At The End Of The Day

Lakeland, Florida | Film Feature

Comedy, LGBTQ

Kevin O'Brien

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A conservative professor at a Christian college experiences a profound change when he finds himself in a gay support group to stop their launch of an LGBT homeless teen shelter in their small town.

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Mission Statement

Our film, at its core, is about listening to the stories of others and valuing them as much as your own. Out in front is a call for LGBT+ inclusion, but that extends to everyone who you see as "other." We are honored to cast all genders and orientations in this film about love and acceptance.

The Story

I am a straight, Christian ally, but I wasn't born that way.

For many of us who have grown up in Evangelicalism, there is a very real, very slow, and very hard shedding of theology we were taught, and discovering our own way of life and faith.

In early 2014, after making 75 short films, I decided to begin my first feature film. I have a strong value of not settling for "safe" stories, so I knew my first feature had to be something important and unique.

And by far, one of the hardest issues to shed is that of the LGBT community. 

All I can speak to is my own journey, and it certainly started by storytelling. By opening myself to honor the stories of my LGBT friends who also follow Christ. According to the faith of the church of my youth, this wasn't possible. And yet, here it was, happening right before my eyes. Lesbian friends of mine, living in a committed relationship of over 20 years, bearing more Christlike fruit than I was. 

This sent my wife and I on a journey of questions. And the answer we've come to is that: Christians have been trying to have answers to questions for a long time now. I think it's time we lay that down and start asking questions - and take the time to truly listen. I know that's when I developed the most meaningful relationships with people.

At the heart of the film, amid the humor and quirk, is the sad truth that up to 40% of homeless teens are LGBT. Most of this has happened in religious homes, as the result of parent's not knowing how to, or being unwilling to, understand or deal with the sexual orientation or gender identity of their child.

And when religious parents have turned to Christian counselors or pastors or authors for help, all too often they are told to not accept their child.

At The End Of The Day is not about LGBT rights. It is not about marriage equality.

At The End Of The Day is about listening. It is about acknowledging there is much in the world I don't know. And it's about asking questions more than having the answers.

I've put together an amazing team, raised a bunch of resources (as well as $30,000 of my own money), and are currently in production of an amazing story.

But we need help so people can actually see it. Please pledge, follow, and share!


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About This Team

Kevin O'Brien Writer/Director/Producer
That's me! While this is my first feature, I've written and directed over 75 short films in the past five years (see my favorites here). My shorts have won awards and gotten into festivals, but I'm more satisfied when my films move people. I want to make films that move people to live better stories. And that's what this project is for me.

Brandon D. Hyde Director of Photography IMDB
Cinematography is the art of bringing the written word to the big screen. Brandon David Hyde began his journey into this art at the age of 22 while earning his bachelor’s degree in Film Studies from Southeastern University in Lakeland, FL and finishing his education at Los Angeles Film Studies Center. Since then, he has continued to learn, grow and hone his craft into the award-winning storyteller that he is today. Brandon focuses on feature films, short films, music videos and commercials and is available for domestic and international shoots.

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