of indecision, while at the same time creating opportunities for women, is what I'm most excited about."


Sweet & Spicy Filmworks designs and creates short impactful content, be it music videos, commercials or short films. We aspire to create memorable, visual pieces that explore a wide array of perspectives and voices. 


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Costs $400

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Crew Labor

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These people work hard, and few do it for free!

Arri Alexa Camera

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Sound Equipment

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Costs $575

To protect our expensive equipment and incomparable crew.


Costs $300

We want our duds to tell the same story we are.

Set Dressing/Props

Costs $200

To personalize our beautiful space to fit our story.

Hair & Make-up

Costs $150

For continuity's and beauty's sake!


Costs $200

We want to make sure you can see the story we're telling.

Visual Effects

Costs $300

We need special help to convey this surreal story.


Costs $200

It's a very short film, but there will be a lot to put together.

Post Production Sound

Costs $600

To help create an immersive experience.

Film Festival Circuit

Costs $330

To spread the love of our film!

About This Team

Christa Beth Watkins

Christa Watkins comes from a long line of self taught, dedicated and hardworking Film Makers, the same attributes she has adopted for herself. With their collective 40+ years of Costume Designing, Directing, Producing, Stunt Performing and Coordinating it has truly become the Family Business. 

Since 2010 Christa has worked consistently in the Camera Department on Network TV shows and Feature Films such as Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Now You See Me, and most recently TNT’S #1 Hit 'CLAWS' Seasons 1 and 2.


Being in the trenches with others crew members has given Christa an even deeper understanding of all roles folks play to achieve the finished project. As well as an insiders appreciation of the technical ins/outs of the day-to-day. Most especially maintaining that trust given from the crew and empathy for the individual.


This is what Christa strives to work on and build upon every day.

Andre Herrera

As a creative director Andre oversees all production at “Sweet & Spicy”, from concept through production and post, he’s there every step of the way. 


Andre has formed a lot of his working relationships with other creative film minds though his active career as an Assistant Director on Television Shows like Claws & Queen Sugar and films like Girls Trip & Cut Throat City.


As a new venture, Andre is excited to bring his experiences and eye for detail to the creative team at Sweet & Spicy Filmworks.

Erik Skramstad

Erik is a writer/director/rascal who is a fan of all things strange and genuine. He is drawn to extremes. The dissonant and the harmonic. Erik is the one head banging in the background of your selfie. Erik left you a note at your last party and you haven’t found it yet. 


There is nothing like being behind the camera as you watch an idea take form in reality. Nothing.

Erik has worked across several departments in the film industry on films like Jurassic World , The Magnificent Seven, and Logan. During that time, Erik was able to connect with a variety of people who, like himself, wanted to use their skills to create something of their own. That is how he formed such a lasting friendship with Christa and Andre, and how he has formed a network of talented, passionate collaborators in this city.

Emily Russell

Emily is an actor, sunshine enjoyer, and SPF enthusiast. Comedy makes her think just as much as TED talks do, and she mines each for inspiration and insight.


Since graduating in 2009 with a BFA in performance, she has been pursuing a career in film, television, and theatre. Look for her in the upcoming feature Easy Does It, as well as commercials across the southeast.

Current Team