Enid's Wall

Harwich, Massachusetts | Film Feature

Drama, LGBTQ

Kristin Holodak

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Enid’s Wall is a ghost story. A coming-of-older-age drama. A love letter to the sea and to the shore. But, above all, it’s a story about belonging. The need that drives us all.

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Mission Statement

In front of the camera, 6 of the 7 main roles are women over 50. Behind the camera, our goal is 50% women and maximizing diversity in general.

The Story

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There’s a sentiment that I’ve heard repeatedly from older women after they see a movie: “Well that was ok, but I’m not really the target audience, am I?” And, “They’re never about me.”
Depictions of women over 50 —with their hopes, passions, joys, disappointments, regrets—are woefully under-represented in film. As with minority and diverse populations, these stories are way overdue. Now’s the time to fill that gap. And Enid’s Wall hopes to do just that.
This film is a love letter to all the older women in my life who never get to see themselves in movies. And because I love them, I’m giving them a story set in Cape Cod, Massachusetts—the most beautiful place I know.
Although it takes place in a stunning seaside enclave, Enid’s Wall has a universal reach. 

Like most of us, our main character, Enid, has been uprooted by life—from the routine and comfort of being a married high school teacher in Virginia, to being alone in a new town where she knows no one. 
I know Enid’s struggle because I’ve lived it. And I know many others have too. It’s a common struggle not often discussed:  
How do you chart a path from outsider to insider, and how do you know when you’ve arrived?   
After the death of her beloved wife, Enid retires to the town where they honeymooned. Maybe by being there she can recapture some sort of joy. It’s the only place she can remember feeling truly at home. So, over the years, she immersed herself in books about “The Cape.” 
She arrives and finds that modern life there doesn’t match her fantastical imaginings of whalers, pirates, and ghosts. So, she sets out to mold her surroundings to fit her mind’s creation.
Enid tries befriending her neighbors and a black lab. She attempts to immerse herself in the plentiful nature around her. But when her relentless optimism turns people off, she retreats to where she has always found solace — in stories. 
Reeled in by the lure of local ghost stories, Enid’s mind fills with sounds of the sails of lost ships fluttering in the wind and the songs of drowned sailors. The more she struggles to connect with the living, the more the ghosts become inviting. Those around her may think she’s going crazy, she knows the truth:  
The ghost ships will sail again.  
Enid’s passion for the folklore, legends, and history of the Cape provides a path to becoming one with the place she has always adored. In the end, she becomes a legend herself. 
The Cape has been attracting artists for over a century. It’s a place that mixes modern and old: 300-year-old cemeteries, next to modern frozen yogurt shops, next to 150-year-old churches. As Enid’s neighbor observes: the light is justly famous. It lends itself well to the cinematic telling of…  

A story about a woman who gets lured in by local ghosts and legends, and is unable to find her way out. 



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About This Team

One thing that ten years of experience in short films has taught me is that the best way to success is to surround myself with great people. 


The first person to join the team was Cinematographer Jamal Solomon. Jamal and I met in 2014 when we were both spending the season at the Maine Media Workshops. I loved his vision and style and at the time I thought, someday I will have a project big enough to hire Jamal. I knew we worked well together, and as a bonus he liked my new puppy. Five years later he came out to shoot the teaser and he got the biggest "I remember you" happy dance from the dog.


The second person to join was Producer Melody Herr. Melody and I met through the Milwaukee Filmmaker Alliance's writers' group in early 2018. My first thought upon meeting her was, "She's so cool." Little did I realize she'd become my best friend in town. We instantly clicked and started making short projects together. Since the writers' group was already supporting the development of the script, it wasn't hard to talk her into coming on as a producer.


I'm really looking forward to working with Composer Benn Cole again. I met Benn when we were both in grad school. He did the score for my MFA thesis film Ghost Tours. And then I was very happy to be able to actually hire him last year to do the score for my short Grandpa's Getaways. Benn is a wonderful and versatile musician, always looking for what's best for the film. The two films he did for me sound nothing alike, but they both sound great.

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