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Like the young dreamers inside us all, Cami faces a pivotal decision that could mark the beginning of the rest of her life. Within the context of dance, a beautiful art form that is invaluably subject to each their own, En Pointe serves as a reminder to find our own paths and never let go.

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Mission Statement

We are a team of women-led writers, directors, and producers passionate about the portrayal of the Asian American experience and exploring the Asian diaspora in the form of visual storytelling. Our hope is to show the importance of finding meaning behind community and overcoming our own doubts.

The Story


A young ballet dancer secretly auditions for a dance crew competition with her best friend when she is soon caught by her imposing mother who has other plans for her.

The story begins with our protagonist, Cami--a young teenager from a quiet, middle-of-America suburb who seemingly has it the "It" factor. She is a multi-talented dancer who excels in school and is also beloved by her best friend, Jesse, and a diverse, supportive group of friends around her. By day, they form a dance crew, dreaming of traveling the world one day. 

But at home, Cami lives under the constraints of her over-protective mother, Gina. She expects nothing short of greatness from Cami, whom also happens to be a highly touted ballet academy prospect.

We follow Cami's journey as she finally learns to step outside her comfort zone and take initiative of her life. 

Hi everyone! Thank you for checking out our campaign.

Making this film means a lot to me, as it would be the mark of a new chapter in my life. I've been writing, singing and acting professionally ever since I was 10 years old, so telling stories has always been life's greatest joy. But over the years, I've since developed a vocal condition that led me to pivot towards a new creative direction.

Although the road to recovery has not been easy, I've been able to experience new sparks in my life, as my newfound passion of writing and directing is what brings me here today! I've been inspired to study everything about films, and this new path has blessed me with an opportunity for me to use my voice in another and just as meaningful way. My life story is what even inspired me to write this film, and I can't wait to show you the power of resilience and passion :)

Valerie Loo was born and raised in Singapore. After competing in the live shows of the 4th season of the televised reality singing competition, Campus Superstar as a teenager, she moved to Phoenix, Arizona in 2013, where she attended Arizona State University to pursue a Bachelor's Degree in Biochemistry. While attending graduate school in 2018, she was scouted by a local modeling agency which led her to move to Los Angeles in 2019. In October 2020, she starred alongside singer, Pink Sweats, as the female lead in his Music Video for the song "At My Worst", which reached global acclaim with over 100M views, and was subsequently cast in her first TV role, recurring as "Nicole" in Ryan Murphy's HULU Anthology Series, AMERICAN HORROR STORIES. She will next be seen in the reboot of the 2014 genre film LAST SHIFT and CRIMINAL MINDS: EVOLUTION on Paramount+.

Esther Moon is a Korean-American actor best known for her work as “Mrs. Oh” in Golden Globe Winner and Academy Award Nominee, MINARI, and as “Soo-Jung Yun” in PARTNER TRACK, the hit Netflix drama series based on a novel by Helen Wan. Moon is also a licensed therapist, foster parent, and breast cancer survivor; being an enthusiastic advocate for AAPI foster children in Los Angeles county, and actively supporting organizations that raise funding for cancer research and awareness. Not one to take life TOO seriously, she and her resilient Korean genes have been known to out-drink Australians in Bavarian beer halls and karaoke for six hours straight into the night.

During life's most pivotal years, it is essential to recognize and accept our own curiosities, following the inner-voices that might encourage us to find something we love and pursue it whole-heartedly. 

En Pointe is a fated redemption story about the sacrifices made between a single mother and her teenage daughter that ultimately come at a cost. Although this is a story that involves dance, it is not a story about dance itself. Rather, our film dives deeper into the nuances and realities of acceptance and rejection in every-day life.

Through the elements of visual storytelling, art direction, and cinematography, we hope to show a world and story that showcases two worlds colliding in a tale of old and new--modern vs. traditional. The film's lasting effect is one that reminds us all of a nostalgic feeling with a contemporary theme set in place.


All pledges will go directly towards cast/crew, locations and permits, equipment, insurance, and food.

Production Goal: $25,000

Locations and Permit: $4,700
Insurance: $3,600
Camera & Lighting: $4,450
Hair & Makeup: $1,500
Production Staff: $1,900
Art Department & Wardrobe: $2,650
Production Sound: $1,200
Food and Crafty: $2,000
SAG Talent and Performers - $3,000

Stretch Goal: $28,000

Volunteer Cast/Crew Compensation - $3,000

Stretch, STRETCH Goal: $30,000

Post-Production: $2000


Covid-19 Compliance

Your pledge will help us allow our cast and crew to feel safe and protected. Our production will run in compliance with California State Laws and the COVID-19 Return to Work Agreement, as enforced by the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP).


As creative professionals working in an ever slow-changing industry, we understand how important it is to tell stories that are authentic and unique. This is why we've committed to working alongside a collective of diverse, inclusive cast/crew personnel.

And now, this is our opportunity to show that we don't have to conform to the expectations of the status quo, just because "that's how things have always been". We aim to show a glimpse of the endless posibilities that exist for many young creative artists and inspire those who may not have the voice or the support they need.

Cami is a hero in her own right, unafraid to take a leap of faith and bet on herself. We hope that anyone who watches this can find solidarity and a sense of belonging in this world, in their circles and communities. 

With all pledges made, we would be truly honored to offer you with a list of incentives as our token of gratitude to you.

However, we understand that not everyone is in a position to provide financial support. So here are some other ways you can help support:

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We both know how important diversity and representation in film is to us. So if you're interested in supporting an indie short film, led by an Asian Female Director @hellomeganlee and featuring a diverse cast and crew, check out @enpointe.short and let's help support here: www.seedandspark.com/fund/enpointe


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Cash Pledge

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Costs $8,350

Allows us to help our crew for all their hard work.

Locations and Permit

Costs $4,700

Our ideal locations and permits would make the film's vision truly come to life.

Camera Package

Costs $1,700

Covers cost of camera package rentals, including premium lenses and industry-standard camera.


Costs $2,600

Ensures we can afford quality professionals to enhance the story's arc.

Lighting Package

Costs $2,000

Lights are essential to creating the environment and a vehicle to transport our grip/electric gear.


Costs $2,000

This is where the magic happens. We hope to bring on an editor, colorist, and original composer.

Film Festivals

Costs $150

Helps us pitch our film to a global audience premiere

Production Design

Costs $1,500

Allows us to source beautiful props and set design materials to create our world.

Catering / Crafty

Costs $2,000

This helps us feed our hard-working production with hot meals and snacks.

About This Team

Megan Lee - Writer, Director

Megan Lee is a Los Angeles-born Writer, Director, and Actor. She is best known for her lead-role as "Sun-Hi" in the hit Nickelodeon show, "Make It Pop", but over the years she has also guest-starred on shows like Modern Family, S.W.A.T, and many other feature films and national commercials. Megan also has had a long career as a Singer/Songwriter, starting from as early as 2011 with viral covers and original music on YouTube and has since garnered over 700k followers across social media platforms. Megan's songwriting clientele includes many acclaimed K-pop artists such as Girls Generation’s Taeyeon, Exo’s Baekhyun, AleXa, and Sorn.

As a Director, she has recently completed 2 shorts that are currently in the festival circuit. Through classes at UCLA, she has studied under renowned directors and filmmakers Peter Lauer (Arrested Development, Malcom In The Middle, Scrubs, Brooklyn Nine-Nine), Justine Raczkiewicz (Waste, Horns, Piranha 3D), and Jerome Sable (The Legend of Beaver Dam). 


Briana Frapart - Casting Director, Executive Producer

Originally from Baltimore, Maryland but raised in Coral Springs, Florida, Briana graduated with a B.F.A. in Film Production with Honors in the Major from the Florida State University College of Motion Picture Arts. In 2012, she began her career in Miami at Lori Wyman Casting but moved to Los Angeles later that year to further pursue work in the entertainment industry. She has since produced Academy Award qualifying productions like "Savior" (2021), and specializes in the production, artist management, and casting of digital content, features, docu-series, music videos, shorts, K-Pop, live entertainment, and commercials. 

Her credits include HBO Max, Puma, Netflix, Comedy Central, Zach King Studio, Peacock/DreamworksTV, Omaze, Discovery+, WV Entertainment, SB Projects, RED Digital Cinema, and more. Briana is a proud member of the Casting Society and Women in Music.


Samantha K. Tan - Producer, Co-Writer

Samantha K. Tan is a Los Angeles based Producer and Writer whose professional work consists of music videos for Fearless Records and Argentinian artist, Mimi Rose. She dedicates most of her time and energy to creatives who highlight people of color, female filmmakers and the LGBTQ community. Her latest web series project, Ambitious, was recently accepted as a Sundance COLLAB Asian American Fellowship and was highlighted in various industry outlets such as Variety, Deadline, and IndieWire. She also produced Expanding Sanctuary, an immigrant rights documentary that was featured on 6abc Philadelphia.

As a Vietnamese-Chinese-American filmmaker, Samantha is extremely excited to share more diverse and thought provoking narratives on and off screen.


Joseph Choi - Director of Photography

Jo is a Los Angeles-based cinematographer who specializes in narrative feature-length and short films. Originally from Chicago, Illinois, he developed a passion for motion pictures after moving to Southern California and graduating from UCLA. Jo has since lensed two feature films and several other short films and music videos, recently having been awarded "Best Cinematography" by the Indie Short Fest this year in collaboration with creative director Megan Lee on her latest music video work, "Sing". He is a current Associate Member of the SOC (Society of Camera Operators). 


Tommy Lynch - Executive Producer

Tommy has been working as a creative, innovative television writer/producer for over three decades. The New York Times called him “the creator of the ‘tween’ genre.” After breaking ground with “KIDS Incorporated” (the first kids book-musical series) and The Secret World of Alex Mack (which featured the first teenage female superhero), Lynch continued to push the boundaries of kids television with Emmy-nominated Scout’s Safari, four-time GLADD-nominated South of Nowhere, and Emmy-winning Class of 3000. He then went on to helm WGA Award-winning The Troop and Bucket & Skinner’s Epic Adventures, both on Nickelodeon.

Lynch released half-hour musical smash hit Make it Pop on Nickelodeon among many others, and animated series for Teletoon and Discovery, and one-hour drama projects for Spike and ABC Family. 

Current Team